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Bedford High School 


Bedford Free Public Library 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 

Home of the Bedford Flag 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Cornel John 
Page m 1737 by Kmg George II of England, was 

R-'r A. '-ho fought the 

Bedford Minutemen at the Battle of Concord 
Bridge, April 19, 1775 

FEB 2Q12____ 


Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-four 
Bedford High School 

Mudge Way 
Bedford, Ma. 01730 
Volume 27 

Table of Contents 

Color Opening 
The People 
Student Life 



What a year! 1984, the year of George Orwell, presidential elec- 
tions, the Olympics and Mr. Patuleia! How lucky can one class get? 

In the true sense of the word, dedication means devoting a great 
deal of time and energy, both of which have been generously given 
to this year's senior class by Mr. Patuleia, our math teacher, our 
coach, but most importantly, our advisor and friend. A rare quality 
involving courage, strength, and understanding, dedication is 
found in a person whose caring attitude makes learning enjoyable, 
makes it appealing, yet still keeps it a learning experience. 

We, the Qass or 1984, wish to thank Mr. Patuleia for guiding us 
through the most important years of our lives, and for giving up his 
time on weekends, after school, and on holidays in order to make 
our class as successful as possible. At least in terms of our high 
school education, senior year marks the end of a long period of 
learning. We know, however, that learning is a never ending 
process full of surprises day after day. Mr. Patuleia, too, was 
always full of surprises and energy and, no matter how long the 
track was, together we ran the race. For his concern, his energy, 
and his desire to teach both in and outside the classroom, we the 
Class of 1984 dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Joseph Patuleia. 


up, up, and Away! 

Above: The photographer. Jack Kelly, helps 
some students adjust the sign in preparahon for 
the picture. 

Right: The Class of '84 waits for the 
photographer to get ready. 

Center: The theme of "Up, Up, and Away" is 
represented by the colorful balloons that were 
used in the picture of the Senior Class. 

Opposite Page, Right: Dave McCarron observes 
the complicated process. 


Change is eternal in high school; personalities 
change, depth of knowledge changes, attitudes 
change. This year, the yearbook, too, has been 
modified to reflect the current trends in annual 
publications. It all began in May of 1983 when we 
decided to take a formal senior class picture for the 
yearbook. Because it would be the first of its kind in 
color, the scene was decorated by a framework of 
brilliant balloons, a touch which has inspired the 
theme of this year's book, "Up, Up, ana Away!" 

As seniors, we have been growing over the past 
four years and, likewise the yearbook has im- 
proved. For 1984, the staff has made many 
changes. The first noticeable change is the name of 
the book. Since the first BHS publication in 1957, 
the yearbook had been titled Missile because of a 
Nike site in Bedford. As times have changed, this 
name seemed to become less meaningful and stu- 
dents decided it was time for a new name. Because 
Bedford is known for having the oldest flag in the 
country, Signum, which is Latin for flag, was 

The entire format of the book has been changed 
from its traditional format to a more updated and 
exciting one. The book begins with a sixteen page 
COLOR opening. BHS has not used color since 
1979, but this year due to many new fundraisers, 
we are able to afford this new section. After the 
opening there is a section called The People which 
includes seniors, superlatives, the directory, and 
underclassmen who now have individual pictures. 
The next section combines several of the traditional 
sections into one; it is called Student Life and in- 
cludes events, activities, and surveys. Following 
this is the Sports section which precedes 
Academics. Academics includes not only faculty 
pictures, but also interesting insights into each de- 
partment of BHS. The 1984 yearbook ends with the 
Advertising section which has been expanded to 
include an index listing the pages on wnich every 
student is pictured and the pages of each sub- 

To add to format change, the staff tried to keep 
several things in mind. First, the yearbook needed 

more copy . . . more written words. When looking 
back twenty years from now, the names that are so 
clear to each of us now might h>e a little hazv then. 
We tried to caption all pictures and add^ many 
feature articles which are meant to be both humor- 
ous and interesting. Also the staff tried to be care- 
ful with graphic designs. We attempted to use 
lines, sequential section dividers, and other graph- 
ic effects to enliven the book. 

Most importantly, the fact that a central theme 
was used ties the book together. We decided on 
Up, Up & Away because not only did we have a 
senior class picture decorated with balloons but 
also we have moved up through the high school 
, . . Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors . and final- 
ly Seniors. As our last year closes, it is time for us to 
go away hut we will never forget our times at BHS 
. . the friends made, laughter shared, and trou- 
bles overcome, all of which have been imprinted in 
our minds to be remembered fondly. 

We, the yearbook staff, hope that our attempts 
have made Signum the best BHS yearbook ever. 


Our little town 

A small town incorporated in 1729, Bedford as a community 
played an important part in the American Revolutionary War. 
Well known to most residents, the oldest flag in the country and 
the only flag flown at the battle at Concord Bridge is the Bedford 
Flag, now housed in the public library. 

After the war, the citizens began work in establishing schools 
and town government, the offices of which haven't been changed 
since the first town meeting. The Union School was built in 1891 
with only 8 grades, though the first class of Bedford High School 
graduated from the Town Hail in 1886. From 1900 on, high school 
students went to other towns until 1955 when our own BfH.S. was 

After WWII, with the growth of Hanscom Air Force Base, the 
population rose. The base, which started construction funded by 
the Federal Government in 1941, houses the Air Force headquar- 
ters for the Electronic Systems Division. 

The community of Bedford has always been a close one, with 
everyone helping each other. Through the efforts of volunteers 
many traditions are still maintained for the enjoyment of others — 
traditions such as the Bedford Santa Prograrn, the Strawberry 
Festival, and the annual Bedford Day Celebrations. 

Now, over 254 years since it's incorporation, the population of 
Bedford is 13,000. The town is a center of the technological revolu- 
tion with hundreds of businesses and industries, situated next to 
Rt. 128, "America's Technology Highway". With all the em- 
ployees of the industries, the population of^ Bedford doubles dur- 
mg the daytime. 

Despite all the technological progress taking place in Bedford, 
however, this town typifies the beauty of a small New England 
community, the atmosphere of whicfi shall always be remem- 
bered when we reflect tack on our high school years. 

Upper Right: An attraction on the 
base, this monument greets 

Lower Right: The oldest flag in 
our country and the namesake of 
the yearbook. 

Left: The Great Road was the 
path of the soldiers in 1776. 

6 / TOWN 


Above Left: Bedford Gate marks the entrance to 
the Lt. Lawrence G. Hanscom Air Force Base. 

Above: A center of congregation for students, 
the library is a busy place. 

Above Right: The town common frames the 
beautiful historic First Parish Church in Bedford. 

Above: Mac's A frequent meeting place of 
Bedford students. 

TOWN/ 7 

Those Special Friendships 


Early in spring we took to the fields. 
Walking together in our season of friendship. 
As we carried between us the unplanted seed 
Yet. gazing into each other" s eyes. 
We glimpsed the richness of honesty 
in which we chose to lay 
the unblossomed beginning 
Together we have watched, tended. 
Nurtured with time 
And carefully mended with bits 
of simple converution. 
And. oh. our tiny seed has bloomed 
to greet the rays of joyous light 
shining in reflection of our 
mutual delight. 
And even the tears we sadly shed 
have served to water the drying smiles 
and restore the green of the blossom's bed. 
Oh. blessed harvest of growing love 
nourish still our every need 
All we had to do. my friend, 
was find the time to plant the seed. 
— Ginger Miller 

Above: Cindy Harrington and Cheryl 
Doughty lounging on the stairs. 

Left: Courtenay Hand and Tern Bellengi, 
friends forever. 


In the corridors of Bedford High School, 
friendship is in perpetual motion. Friends speak in 
the language of friends everywhere; a smile, a toss 
of the head, a touch on the shoulder in passing 
communicate the feelings of sharing. When we 
failed a test there was always someone to moan 
companionably with us. Lilcewise, success was 
even more exating when there was a friend to soar 
with us. 

Developing friendships at BHS is made easier 
through its many clubs and extracurricular activi- 
ties. Whether it be in the math league, on the 
football team, or working on the Tournament of 
Plays there is always a cnance to make a friend. 
Often it is just this friendship that turns the activity 
into a truly worthwhile experience. 

From day to day it is our friends who put up with 
our shortcomings and at the same time inspire us 
to be our very best. Friends are the greatest people 
with whom to share the good times, for joy is more 
than doubled when there is another pair of eyes to 
shine and another voice to shout and sing along. 

When memories of failed exams, broken dates, 
and late mornings have faded with the passing 
years — it will be the friendships we have made 
which will last long after we leave this place. The 
people who laughed and joked with us, the people 
who were always there for us, the people wno 
grew with us, these our friends will never be for- 

Above: Cindy Ricker, Laura Doherty and Liz 
Othmer have a picnic outside. 


The Art of Dressing 


Center: Individualists — Ulie and Nancy- 

Directly Above: Our Qassic Preps: Jill Millman 
and Barbara Pexider. 

Above Right: Nancy Cushman, Peggy Kilpatrick, 
Lori Chilton, Tracy Helmar, Pam Duggan, and Lori 
Taft, looking casual. 

Above left: Can a punk and prep really be friends? 
Gayle Alperin and Judy Boyle model these fashions. 

Above: Have you seen "Flashdance"? Carlene and 
Kelly Shiner shift from punk to the style of this hit 

Left: Rich Aldridge and Karin Yeatts, showing some 

"Oh my God! What am I going to wear tomorrow? I 
need help!" 

In New York and Paris, designers crank out the 
newest fashions for the 80's. Everything from im- 
itating Chinese styles to tafetta, glitter, and a re- 
turn to the basics are what's "in ' now. Girls are 
once again looking like girls, boys are looking like 
boys. People now care more about how they Took, 
and how they present themselves through what 
they wear. 

There are also many fashions geared towards 
teenagers. These include preppy, valley girl, and 
this summers' hottest new style, flashdance! Any- 
thing can affect what we wear — movies, music, 
books, other people. What you wear is the best 
indicator of how you feel about yourself. That's 
why clothes are so important. 

In Bedford there are many different styles. There 
is an undisputed rule, however, that jeans are the 
staple of every person's wardrobe. Girls and boys 
alike wear jeans — usually Levi's — but freshmen 
can wear Designer, some once a week, others ev- 
eryday. There is no set rule on how to dress in 
Bedford, but for those of you who sHll need some 
fashion tips here are the general guidelines. 

At Bedford High School there are basically four 
different styles of dress: jock, casual, prep, and 

First there is the jock. If you want to dress like a 
jock, you must own a pair of turf shoes. These can 
DC worn with anythmg, including your Levi's, 
(tight), rugby shirts, Nike or Adidas shirts, hooded 
sweatshirts, and athletic pants. 

The casual style emphasizes old Levi's, work 
boots, and worn t-shirts. But most importantly, the 
casual dresser must wear long johns with a flannel 
shirt over it. 

The prep who walks down the halls wearing 
plaid pants, argyle sweaters, and penny loafers 
(but never together — they don't match!). The 
preps stay together, all wearing their new Levi's 
and docksiders. Everything thev wear matches, so 
if you don't have an eye f^r color, stav away 

Finally, there is the ciassv dresser. The students 
in this group are usually girls, but there are a few 
guys too. These girls have their own kind of style, 
wearing skirts, or pants with heels. You nohce 
them wnen they walk down the halls, for they are 
the ones with tne expensive clothes and an air of 
authority. If you don t have a lot of money, avoid 
this style. It runs into megabucks. The easiest thing 
to do is to develop your own style. Wear what suits 
you best, and you ve got it made! 



On Friday, May 13, 1983, blaring radios and take- 
outs from McDonald's sustained many hard- 
working Juniors during hours of decorating as they 
transformed the gym for the 1983 Junior Prom, "Tru- 
ly". The excitement increased throughout the day as 
streamers were raised and tables were set for the 
occasion. Their diligent efforts were not in vain. 

After days of continuous rain, the class of 1984 was 
overjoyed at the timely appearances of sun and 
warm oreezes on prom day. In fact, the weather was 
just perfect for all those parents who just couldn't 
take enough pictures of tneir children as they were 
leaving for dmner. Many popular spots for dining 
enjoyed by Junior Prom couples included The 
Wayside Inn, The Colonial Hilton, Alphonso's, and, 
of course, Cory's of Lexington. Unfortunately, the 
beautiful weather failed to sustain through the even- 
ing, halting many plans for hitting the beach on 
Sunday, but for the prom itself the day couldn't have 
been nicer. 

Once inside the gym, couples were surprised by 
its spectacular transformation. Alternating red and 
blue streamers created the perfect romanhc atmos- 
phere beneath the dim lights, while the hand-built 
illuminated fountain hignlighted the scenery and 
served as a wonderful background for taking pic- 
tures between dances. The band "Fantasy" played 
throughout the evening and later chose the King and 
Queen as well as their court from a group of finalists. 
Crowned as King and Queen were Scott Filleul and 
Maureen Bench, who were attended by Leslie 
McLaughlin, Janine McLaughlin, Tricia Burns, Kim 
Colliton, Chris Birch, Greg Moll, Jim DeVellis, and 
Ken Cinder. 

a Night to 


Above: The court from left to right (top row): 
Chris Birch, Greg Moll, Jim DeVellis, Ken 
Cinder; (bottom row): Janine McLaughlin, Kim 
Colliton, King Scott Filluel, Queen Maureen 
Bench, Leslie McLaughlin and Tricia Burns. 

Above Left: Tom Devine and Linda Thompson 
taking a break from dancing. 

Above Right: Joyce Hennrikus and Peter Pray 
dancing the night away. 

Above: Tricia Burns and Ray Boudreau: together 


Right: Laura Doherty . . . whose hat is it really? 


Above: Dan Williams and Carl Castetter sjTeak 
Above: Carol Crittenden and Kim Merrick on at the traditional Pep Rally. 
Clash Day. 


Show some 

Iibove: Leslie McLaughlin, Greg Moll and Lynn 
Teland dress as punks. 

)irectly Above: Noelle Marcotte, Carla 
lutchinson, and Julia McConnell show some 

Although students at BHS are usually full of 
energy and school pride, one week each fall is set 
aside for everyone to show just how spirited we 
can be. Preceeding the homecoming football game. 
Spirit Week is the time for students as classes 
and as individuals to show their super-spirit. The 
week began with a traditional favorite, Clash 
Day, a wonderful, bizarre occasion, for the 
halls were teeming with loud colors, as well as 
unique combinations of stripes, plaids, dots, and 
mis-matched socks. This craziness was then car- 
ried over for Punk Day — the first of its kind at BHS 
— as the school was faced with an epidemic of 
green-hair-itis. Chains slung around waists, as 
well as safety pins worn through both clothes and 
ears added to the freaky atmosphere, while mini- 
skirts and leather pants brought the streets of New 
York City right home to our suburban New Eng- 
land. The display of school spirit continued on 
Thursday with Costume Day when ghosts and 
witches prowled the halls in search of poor, uncos- 
tumed souls to torment. 

Friday marked the climax of Spirit Week as the 
students donned our school colors for Blue and 
White Day. This was also the day when the class 
halls were transformed in the exciting Annual Hall 
Decorating Contest. For the second year in a row 
the class of 1984 dominated with their Haunted 
Hall; while the juniors placed a close second for 
their interpretation of Heaven and Hell. Honorable 
Mentions were awarded to the freshman Fifties 
Hall, as well as the sophomores for their version of 
Heaven and Hell. Each class put in tremendous 
effort for this successful activity. Closing the week 
was the Pep Rally, the chance for the student body 
to all gather as a whole and cheer on the athletic 
achievements of BHS. The marching band roused 
the crowd as they "showed their Superband Stuff" 
while the majorettes and Cheerleaders performed 
classy routines. All in all, the week was not only 
excihng and fun, but most definitely full of SPIRIT! 

Above Right: The first place senior hall 
contained a tombstone listing all the senior 

Directly Above: Juniors Al Kennev, Lonnie 
Murray, Diana Birmingham, Joanne Melville, 
Wendy Gerbrands relax in the second place 
junior hall. 



Despite the Buccaneer's loss to Newton 
South on Saturday October 22, Homecoming 
Day was a spectacular event. Adding to the 
intensity of the occasion, brisk air erJivened the 
grandstand crowds as they gathered to see not 
only the game, but espeaally the crowning of 
the 1984 Homecoming Queen. Glancing 
around, old friendly faces smiled as graduates 
were joyfully reunited with classmates and 
friends, giving the day an extra touch of au- 
tumn magic. 

Following the first half of the game and an 
outstanding performance by the BHS Super- 
band, the royal-red convertible rounded the 
track carrying' the five finalists for Homecoming 
Queen. Reacting to the cheers from the crowds, 
the girls smiled and waved, trying to conceal 
their excitement and anxious anticipation. In 
keeping with school tradition, the finalists were 
met at the end of the ride by their proud fathers 
who escorted them onto tHe football field. Les- 
lie Jelalian, Amy Birmingham, Kim Colliton, 
and Sandy Richards were announced as mem- 
bers of the court and presented with flowers, 
while Joyce Hennrikus was crowned the 1984 
Homecoming Queen. The celebration con- 
tinued on in the evening at the Homecoming 
Dance which marked the end of a beautiful, 
successful, and memorable Homecoming Day. 

Above: Kelly Cook, #23, on a sweep to the 
right in an attempt to gain some yardage for 
the Bucs. 

Directly Above: The five finalists are driven 
onto the field in Mrs. Walcott's classic 

Above: Joyce, the 1983 Homeconung Queen, is 
proudly escorted by her father. Bill Hennrikus. 

Directly Above: Top Row: Amy Birmingham 
and Kim Colliton. Bottom Row': Leslie Jelalian, 
Joyce Hennrikus, and Sandy Richards. 




How high our hearts car: be, 
How far our thoughts can take us, 
How full our days can be. 
How free our dreams can make us. 


The magic of our times we've shared 
can never be replaced 
Each day holds it's own special 


/ awake this morning 

with devout thanksgiving 
for my friends, 

the old and the neuK 


Reach high. Reach far. 
Your goal the sky 
Your aim the star. 





/'// take a chance that tomorrow will be 
as •^ood to inc as ycsterdau and as 
radiant as mii friends have made toda\/. 

Look Ma, I made it! 



Sail into the sunrise and your shadows 
will remain behind you. 

Judy, Bebe 


Change is often desirable, 
frequently necessary, 
and always inevitahle . . . 
May life always be gentle 
with you. 


The future is ours, 

and we will be the ones who go on. 



Knowledge comes, 
but wisdom lingers. 

— Tennyson 


/ shall pass this way but once, 
If there should be any kindness I 
can show, let me do it now. For I 
shall not pass this way again! Keep 
the good times coming. 


The dionrf sees fartlwr than the giant, 
when he has the giant's shoulders to 
stand on. 

— Coleridge 

People 'who are afraid to make fools of 
themselves never make atiything of 

— Knowles 


Couvirds die many times before their 
death: the iHiliant nei'er taste of death 
but once. 

— S. Crane 




Follow your dream nozv, or you'll 
lose it forever. 

Great spirit, Grant that I may not 
criticize my neighbor until I have 
walked a mile in his moccasins. 

— Indian Prayer 


There's a feeling I get when 1 look 
to the west, And my spirit is crying 
for leaving, In my thoughts I have 
seen rings of smoke in the trees and 
the voices of those who are standing 
and looking . . . 

— Led Zeppelin IV 

There's a long, long trail a-wmding 
Into the land of my dreams. 

There's a long, long night of waiting 
Until my dreams come true. 

Till the day when Til be going down 
That long, long trail with you. 





Friendship is something you 
consider (or a moment. 
But cherish for an eternity. 

— Tim Traynoi 


Love IS like a tiame . . 
it burns you when it's hot. 

— Nazareth 


20 / SENIOR <; 


Some people are wise and some are BONNIE BURNS 


- Tobms Smollett ^reaf it is to believe the dream 

As we stand in youth by the starry 
stream: But a greater thing is to 
fight life through, And say in the 


Movin' right along 

In search of good times and good nezvs 

With good friends you can't lose. THOMAS CARDOZA 


I'd rather laugh with the sinners 
than cry with the Saints — 
The sinners are much more fun. 
Only the good die young 

— Billy Joel 


Thanks for memories of uears gone by. 
Thanks for the special times, tnc 
laughter, the cries . . . 
Thanks for everything uou have been. 
Thanks most of all for being my 
friends . . . 

— E./.C. 



If life gives you lemons, make 


Let us pay with our bodies for our 
soul's desires. 


May the road rise up to meet you, may 
the wind be always at your back, may 
the sun shine warm upon your face. 
And the rain fall soft upon your 
fields, and until we meet again, may 
God hold you in the palm of His hand. 

True happiness 

Consists not in the multitude 

Of friends 

But in their worth and choice. 

— Ben Johnson 



You'll nei'er knoiv unless \/ou try. 


The Ivst and most Ivautiful things 
hi life cannot Iv seen or touched . . 
They must Iv felt with the heart. 

Friends are those u'ho 
accevt vou as vou are 
And not for what they 
iivnt i/ou to be. 



We the ii'illing led In/ the unknoicing 
are rfoinij the impossible for the 
ungrateful. We have done so much for 
so long with so little we are noiv 
qualified to do anything -with nothing. 

— Merc — 



"Come, the game is afoot!" 

— S. Holmes 



There's a feeling I get when I look 
to the zvest 

And my spirit is crying for leaving 
In my thoughts I have seen rings of 
smoke through the trees and the 
voices of those who stand looking. 


Friends depart, and takes 

Them to her caverns pure and deep. 

— Thomas Haynes Bayly 


Wealth is not material but the 
opportunity for nchiciviiunit. 



And nil the birds in the trees, well 
they'd be singing so happih/, joyfulhi 
watching me. But then they sent me 
away to teach me hoiv to be sensible, 
logical, responsible, practical. 

— Supertramp 


We come into this world crying 
While all around us are smiling. 
May we so live that we go out of 
this world smiling while all 
around us are crying! 






Have you ever had the feeling that 
you've been cheated? 

— johnny Rotten 


Everyone must run in one human race, 
Set our own goals, keep our own pace. 
Set our goals as high as we can and 
Look to the future to be the top man 
As we trip, stumble and fall, pick 
ourselves up and laugh at it all. 

Tina Bean 

You groxc a little better a little wiser 

— Queen 



VVV are the music makers 

W'e are the dreamers of dreams 

Wandering by lone sea breakers 

Sitting by desolate streams 

Yet uv are the moivrs and simkers 

of the icorld foreivr it seems. 

Smart is believing half of what you 
hear. Brilliant is Knowing which 
half to believe. 


In ei<ery living thing there's 
A spirit to he free! 



The happiest people seem 
To be those who have 
No particular cause for 
Being happy. 

And, whatever sky's above we, KIMBERLY SUZANNE 

Here's a heart for any fate. DUNCAN 

- Byron, to Thomas More ^^.^^ ^^^^^ 

Because God ^ave me the will to lizv 
I'm giving i/ou the wilt to carry on. 
I lozK' you more than life: I'm only 
a phone call away. For when you need 
to be touched or \/ou )wed to reach 
out, 1 will be there with open arms. 


Live for today 
Dream for tomorrow 
Learn from yesterday. 


Time is an illusion that keeps 
everything from happening at once. 




/ think that people have a vreater 
ability to be far out than they are given 
credit for. 

— David Bowie 


We are bobos, no? 



You can only liiv once but if you liiv 
right once is enough. 


Neivr wlue aiiiithing irhich fhall 
compel thee to break thy promise, to 
lose thy self-resfKxt , to hate any man. 
to curse, to sus^vct. to act as hyiKKritc. 
to desire anvthmg that needs ivalls or 

— Aurelius 


Beege; Barbra-Jean 

/ kx^k to the sea 

Reflections m the um<cs 

sixirk my memory 

Some hdpfn^ some sad 

I think of childhood friends and 

the dreams uv iiad. 

— Dennis DeYoung — Styx 




Know ye not 
that they who run in a race run all, 
but one receiveth the prize? 

So run, 
that ye may obtain. 

1 COR: 9:24 



A gente so v? bern com o coracSo, o 
essencial e invisivel aos olhos. 

— St. Exupery 



They say if one understands himself, 

he understands all people. 
But I say to you, when one 

loves people, he learns 
Something about himself. 

— Kahlil Gibran 



Devil and the deep blue sea Ivhind mc, 
vanish in the air you'll ncivr find mc. 

— Police 



/'// let you be in my dream if 1 can 
Be tn yours. 

— Bob Dyla 


The smallest 
deed is 
than the 


Best of friends, never part 
Best of fools, love forever 
From tne bottom of this heart 




When I leave I don't knoic what I'm 
leaving behind, and when I leaiv I 
don't mow what I'm hoping to find . . . 


Yesterday is not ours to recover, but 
tomorrow is ours to win or to lose. 


Close together 
Or miles apart 
We'll always be 
Heart to heart. 



Could we see when and where 
We are to meet again, we 
Would be more tender when 
We bid our friends good-bye. 


It is not in the still calm of life that 
strong characters are formed. 


Today is the tomorrow you worried 
about yesterday. 


/ finally see the dawn arrivin' 
I see beyond the road I'm drivin'. 



Special joys and special places 
Special friends together; 
The moments pass so quickly by, 
but the memories last forever 

— G.W. Douglas 


Only in a world of love 
Can we unfold and bloom. 


Anting sow vi har gjort, 
drommen om ett langt, langt lii<. 
Allttng soni vi har sett, 
men varst knnns det som aldrig blev 

— Reepcrbahn 

Hike Mill 

/ play the game for the game's oivn 

— A.C.D. 




Now I've gained some understanding 
of the only world that we see 
Things that 1 once dreamed of 
have Become reality. 


People so seldom say I love you 
ana then it's either too late 
or love goes, so when I tell you 
I love you it doesn't mean 
I know you'll never go only 
That 1 wish you didn't have to. 


/ cannot change yesterday . . . 
I can only make the most of today . . . 
And look with hope toivaras tomorrow. 

Love must be the best life has to offer 
for most of us are miserable without it. 

— Rod McKuen 





So if uou think your life's 
complete confusion 
'Cu: your neighlvr's got it made 
just rememlvr that 
it's a grand illusion 
and deep inside -we're all the same. 

What i< bred i>i the bone zoill out. 

— Irish proverb 



The best and most beautiful things in 
life cannot be seen or even touched. 
They must be felt with the heart. — 
If there were never any rain. 
There could never be any rainbows. 


School days were such happy days, 
Now they seem so far away', 
I remember, and I'll always treasure. 
School days, oh, school days. 

— The Kinks 


Our time together has been short 
but it's still been long enough 
for us to become the best of 
friends! Luv ya! 


You only live once 
But if you do it right 
once is enough. 




I'm gonna get myself together 
Gonna try or die in the attempt. 
Talking 'bout good times passin' by 

I don't even knoiv where last month l^^y^^, ,^ „„( the end. It is not 

went. even the /'(\'ifin;;/^ of the end. But 

— Lynyrd Skynyrd perhaps, the end of the 


— Churchill 



Babba B.J. 

The Mad Wazoo 

Every person has only one real task 
in life — To find his own version 
of Paradise and share it with 


Our memories of yesterday 
Will last a lifetime 
We'll take the best 
Forget the rest 
Ana someday we'll find 
These are the best of times. 

Jo Beth 

In each of us there is a child, waiting 
to be loved. 

It is a funny thing about life, if you 
refuse to accept anything you very 
often get it 

— Somerset Maugham 



"Ever had the feeling you've been 

— johnny Rotten 



Running over the same old ground 

What have we found, 

The same old fear 

How I wish you ivere here. 

— Pink Floyd 

The only success in life is to spvnd 
your life your oum UHty. 







Aoments are only temporary, LAWRENCE 
lut memories last forever. 

No matter how lonely the morning sun 
becomes, we always nave to remember 



Out there is a fortune waitin' to be 
md, if you think I'll let it go 
lou're mad. You've got another thing 

— ]udas Priest 


Our memories of yesterday 
ii'ill last a lifetime 
We'll take the best, forget the rest 
And someday we'll find 
These are the best of times. 

— Styx 


// you ask how I am, then I'll just say 

— B.T. 


We just icanna have some fun 
While ice'rc young enough to get 
Away with it. 



" ... It is only icith the heart that one 
can see rightly, ichat is essential is 
invisible to the eye. " 

— Antoine De Saint Exupery 
The Utile Prince 



/( was an early morning yesterday, I 
was up before the dawn, and I really 
have enjoyed my stay but I must be 
moving on. 


For long you'll live and high you'll 
fly and smiles you'll give and tears 
you'll cry 

And all you touch and all you see 
is all your life will ever be. 

— Pink Floyd 


The time to relax is when you don't 
have time for it. 




It's always nice to be 

but it's also important 
to be nice. 


For long you //tv and high you fly 
And smiles you 'll giiv and tears 
you'll cry 
And all you touch and all you see 
Is all your life will ever be. 

— Pink Floyd 


The seasons are passing one by one 
So gather moments while you may: 
Collect the dreams you dream (awy. 




Good friends and good times, 
I've had the best. 


Seize today: live now, 

For love and beauty exist only today 

Tomorrow they belong 

to devouring time . . . 




Children of the future 
Watching empires fall 
Madness the cup they drink from 
Self destruction the toll. 
"Revelation" — O221/ Osbourne 


Be good 

And you will he happy. 


The thing that gi\'s the farthest 
Towards making life uvrtlrwhile. 
That costs the least 
And does the most, 
Is just a pleasant smile. 

— Anon]fmous 



"// you can imagine it, you can 
acheve it, If you can dream it you 
can become it." 


Hey You! 

Don't help them to bury the light 
Don't give in without a fight . . 
Don't tell me there's no hope at all 
Together we stand, Divided we fall. 

— Pink Floyd 


When you part from your friend. 
You grieve not, for that which 

You love most in him may be clearer 
In his absence, as the mountain 

To the climber is clearer from 
The plain. 

— Kahlil Gihran 


Live as you 
Will have wished 
To live when 
You are dying. 



/ haiv no comment to make at this 
time. Please, don't quote me on that 


i k 




We're all created equal. 

After that you're on your own. 

Good luck and never give up. 



lemember all the fun and games 
''he problems and the tears . . . 
\nd watching all our memories grow 
'hroughout our high school years 
'hanks for all the memories! 


/ believe in dreams you touch icith 
your hands, I believe sometimes you've 
gotta make a stand, and I believe 
m good love and hard rock & roll, 
ana /oni^ ni'^hts ivithout end! ARE 



Well, I've been afraid of changing 
'Cuz I built my life around you, but 
times makes you bolder; even children 
get older ana I'm getting older too. 

— Landslide 



High flying. Adored 
What happens now? 
Where do you go from here? 
For someone on top of the world. 
The view's not exactly clear . . . 

— Tim Rice & Lloyd Webber 

He that will not command his thoughts 
. . . will soon lose command of his 





We rolled across the high plains 
Deep into the mountains 
Felt so good to me 
Finally feeling free 

— Bob Seger 



Something has come over me and I 
don't know what to feel, Maybe this 
fantasy is real. Now 1 see what I 
want it to be but it's still a 
mystery. When will we meet again my 
friend; On a street of dreams. 


What's so good about goodbye: 
When the best is yet to come. 

— Brian Adams 

People who cry over missing pieces are 

too young for puzzles. 

— "The Best Little 
Girl in the World" 

Pete Tweeter 

/ have survived 
But that was my 
only victory. 


All that is gold does not glitter. 
Not all those who wander arc lost; 
The old that is strong does not 

Deep roots are not reached by the 

— Tolken 


I've been waiting for a girl like you to 
come into my life 

— Foreigner. 

They do not love that do not show ttieir ' 

— John Heywoodi 



A stranger is only a friend that 
you haven't met yet. 
In this cold world you need your 
friends to keep you warm. 


From quiet homes and first beginning 
Out to the undiscovered ends. 

There's nothing worth the wear of 

But the laughter and love of 

— Belloc 



Strong emotion is what you live for. 
Fear and joy are the two strongest 
of all. 

If you can't feel fear you can't 
'eel the sublime joy of victory. 


Never measure the height of a 
mountain, until you have reached the 
top. Then you'll see how low it ivas. 

— Dag Hammarskjold 


A little learning is a dangerous 
thing: Drink deet> or taste not the 
pierian spning: there, slmlhm' 
drow^hts intoxicate the brain. And 
drinking largely sobers us again. 

— Alexander Pope 


// fhn/ say why, why, just tell them 
that it's human nature. 

— Michael Jackson 


As you search through the wears. 

Love and cherish wur friends — 

Good times come to fvss 

But the memories nn.vr end: 

You lUst iivnt to be 

Where ei>en/one knows i/i'ur name 



The higher the fences. 
The higher I must jump. 
Don't try to fence me m. 


Why not think about times to come, 
And not about the things that you've 
Done If your life was bad to you 
lust think what tomorrow will do. 


It's better to laugh 
and forget 

Than forget to laugh. 


Strive to be the best person you can be. 



They might not need me. But they 
might. I II let my head be just in 
sight; a smile as small as mine 
might be preciselv their necessity. 

— Emily Dickinson 


These were the best of times. 


From the sleep'less thoughts 
endeavor: I'd rather jom 
the children at play. For a 
dreamer U'oes forever: and 
a thinker dies in a day. 



Young Saudi 

And the men who hold high places 

Must he the ones to start 

To would a Neiv Reality 

Closer to the heart — Sleal Peart 

Truth IS false and logic lost 

Now the fourth dimension is crossed. 


Happy times and bygone days are never 
lost . . . 

They grow more wonderful within the 
heart that keeps them. 


We'iY got class plus a whole tot nwc 
Ivcause we're the class of '84 


So you wait it out and bide your 
time: Rip off that straight jacket 

fotta break that line 
veryone who wins in the great 
escape leaves a thousand more who 
suffer in their wake. 

— fudas Priest 

Smith and Joannotto 

You'iY heen there whrn / 'i(>i/i\/ wu. 

I'm alwtiys here tor ia*i< ' ' 

you f'i/ryt'i"rs nvn "h'rt . ft 

I- -v thf 

nil ■■ ■ . - .. , ■ ■ ... : iiT 




Ann, Weed 

It's hard to know just what to say 
when special people 90 away 
So let's just say j^ooabye my friend 
good luck until ive meet again. 

ADAM WINSTON STUART The memories of a man m his old age 
"Stu" "'■f ""^ deeds of a man in his prime. 

I don't look for excuses when we lose, 
and I don't buy excuses when we win. 

— Dave Cowens 




619 black shape with eyes of fire 
Telling people their desires 
Satan s sitting there, He's smiling 
Watching those flames get higher and 
higher. Oh no, no, please God help me. 
"Black Sabbath" — Black Sabbath 


There are those ivho watch things 

There are those ivho make things 

There are those who wonder what 


The Greatest Feeling is the feeling of 




Nherever you turn, Wherever you go, 
J you get it wrong at least you can 
mow there's miles and mile's to put 
t back together. 

— judas Priest 



We are willing, We are ready; 
We would learn if you would teach; 
We have minds alive to beauty; 
And we all will do our parts. 


New you should try this little game 
just close your eyes forget your name 
Forget the world, forget the people 
Ana we'll erect a different steeple. 

— Jim Morrison 


And so it seems our destiny to search 
and never rest. To ride that ever 
changing wave that never seems to 

To shiver in the darkest night afraid 
to make a stand and then go back and 
do our time out there in no-man's land. 


Our lime here has been short. 
But the memories will last foreivr. 


The time is gone. The song is over 
Thought I'd something more to say. 

"Time" — Pink Floyd 


No one respixts the tlifme quile 
Like the ^H>/ who's huily burned 
From all this you d imagine 
There must be Mwielhnig learned. 

— Pete Tcni'HM'nd 





"We are not finished when we 
are defeated. We're onli/ finished 
when we choose to quit ... 
Best of luck in the future "84". 

Sometimes I would almost rather 
have people take away years of my 
life than take away a moment with 
my friends. 

Good luck show your love right 

The heights by great men reached 
and kept 

Were not attained try sudden flight 
but they while their companions slept 

were toiling upward tn the night. 

— Lon: 



Aim for the sun. 

You may not reach it, 

but you will fly higher than if you 

never aimed at all. 



Seniors Not Pictured 

Michael Brasier 
Richard Brown 
Dawn Cardoos 
Gordon Carver 
Frank Cartaglia 
Doug Collins 
Patrick Egan 

Shaunn Feazel 
Kenneth Helmar 
David Herlihv 
Rodney Laird 
Patrick Lyons 
Steven Snaw 
Michael Quinn 


In Memory 

Eric Miller 

August 1966 — November 1983 


You were a gift from God. 

While you were with us, you laughed . . . we laughed. 

While you were with us, you cried ... we cried. 

You were so strong, we came to you for strength. 

You were so brave, we looked to you for courage. 

I guess it's so long for now. 

Although we never really said hello. 

You were on borrowed time, as we all are, 

But I promise you this. 

When our days come 

We will meet again. 


Alicia Whitney 

To my friends and fellow 
classmates of the Class of 

I wish to thank you for 
always being great friends 
in the ten years since I 
moved here. Over the past 
two years, especially, 
through all my weakness 
and illness, you've given 
me so much support and 
strength to keep going on. 

Eric Miller 


In Memory 

Timothy Frimpter 

September 1965 — November 1983 

Tim . . . 

Deep within our hearts, 
are the memories of yesterday, 
and although they're sometimes hidden 
they never fade away. 

There are so many treasured rimes, 
that we all have snared with you, 
and each of us holds a silent thought, 
we smile at, looking back as we do. 

We can still hear the echos, 
of you in our minds, 
and can srill feel the warmth, 
of your smile as it shined. 


We can't save rime in a bottle, 
and words can't make wishes come true, 
yet if we could, we'd save everyday, 
so we all could spend them with you. 

Our thoughts are srill with you, Tim, 
as they always have been. 
In the memories of yesterday. 


. . . from all your friends, 
by Carol Topping 


Senior Survey 

Best Song: "King of Pain" 
Favorite Group: The Police 
Most Popular Movie: "Risky Business" 
Best T.V. Show: "Cheers" 
Best Athlete: Yaz 
Favorite Actor: Eddie Murphy 
Favorite Actress: Meryl Streep 
Best Sports Team: Bruins 
Favorite Teacher: Mr. Sabourin 
Favorite Junk Food: Pizza 

Favorite Afterschool Activity: Hanging Around old Cafe 
Favorite Class: Humanities 

Most Hated School Rule: No Leaving the Building 
Most Enthusiastic Teacher: Mrs. ProBolous 
Most Helpful Teacher: Mr. Sabourin 
Most Popular Public Figure: Ronald Reagan 
Biggest Hangout: McDonalds, Courtenay's House 
Craziest Fad: Flashdance Look 


Adil, Christin* M. 

22 Elmbrook Rd. 
ACnvmES: Prom Committee 3,4. THANKS TO: Terri 

& Cork, good luck always I'll miss you guys! T.M., 
K.C., M C, M.I., K A., M.E., T.B., M.B., J.M , L.B., 
L.J., L.M., S.F., R.M., J.H. And all the rest of you guys 
have been great friends and I've had many good times 
with all of you. FUTURE GOALS: Co to a 4 year 
college and major in elementary or preschool education. 
After college 1 plan to teach skating or go into the Ice 
Capades! Then get married and have children. 
Ahem, Nancy 
3 Franas Kelley Rd. 
Aldridge, Rich 
33 Patterson Rd 

ACnVmES: Varsity Track (Emopean Champs) 1; 
Varsity Cross Country (Benenor Champs) 1; Varsity 
Tennis 2,3,4; Varsity Skiing 3,4 All-County 3,4; 
Volleyball OV coach) 2; CUss Treasurer 2; NHS 3,4 
Treasurer 4; AFS 3,4 Treasurer 4; Yearbook 3,4 Editor 4; 
Telemedia 3,4 Host "Starting Point " 4; Honor Roll 
1,2,3,4: Model United Nations 2; Medical Explorers 1,2 
Treasurer 1,2; Prom Committee 1,2,3,4; Hall Decorating 
1,2,3,4; Student Store 1,2; Letterman's Club 1,2; Drama 
Club 3,4; Tournament of Plays Qoey) 4; Choir 2; Senior 
Recephon Co-Chairman 2; Graduation Committee 1,2. 
THANKS TO: My parents for their love and support for 
18 LONG years! Mv sister for her love and the 
memories, (the Aldndge's in Greece, Italy, Spam, etc.) 
SAHS for Bve unforgettable years and preparing me for 
BHS. To all those at BHS who made my two years here 
special — Thanks a million, good luck in college, and 
though we'll never ever be all together again like now, 
you'll always be in my heart. FUTURE GOALS: To 
either become President of the United States or become 
a world renown author, make megabucks, and then 
vegetate poolside. 
Alessi, Kathleen A. 
6 Notre Dame Rd. 

ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Prom 
Committee 2,4. THANKS TO: Thanks for all the good 
times and for making my High School years the best. 
T.B., C.H., M l., C.A., M.G., J.H., J.P., N P., EC, 

H. C., L.D., S.F., L.M., C.R., T.M., S B., and the "EF" 
crew. P.S.: Thanks J.C. 9-27-83. FUTURE GOALS: 1 am 
going to attend a 4 year college and major in Early 
Childhood. When 1 get out 1 would like to open my 
own nursery school. Then 1 want to get married. 
Alpcrin, Gayle D. 

20 Ledgewood Drive 

ACTIVITIES: Spring Track 1,2,3,4; Winter Track 2,4; 
Tournament of Plays 4; Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 

I, 2,3; Yearbook 4; Prom Committee 4. THANKS TO: 
Thanks for me good times: A C , L.O., C.C., T.M , 
C D., J.M., C.H., B E., L.F., and everyone else 
FUTURE GOALS: To be successful in whatever 1 do in 
the future. 

Anderson, April 
27 Genetti St. 

ACTIVITIES: Freshmen play, 'The Wizard of Oz." 
THANKS TO: Thanks for all the good times Liz 
Othmer, June Costa, and Laura Doherty Also the 
memories are forever; Bobby Currie. Rita don't forget 

the fun times in Miss Sheehan's typing classes junior 
and Senior year. FUTURE GOALS: To marry Bobby 
Currie and live happily forever after. Also to graduate. 
Bellengi, Tern 
340 Concord Rd. 

ACnvrriES: CUss Treasurer 1,2; Field Hockey 1,2; 
Tennis 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Yearbook Editor 4. 
THANKS TO: Chris Cork: I'll miss you guys! Good 
luck: T.M., K.C., S.F., T.B., K.A., ).H., M B., R.M., 
L.M., K.L., K.P., A.W., L.B., Mike, Barry. FUTURE 
COALS: 1 plan to go to college and have fun! 
Bench, Maureen 
9 Francis Kellev Rd. 

ACTIVrriES: Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; BasketbaU 1,2,3,4; 
Softball 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4 THANKS TO: 
K G., C.H., T.B., J.H., K.L., L.M., T.B., C.A., A.W., 
M.I., M P., T.D., K M. (ET) Bumsie and Henn: I 
wouldn't have missed it for the world! FUTURE 
GOALS: To go to B.C.! 1 want to major in marketing 
and then go on to get my master's in that field. 
Birch, Christopher 
7 Wildwood Drive 

48 / DIRECTORY ^ - ^- . 

ACnvrriES: Hockey 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1,2; Spring 
Track. THANKS TO: Good luck to the class of 1984, 
and special thanks to Peter P., Tim D., Jim W., Ken G., 
Ron S., good luck in your senior year Mary-Beth, and to 
all your friends. FUTURE GOALS: To go as far as 1 can 
in hockey, go to college, then in later years get married. 
Birmingham, Amy L. 
46 Wildwood Drive 

ACnvmES: Giris BasketbaU 1,2; Girls Swim Team 3; 
Boys Hockey Manager 3,4; Girls Tentus Team 1,2,3,4; 
Ensembles 1; AFS Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 2,4; Secretary 
NHS 3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Homeroom 
Representative 3,4. THANKS TO: Thanks to everyone 
and more — J.M.&M., Lezzeil, DanrJe, Sandra-Dee, 
B P., M.E., B.D., Petey F., and Deedsiel. F.F.! FUTURE 
GOALS; Land on free parking, build on Park Place, 
Pass Go, and collect $200. 
Blasi, James 
34 Fayette Rd. 
Boatrighl, Jim 
57 South Rd. 

ACnVITIES: Soccer 1,2,3. 
Bogan, Valerie Jean 

63 R. Woodland Rd. 

THANKS TO: Thank you, and best wishes to Karin 
Reinisch, without whom these four years would not 
have been so special FUTURE GOALS: 1 hope to 
continue my eaucation. 
Boudreau, Alfred 

3 Woodmoor Dr. 
Boyle, Judy 

4 Ruben Duren Way 

ACnvrriES: Cheerleading 1; Maiuger Boys' Swim 
Team 2; Girls' Team 1,3; Concert Band 1,2,3; Wind 
Ensemble 4; Drama Oub 3,4; Tournament of Plays 3,4; 

M k 

Yearbook 4: Telemedia 3,4 THANKS TO: Thanks to 
Jack for being my best friend, being an unqueshonaUe 
prep, and always bemg there. 1 love you. — To 
Maureen for being a wonderful sister and a good friend 
too — Rich for always being a fnendly postman and 
staying for two meals — David Bowie for understanding 
that 1 couldn't marry you because you smoke (Marlboro 
in fact) — Ginger. Laura F , Bruce, John, Sarah, Karen, 
Lynne, Timmy, JUI, Barbara, Peter, Enc .M., and two of 
my newest fnends Eric A. and Scott. Finally to all of 
you band-fags out there, and anyone else I may have 
forgotten. Best of luck to all of you. (P S. my house will 
be open 9-5 every weekday due to popular denund, 
especially Richard's) FUTURE GOALS: To go to college, 
major in English or Radio Broadcasting, and become the 
voice of the 90's 
Bradshaw, Terence 
1 Lido Lane 

Color Guard 2,3,4. THANKS TO: Tlianks and good 
luck — J.G., J.MC, M.V., C.S.. C.N., L.N., S.F. 
FUTURE GOAL: College, commission in the United 
States Army. 
Branca, Matthew 
33 Ohs St. 

THANKS TO: Thanx to S D , M.D , R.M., J.B., Mr. C, 

and Mom and Dad. FUTURE GOALS: To live in a 

world where unjust things don't happen. 

Brasier, Michael 

44 Patterson Rd. 

Braverman, Ed 

6 Anthonv Rd. 

THANKS' TO: Steve McHugh for everything and thanks 
to Deb FUTURE GOALS: To get out of Mass. and Uve 
to have a good time. 
Breland, Lynn 
111 Page Rd. 

ACnVITIES: Swimming 1,2; Football/BasketbaU 
Cheerleader 3,4. THANKS TO: LR., C.C , T.B., C.H., 
J H., C.A., T.B., M B., K.L., L.J., — "nothing but the 
best!!" — J.D. — Remember the good times. L.M. — 
Nothing can compare to the special friendship that we 
share. From our wHd and crazy times to the friend I 
always needed, You were always there. Thanks little 
Mackeroo. FUTURE GOALS: To go swimming in a pool 
filled with cherry Jell-O. 
Bronikowski, John A. 
106 Hartwell Rd. 

ACTIVITIES: Air Force JROTC Drill Team, Air Force 
JROTC Color Guard. 
Bruno, Michael 

345 So uth R oad 

ACnvrriES: cross Country 1,2,3,4; BasketbaU 1, Golf 
1,2,3,4; Math League 1,2,3,4. FUTURE GOALS: To form 
an underwater Society in the Mid-Atlantic. 
Bums, Bonnie 

1 Pope Terrace 

THANKS TO: Carol (Fish) and the CYC Gang, I'U mis* 
you all! Thanks especially to J.R (Sue) who really 
helped me make it through. FUTURE COALS: To 
become a successful secretary with a large firm. 
Bums, Tricia 
3 Fox Run Rd. 

ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4; Choir 

3,4; Ensembles 1,2; Class Secretary 1,2; Prom Committee 

3,4. THANKS TO: 1 wouldn't have missed it for the 

world — Thanx Benchie, Henn., K.L., L.B., L.M., L.J., 

TB., C.A , C H., M E., Ml, CP., S.M., K G., C M. 

FUTURE GOALS: Eat, drink and be merry. 

Busca^ia, Gian 

23 Independence Road 

Bush, Mike 

7 Meadowbrook Rd. 

ACnvmES: Football 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4. 

THANKS TO: C C , B.C., J.D., G.M., M P , S C., 

Chubby and Panda. FUTURE GOALS: To graduate 

from college. 

Ollahan, Kerry 

383 South Road 

Campbell, Susan 

32 Patterson Road 

Cantella, Andrea 

28 Meadowbrook Road 

Capezzuto, Dawn 

23 Summer Street 

Cardoos, Dawn 

18 Cot HUl Road 

Cardoza, Thomas 

119 Ofhitt Road 

Carpenter, Scott 

13 Independence Rd. 

ACTIVITIES: Football 2,3,4; BasketbaU 3,4; Hoppers 
3,4 THANKS TO: Cart C, Mike B , Jeff M , Go-Go, 
Mike P . Jun D., Dan W , Doug C , and M.F. We had 
lots of tun espedaUy hoppin'! FUTURE GOALS: To 
attend a business coUege, graduate, make lots of money 
and retire early. 
Carroll, Elaine 
62 WoodUnd Rd. 

ACnvrnES: V Fieldhockey 1,3; V. Soccer 2; Frosh 
BasketbaU 1, V BasketbaU 2,3,4; J.V. Softball I; V. 
SoftbaU 3,4; A-Wing 1,2,3,4 THANKS TO: Dole, 
P B S , LO, Peter, Zig, Kath, Bird, Mo, Trish, Henn, 
Ma, MeUon, Malin, Trace, Cush, Deb, Sav, Enuly, Jen, 
Spum and everyone else from b-ball, s-baU, B F and 
A-Wing. Special thai\ks: Miss G , mv mom, "Jane", and 
ESPECIALLY "E T." I'U always be |ust a phone call 
away FUTURE GOALS: Graduate high school. 
Graduate college. Coach a women's professional 
basketball team. Be happy, and free. 
Cartagiia, Frank 
22E Bedford ViUage 
Carter, Mary EUen 
6 Gleiuidge Drive 

ACnvmES: Ensembles 1; Choir 2,3,4; Musicals 2,3,4; 
Drama Club 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Musical Crew 1; Swim 
Team 1,2,3, Captain 4, Track 1,2,3,4; !VHS 3,4. 
THANKS TO: Thanks for always bemg there, Jean, 
Judv, Ginger, Laura. Jack, Julia, Joni, Karen, Heather, 
Lvnne. vou're aU the best friends a person could have. 
FUTURE GOALS: Go to coUege, have a career and 
make money 
Carver, Gordon 
10 Pope' Terrace 
Castetter, Carl 
14A Bedford ViUage 

ACnVTTIES: FootbaU 1,2,3, Captain 4; Baseball 1.2,3; 
LaCrosse 4, THANKS TO: Michael J., Go-Go, Booosh, 
Shohei, Mad Dog, Frankie C, SuperFlv, Sweets, Carpy, 
Panda, S.D , WiUy, Chubby, Carmen, and Eddie M 
Remember — we're the party f)eople night and day, 
living crazy — that's the only way FUTURE GOALS: 
To lead a happy, successful, phenomenal, exobc, and 
exating Ufe To be able to do everything 1 want to do, 
to better myself within each passing day. 
Oiilltm, Loirie 


1 NeillUn Street 
CUrk, Dolores 

107 Davis Road 

THANKS TO: Thanks to Cin, Bee, Cheryl, and Toni for 
being total morons. Thanks to judy, Caren and Chris 
without whom 1 would not have made it through 
Chemistry. A special thanks to all my fellow ice-cream 
workers at B.F.: Mellon, Duck, Lainie, PBS, Pita and all 
the test of the crew. Thanks to Gwen and Julie for 
being my neighbors. I don't want to forget Gayle who 
always keeps me laughii\g. Thanks to Jack who always 
kept his paper in clear view. And special thanks to Laur 
for being there. FUTURE GOALS: To meet Geddy Lee. 
Colao, Daniel 
5 Page Rd. 

ACnvrriES: Rifle Team 1; Spring Track 1,2,3,4; Winter 
Track 3,4. THANKS TO: WUI talk about it in the 
steamroom P P., M H., Foursome P.F., J.M.M., B.P., 
A.B. FUTURE GOALS: To become a barrister in 
London and travel throughout Europe. 
Collins, Doug 
32 Pine Street 
Colliton, Kim 

9 Woodmoor Dr. ^^^W 
ACnVITIES: Freshman Basketball 1; Cheerleading 
2,3,4; Ensembles 1,2; Choir 3,4, Double sextet 4; 
Telemedia 4. THANKS TO: Thanks for all the good 
times, I'll never forget them, Kathy, Lisa, ChrisHne, 
Addy, Janet, and Pumpkin Head. FUTURE GOALS: I 
plan to attend college, travel as much as possible, meet 
Mr. Right, get married and have a happy little home in 
the country. 
Cook, Kelly 
29 Patterson Rd. 
Costa, June 

14 NeUUan Way 

THANKS TO: All my love to Chris. Thanks to my best 
friends: A. A., L.D., L.O. For all the good times. 
FUTURE GOALS: To marry Chris and be a 
Oane, John Murdoch III 
113 Offutt Road 
Crescenzi, Jean 
107 Davis Rd. 
ACnvmES: Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; 
Yearbook 2,3,4; Math League 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 
3,4; NHS 3,4; Homeroom Rep 2; Ensembles 1. 
TFL\NKS TO: M.C., G.M., A.B , J.M., K M., J.B., J.M., \ 
R.A., D.S , G W., T.D., J.D., EC, M B., for all the 
memones in school; B P., L.R., in work; and L P., S.G., 
D.D., in life. And thanks for being there Mom & Dad. 
FUTURE GOALS: To be successful and happy in 
college and life ahead. 
Crittenden, Carole Jean 
5 Hamilton Rd. 

ANTIVrriES: Girls Spring Track 1,2,3,4; Football 
Cheerleading 4; Basketball Cheerleading 4; Spirit Week 
1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Pep Club 3; President of 
Pep Club 4; Girls Swim Team 3. THANKS TO: Those 
crazy nights, I do remember in my youth, I do recall 
those were the best times. Love to And. C , Lin. O., 
Smellie, J.L., K.C., G.A., D C FUTURE GOALS: 
Planning to keep close to good friends, attend art 
college and keep the good times rollin. 
Cunningham, Scott 
90 River Rd. 
Cushman, Nancy 
2 Cedar Ridge Dr. 

ACTIVITIES: A-wing 1,2,3,4. THANKS TO: Thanks to 
D.M., P.D., L.T., M.R.C., P.K., K M., L P., N.A., 
C.H., J.M., K.P., J.K., R.M., C.S., E.C., and the rest of 
the A-wing crowd. FUTURE GOALS: To go to 
California and live there for a couple of years. 
Cuthbert, Evan 
10 Reeves Rd. 

ACnvmES: Treasurer 3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Lacrosse 
1,2,3,4. THANKS TO: J.W., T.D., S.M., MP, L.M., 
S.H., P.G., L.J., M.E., J.H., C.H., C R., K C, L B , 
M.B.C., CP., A.W , CD., K M., C M. Gixxl luck. Keep 
in touch. FUTURE GOALS: To be successful at my job 
and to be successful at life. 
Damery, Shawn 
1 Bridge Street 

ACnvmES: Choir 1; Winter Track 2 THANKS TO: 
C.H., B E.. T.S , C S , J D FUTURE GOALS: To live to 

be 100. 
D-Arcy, Helen 

1 Andrews Rd. 

THANKS TO: Thanks to M M. for being a 54-si», to 

K J , your secrets are safe with me, and to K.P for the 

orange stripe and fun Hmes. 

Davidson, Katherine 

12 Roberts Dr. 

DeMarco, Michael 

103A Scott Circle 

DeVellis, Jim 

6 Wagon Wheel Dr. 

ACTIVmES: Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Ed. 4 
THANKS TO: Friends from A to Z so I don't leave 
anyone out, you know who you are. 1 wish you the 
best but we have had the best. Keep in touch This 
one's on us. FUTURE GOALS: To prove to myself that 
I can achieve whatever I strive for. Graduate from 
college, become successful and leave it all to go to the 
beach and live in wild romance. 
Devine, Thomas 
119 Page Rd. 
Doherty, Jim 
25 Gould Rd. 

ACTIVITIES: Rifle Team 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 3,4; 
Spring Track 3. THANKS TO: Thanks Mike, Matt, Jay, 
Kim, and JoAnne, Chem. Class was a blast! 
Doherty, Laura 
54 Notre Dame Rd. 

ACTIVrriES: Varsity Swimming 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4 
THANKS TO: To T.M., K C, S.F., J.C., A.A., L.O 
FUTURE GOALS: To go to school. 
Donahue, Timothy C. 
5 Dana Rd 

ACTIVITIES: Hockey 1.2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3,4. THANKS 
TO: Thanks for the laughs J W., Chubby, U.G., 
Birchie, P.P., P.P., M P., J D., M B., R.M. FUTURE 
GOALS: To go to college, have a good time, and get 
extremely rich. 
Donaldson, Kathy 
305 Concord Rd. 

THANKS TO: M.G., A C, L.C, S R., and J.D. 
Doucelte, Julie 
22 Foster Rd. 
Doughty, Cheryl 

9 Manon Rd. 

ACnVrriES: Yearbook 4; Varsity & J.V. Football 
Manager 4. THANKS TO: Many thanks to: D M., P.D., 
D.G., L.M., S.G., P.L., T.D., K.W., K M., T.P., G.A., 
D.C, especially Toni, Cindy, and Beckv! Many good 
Hmes! T.B.C.C.!! C^ — good times in N.H.-C! FUTURE 
GOALS: To go to college, be rich, and live in a condo 
in N Y C ! 
Doyle, Christina 
84 Hancock St. 

ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Spring Track 
1,2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Tournament of Plays 1; L)rama Club 
1; Musical 3,4; Yearbook 4. FUTURE GOALS: Attend a 
4-year college, travel, and marry a millionaire. 
Drohan, Janet 
15 Glendridge Dr. 

ACnvmES: Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; 
Marchmg Band 1,2,3,4. THANKS TO: J.H., A.S., K.M., 


S.P., J. J., D.H.. DM, L.H , A S , J R Good luck to 
everyone and don't lose touch FUTURE GOALS: 
College, degree in Business Administration 
Duggan, Pam 
23 Alaska Ave. 

ACTIVmES: X-Countrv 1.2,3, Spnng Track 1.2; 
Gymnashcs l,2,.3; A wing 1,2,3.4 THANKS TO: 
Thanks and party hearty to the A wing t ri-w .ind to 
greater hackers Lon. Neb and Cush FUTURE GOALS 
To have my own landscaping business. Own a custom 
made Black GM Truck To be a blacksmith To tram 
wild horses and Ix" tree 
Duke, James 
10 Could Rd 
Duncan, Kim 
124 Palterson Rd. 

THANKS TO: D.H., L.D , M.D , J.F., S.F., N.S.. J.S . 
K J , E S , C S , J.H., W.L , C.R., R L . I R , I B , D W 
R D , D.H., J.J , CM., D.S.. P F . F C , T C . M S 
TM , M.G . N.P , C C . T C. B E. FUTURE COALS: 
Graduate. Mihtarv bound. 
Dupree, Jim 

9 HUl Terrace 

ACnvmeS: Marching Band Jaa En«emMe Win 
Ensemble Drama Oub 1,2, Debate Team 2 THA.^ 
TO: I hope you are not mad at me for taking thing 
senously FUTURE COALS: Doctoralr in muM<. brcofnr 
staff arranger for Jenson Warner Bros, publt^her. and 
become pnncipal tromtxinist for ma|or Amencan or 
European orchestra, to single handrdly bring back the 
Big Band era of music and to reach 6"3' without shon 
DymenI, Barry 
604 Spnngs Rd. 

ACTIVmES: Cross Country 1,2,3, Captain 4; Winirr 

Track 1,2,3, Captain 4, Spring Track 1,2,3, Captain 4. 

THANKS TO: D W , J H , .M K , J S . .M B , S R , A B , 

CM., M E , T C, You have aU been the best of frwnd* 

FUTURE COALS: To die in 80 years. 

Dyson, Todd 

459 Old Billenca Rd. 

Eaton, Michelle 

4 Reeves Rd 

ACnvmES: Drama Oub 1; EnsemWes 1,2, Make-up 
crew 1,2,3,4, Soccer/Hockey Cheerleading 2,3, Captam 
4, Metropathways 4, Yearbook 4 THANKS TO: Thanka 
to you guys for helping me through these years 
CP , L.J., M.G., A B., T N., D.W., C C , M G , T B . - 
I'll miss you all — keep in touch always. FUTURE 
GOALS: Katherine Gibb's bound — if lhaf s not me — 
hairdressing school — if thaf » not me — I'll gel married 
young 1 |ust want to be happy 
EckhardI, Becky 
3 Princess Pine 

ACnvmES: Soccer 1,2; Ski Team 1,2,3; Spring Track 
1,2; Manager of boys Varsity Soccer 3, Yearbook, A F.S 
THANKS TO: Thanks for the good times, Dolores, 
Laurine, Shawn, Tom, Dana, and most important — 

i i 

Cindy and Cheryl. 
Egan, Patrick 

25 Cot Hill Rd 
Elder, Adrian Kay 

26 Notre Dame Rd. 

ACnvmES: Cross Country 2,3.4; Ski Team 3.4. Spnng 

Track 1,2,3,4. Art Club 4. Vice President: Yearbook 3. 

FUTURE GOALS: To be an artist 

Fam, Sahfik 

8 Robinson Dr. 

Farrell, Peter W. 

62 Page Rd. 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1,2.3; Ski Team 2, Laomse 1,2.4. 
Math League 1,2.3.4; Nahoiul Honor Society 3.4, Vice 
President 4 THANKS TO: Good luck Amv B Adwan. 
D.S., B K , K- K M , I I , C M . I S Thanks to the 
foursome, special thanks to Hm Chns. S H FUTURE 
COALS: To ma(or in engincrnng. and to eventually 
head my own firm 
Faulds. Jame* 
95B S«itt Circle 
Feaxel, Shaunn 
7 Pope Terrace 
Feltman, Laura 
22 l ido l ane 

ACTIVmES: Swim Team 3 l.w 

Drama Club 1,2,3.4. Tournamn 

Telt-m.vli.i ■> 1 "i.MrN^'W i 4 \ 


3,4 V 


3,4 IHA.NKi. IO:v..inj;> i |a.i». )uvl>. SUr\ I il.n M> 

and ShriU FITTURE GOALS: To travel and be happy 

Ftnero. Paul 

37 Old S|jgm>ach Rd 

Fllleul. Scott 

II IV. i - : 

AN 11' 


partMi'v, , , ' 1 ' \ , 1 .1 . . ' . >\ 

D T . 1 N FUTURE COALS: Jo maiur in a lour ynar 

Fiotino, Sylvia 

l^ (.Vi.rl.H^W IV 
FlanaKJn Bjrbjrj Ann 

ACI 1 t 

2.3.4. tii».nil-l.s I - •( IHAN'. 
Good Times arr the best hmr» the K' 

DIRlClOKt 4^ 

away, the good times last forever." Thanks for making 
this true! J.D , S.P., M.K., J M., D.H., K M., J.H., 
CM., T.D., L.H., and Ms B.l And special thanks and 
love to A. M.S. — 1 really don't know where I'd be now 
without vou and vour fnendship! Thanks for 
evcrvthing! (Espeoallv the V\'BC\ situation vou really 
helped a lot!) Beege. FUTURE GOALS: To go to a 
school for cosmetology, continue on at WBCN, marry 
and have children. 
Florcnda, Aru 
4 Richard Rd. 

Calipeau II, Peter Liwerence 

14 Crescent Ave. 

ANTlVmES: Choir 1, Madrigal 3,4; Barbershop 
Quartet 3,4; Musical 1,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Concert 
Band 1,2,3; Wind Ensemble 3,4; Jazz Ensemble; 
Orchestra 3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4. 
THANKS TO: J O , J D., B.K., K M., Tlie Gang Keep 
Cool M K., G.M., J.M., L.F., A.L., W.U , Keep the 
Friendships going! J.D. Thanks for being mine. 
FUTURE GOALS: Have fun with my joo and not make 
any monev and go to the last college on the list in the 
student office. 
Gardner, David 
36 Crescent Ave. 
Gauntlett, Stephen 
25 Fox Run Rd. 

ACTIVmES: Lacrosse 1; Ski Team 3; Football 1,4. 
THANKS TO: I wouldn't have made it through high 
school without my friends being there and best friend 
D C The parties were great, but we still have to party 
some more. FUTURE GOALS: To get a degree in 
Architectural Drafting. 
Genetti, Donna 
162 South Rd. 
George, Michelle Ann 
42 Meadowbrook Rd 

ACnVmES: Prom Committee 3,4; Yearbook Staff 3,4; 
V.P.T. 3,4; S S C. 3,4; T A C. 3,4. THANKS TO: 
Summer of "83 — WOW!" Got alot accomplished in 
those few months. Huh? Never forget the good times 
A.C.L.O.K.D We've done too much together to let it 
slide. Thanx for always talking Les/P.S. If I forgot you 
— I'm sorry — Thanx anyways, I still think about you. 
FUTURE GOALS: Be suc'cesshil and be happy 
Gettman, James 
40 Genetti Circle 
Ginder, Kenneth 
107 Spnngs Rd. 

ACnvmES: Varsity Hockey 1,2,3,4; Varsity BasebaU 
1,2,3,4; Legislative Committee 3,4; Student Advisory 
Committee to the School Committee 2,3 THANKS TO: 
Thanks Chubs, Panda, T.D., J.W., C.B , and Tnsh for 
great hmes and help. Love to Maureen, who made high 
school a fairy tale come true. FUTURE COALS: To be 
happy in life and with my job and if I could, to own a 
house, a cottage, a car, a boat and still have money left 

Gleimon, Melinda Ann 

122 Page Rd. 

ACTIVmES: Ma)orettes 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; 
Yearbook 4; Musical Usher 1,2,3,4 THANKS TO: 
Remember all the times we laughed: Meg, K.A., J.M., 
M.E., J. P., P.M., C.A., J.H and thanks to the 

majorettes who made it all worth while — S D., C.B. 
Thanks to all the guys too! FUTURE GOALS: Business 
School. Marry a man, have two kids, Mary Jane and 
Bob, have a dog named Spot, own a station wagon and 
live in the Burbs 
Goguen, Brian L. 
14 Meadowbrook Rd. 

ACTIVrriES: Football 1,2,3,4. THANKS TO: All my 
friends who made the vear worth it. Best of luck in the 
future and keep in touch. FUTURE GOALS: College. 
Grimm, Barbara 

8 Benjamin Kidder Ln. 

ACnvmES: Band I; Wind Ensemble 2,3,4; Jazz 
Ensemble 2,3,4, Marching Band 2.3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4; 
Ensembles 2; Choir 4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Pit Orchestra 
3; AFS 3.4; Telemedia 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; National Honor 
Society 3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Dance-Drill Team 1. 
THANKS TO: Evenone for making my high school 
years what they were. I'll remember you aU. FUTURE 
GOALS: Attend college, major in computer saence, and 
become either a computer programmer or a rock star. 
Guelersloh, John W., Jr. 

6 Old Stagecoach Rd. 

ACnvmES: AFJROTC DriU Team 1,2,3,4; Soccer 
Manager 4; AFJROTC Colorguard 2,3,4. THANKS TO: 
T.B., J.B., L.N., L.O., J.M.C, M.V., J.D. FUTURE 
GOALS: College, Air Force pilot. 
Hamann, Janna M. 
23 Temple Terrace 

ACTTVmES: Soccer 1,2,3,4, Captain 4; Spring Track 
1,2,3; Marching Band 2; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; 
Yearbook 4; Prom Committee 3,4 THANKS TO: 
Thanks for the memories: A S., T.D., J.D., M.H., C.L., 
A.E., K M , D H., J.J., L.K., W.G. FUTURE GOALS: To 
attend a four-year college and play soccer. 
Hand, Courtenay 
28 Hilltop Drive 

ANTrvmES: Football-Basketball Cheerleading 2,3,4, 
Captain 4; Tennis Junior Varsit\' 1, Vareity 2,3,4; 
Basketball 1; Field Hockey 1; Ensembles 1; Choir 2,3,4; 
Double Sextette 4; .Musical 2,3,4, Oass Secretary 3. 
THANKS TO: We've had the greatest of hmes,' you're 
the best bunch of friends anvone could ever hope for. 
Espeaally Ter keep in touch. FUTURE GOALS: To 
have an excellent summer, then go to college and study 
Hansen, Cathy 
27 Railroad Ave. 

ACnvmES: A-Wing 1,2,3,4. THANKS TO: J K., 
N.A., L P , P.K., P D., L.T., N.C., K.P., J..M., D M., 
L.V., L.O., EC, K..M., and to everyone else in a-wing. 
Good luck. FUTURE GOALS: I'm gonna get rich and 
buy a house at the Cape. 
Harrington, Cynthia L. 
152 Spnngs Rd 

ACTIVmES: Varsitv Ski Team 2,3,4; Yearbook 4. 
THANKS TO: Toni,' Dolores, Cayle, Julie, Pat, Dada, 

Kim, Lauiine and Shawn. Especially though Becky and 
Cheryl cause you guys are the best. Thanxs for 
everythmg T B.C.C, B E. always remember our magic 
claddah nngs, CD always remember our times! 
FUTURE GOALS: To have lots of good times. 
Hjyward, Lisa Anne 
35 Meadowbrook Rd 

ACnvmES; Marching Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 
Gopher 4, .AFS Club 2; Drama Qub 1,2, Yearbook Staff 
2,4 THANKS TO: To all my fnends Thanks for being 
there for me, and helping me through the rough times. 
The love, support, and encouragement that you gave 
me will be with me forever! A special thanks to Ann, 
Shan and Gwen — you guys are truly the best friends 
anyone could have! Always remember, "At the end of 
every rainbow is a friend."' and always keep a smile on 
your face. FUTURE GOALS: I plan to attend college 
and obtain my Masters degree in Speech Pathology. If is 
also my hope to travel abroad, get married, and raise a 

Helmar, Kenneth 

216 Great Road 
Hennrikus, Joyce Marie 

63 WUdwood Dnve 

ACnVmES: Soccer 1,2,3,4; BasketbaU 1,2; Spring 
Track 1,2, Softball 3,4; Play Crew 2; CUss President 
1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Ensemble 2 THAN'KS 
TO^ To Mo and Tnsh — You're the greatest friends! To 
Cork and Anne — Til never forget the past 17 years. 
And thanks to all my other friends who made these 
four years great!! FUTURE GOALS: To bve life to its 

Henrikson, Malin 

35 Wilson Road 

ACnvmES: VarsitN Soccer 4 

Herlihy, David 

73B Scott Circle 

Hill, Michael 

27 .Meadowbrook Road 

ACnvmES: Lacrosse 1,2 "raANKS TO FRIENDS: 
Thanks to Evan for getting me interested in law. And to 
everyone who made it a good four years. Steamroom 
D C.', P.F. Hutton. FUTURE GOALS: To practice Uw 
and travel. 
Holbert, Damette 
152 Ent Road 

ACnvmES: Drama Qub; Yearbook Editorial Staff; 
Nahonal Honor Soaety THANKS TO FRIENDS: 
Thanks to Janna-Jaina. Also: J.H., A S., K.D., M P., 
K.M., J.D., D.S., B.C., M.C, J.B., T.B., L.J., R*L"^*H 
FUTURE GOALS: Attend college, major in marine 

biology, minor in dance. Meet the members of RUSH. 
Own a candy-apple red Porsche with black interior. 
Hutchinson, Carla 

21 .\ellis Terrace 

ACnvmES: Paralax 2,3; Drama Qub 3,4; Tourrument 
of Plays 3,4; Yearbook 4; Telemedia 3. THANKS TO 
FRIENDS: Richard for getting me through Chemistry 
and being a great fnend N'oelle for trymg to help. J.B 
for always helping me see the other side. Julia, and she 
knows why Brenda and Wendy for just being 
themselves FUTURE GOALS: Ph.D in Psychology and 
College at the University of Colorado, Boulder. 
Isnor, Mai^garel 
138 Page Road 

ACnvmES: Field Hockey Varsitv 1,2,3 tri capt. 4; 
BasketbaU: Freshman 1, J.V 2, Vareity 3,4; Softball: J.V. 
1, Varsity 2,3,4. THANKS TO FRIENDS: Thanks for 
making my yeare at B.H.S. unforgettable. J H., C.R., 
L.R., N.P.', EC, T.B., C.A., .M B , T B., P .M.. .M.E., 
T.M., K.C, K.L., .M P., J.D., S.F. A special thanks to 
Melinda, Janine, and Kathy for being such great friends, 
and always being there. Good Luck in evervthing vou 

FUTURE GOALS: Co to college and get a secretarial 


Jacewicz, Kim 

132 Patterson Road 

THANKS TO FRIENDS: K.P teU us what love is? 
M M. and Helen-Ho for the memoirs (even if you did 
force me) Ho-Ho ifs alright to say "no-no". Paul — 
roses and ribbons — Merry Go Round — our five mile 
hike to the beach — lost house key — cold, cold, cold 
— Bv Bou Boo, Too — See ya in college and always. 
Jelalian, Leslie Kaiol 
3 Reeves Road 

ACTIVmES: Legislahve Committee Moderator 2,3; 
Legislative Committee .Member 4; Props 1,2; Student 
Production Assistant 3; Yearlxiok Staff 2, Editor 3, 
Editor-in<hief 4, Prom Committee 3 THANKS TO 
FRIENDS: To all of you who have been so special: 
And all together we raise our glasses high and drink a 
toast to times gone by. Until we meet agam Thanks 
FUTURE GOALS: Go to college for an engineering 

Johnston, Janna 

33 Ofhitt Rd 

ACnVTTIES: Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 1,2; Pep Band 
1,2, Spnng .Musical 2; Madrigals 2: Pep Qub 1,2; 
Spanish Club 1,2; National Honor Soaety 3,4; Spanish 
•National Honor Soaety 2, Homecoming Float 1,2, 
Yearbook 2,3,4 — Editorial Staff 4; Wrestling Statistician 
2; Drama Qub 1,2, Intramural Softball 2; Hall 
Decorating 3,4; THANKS TO: Damette - Ay, 
Caramba! — Dacia — Miss V u — (Strawberries 
Forever!), B.F. — the talks — and Little Leslie — the 
cutest bttle girl this side of the Mississippi! Also: J.H., 
A S., B.F., S R., A.B , B.G., .M G., CM., K.D., S.C, 
K G., J D.. K M., All of yearbook staff — especially 
Mike and Jimmy. And always BKW!I! Sheri, Kelly, 
Corina. and Jan'ell — Wish /all were here! FUTURE 
GOALS: Co to college, have a family, and be happy! 
Jones, Kamu 
I Genetti St 
Kelly, Jennifer 

2 Ruben Duren Way 

ACnvmES: A Wing 2,3,4. THANKS TO: Thanks for 
so many good bmes to Kim P., Judy, Tami, Ruth, 
Tracy, thris, Kim .M., Deb and Naiicy, C.S., E.C., CT 
A S ', CH , S F., K C, H V , L P., P D., P C, C.H., 
and especially to Jil. FUTURE GOALS: To o%vn a beach 

Kennedy, Matthew 

4 Fern Way 

ACnvmES: Choir, Musical 1; Math League 1,2; Cross 
Country 1,2,3,4 — Captain 4; Winter Track 1,2,3,4: 
Spring Track 1,2,3,4 THANKS TO: B D. — see you on 
the roads. P C. — see you in mv nightmares. Cocxl luck 
1984 Cross Country. FUTURE GOALS: To eat an entire 
Bavarian Creme pie by myself. 
Kent, Joaiuie 
21 Hill Terrace 

ANTlVmES: Junior Varsity Soccer 1,2; Varsity Soccer 
3,4; Junior \ arsi^ Soccer 2; Varsit>' Soccer 3,4, 
Basketball SUnager 4; R.O T C 1,2,3 THANKS TO: 
Thanks to J.S., K.C. FUTURE GOALS: I pUn to attend 
Northeastern University and maior in Computer 

Kilpalrick, Peggy Jean 

11 Washington St. 
ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1,2; BasketbaU 1; Softball 1. 
THANKS TO: Lisa P., Nancy A., Nancv C, Deb M., 
Lori T., Pam D , Judy M., Kim P., Liz 5., Heidy V., Jen 
K., Chris S., Julie D., Janine M., Cathy H., Hugh M. To 
Nancy A., never to forget our trip in 83 FUTURE 
GOALS: To get married. Maybe college later on. 
Kimmins, Chris 
114 Pine HUl Road 

ACnVmES: Junior Varsity Soccer 2,3; Varsity 
Basketball 4,5; Junior Varsitv Baseball 2,3; Varsity 
BasebaU 4,5. THANKS TO: T.C., A S., E.B., J.R., and 

A. B. the wessel Good friends. And thanks to Jimbo. 
FUTURE GOALS: Go to college and win megabucks. 
Kleiman, Dan 

16 Reed Ln. 

ACTIVITIES: Golf 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2; John Reynolds 
Sons of Trash Trooper Committee 4. THANKS TO: 
J.M., P L., P S., J.W., M.W. FUTURE GOALS: College 
bound, after that, no aim of purpose in life. 
KneU, David 
2 Cutler St. 
Koester, Molly S. 
8 Winchester Dr. 

ACTIVITIES: J.V. Softball 1; Concert Band 1; Wind 
Ensemble 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Ensemble 
2,3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Ensembles 1 THANKS TO: 

B. J.F. — "quack, quack, gobble, gobble!" Hey Bubba, 
Gumbv — get delirious! M T. — Keep up tradition 
Need i say more' FUTURE GOALS: SSS cute hunk SSS 
ferrari SSS college degree SSS and in that order! 
Kohm, Philip 

5 Beverly Road 

ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2,3,4. FUTURE GOALS To 
be road crew manager of Roxy Music; after I spend a 
year in Aruba. 
Konkle, Barbara 

6 Bandana Dr 

ACnvrriES: wizard Of Oz, Citizenship Committee 4, 
Tournament of plays Final dress rehearsal, 3, N H S. 
3,4, Drama Club 1,2,3,4. Stage crew 2, Yearbook Staff 
1,2,3,4 THANKS TO: Thanks for all the fun, A.M.L., 
J.M., B E., CD , K.Y , G.M., P C., B.F , D.D , S.P., 
M.K., and everyone else. J.M. don't forget Kit, Brian, 
Steve, Steve, Steve and Steve, Jeff, Jack, Christina, Julia, 
Anne Marie, Cian, we only have to survive a little 
longer (sorrv Christina and JefO Chris, wish you were 
here. FUTURE GOALS: To go abroad for the year with 
AFS, come back and go to Georgetown University and 
do something intemahonal or political after college. 
Kozuma, Bruce 
91 Concord Road 

ACTIVITIES; Spring Track 1,2,3,4 Winter Track 2 Cross 
Countrv 3 Swim Team 1 Pep Band 3,4, Wind Ensembles 
2,3,4 Concert Band 1,4 Orchestra 2,3,4 Madrigal 1,2,3,4 
Musical 2,3,4 Marching Band 1,2,3,4 Math League 2,3 
THANKS TO: John Orlando, Joan Epeneter, Peter , 
Calipeau, Dave Sizoo, Keith McPhee, J .McDoughna, j 
The Band, Thanks to all the great hmes FUTURE 
GOALS: Bachlor in E E. from pordue. Masters in R.P.I., 
PHD in Physics fromM 1 T. Be happy, and learn to play 
the steal drums. 
Kupfrian, Laura 
35 Wilson Road 

ACTIVITIES: Choir 1,2; Madrigal 3,4; Double sextet 3,4; 
Musicals 1,2,3,4; Tournament of Plavs 3,4; Drama Club 
1,2,3,4; AFS 1,2; Citizenship 1,2,3,4 — Chairman 3,4, 
Student Advisory 3,4; Telemedia (Ask the Principal) 4; 
Yearbook 4; Legislative Committee 2, Concert Band 4; 
Pep Club 3; Regional Student Advisor 3,4 THANKS 
TO: Thanks to evervone who helped make Bedford 
High special. Lisa, Ginger, Jack, Laura, Andrea, Mary 
Ellen, and so many other people You guys are the best 
I will never forget the good hmes. FUTURE GOALS: I 
hope to spend a year in Europe then go to a liberal arts 
college, make lots of money, and have a family. 
Laird, Rodney 
07A Scott Circle 

ACTIVITIES: At the other school Football 1,2,3. 
THANKS TO: Jose Linan, Mike, Kevin, Flem, and 
Dave, because they made my day here. FUTURE 
GOALS: I want to be a police officer in San Antonio 

Lanier, Jo Elizabeth 

1 Nellis Terrace 
ACnVTTIES: Marching Band 1,2,3,4 FUTURE GOALS: 
1 hope to further my education by going to college in 
the south. After college I would like to help others in 
their educahon by becoming a teacher of early 
childhood or special education. 
Lalina, Kerry M. 
14 Udo Ln. 

ACnvmES: Track 1; Basketball 1,2; Soccer 1,2,3,4; 
Captain 4, Ensembles 2; Choir 3,4; Spring Musical 2,3,4; 
Tournament of Plays 3; N H S. 3,4, Sports Editor 4, 
Prom Committee 3. THANKS TO: All my friends who 
have made these 4 years at B.H.S. so special! Good luck 
lo all of you in the future!! Love ya all!!! FUTURE 
GOALS: To be happy in whatever I do, and to own a 
black ferrari!! 
Lawrence, Christine S. 
16 Ashby Road 

ACnvmES: Cross country 1,2,3,4; captain 4; Winter 
track 2,3,4; Sprmg Track 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 3,4; 
Orchestra 1,2,3; Musical 4; Pit (for musical) 3; Oass 
officer (Secretary) 4; Drama Club 3,4; Tournament of 
Plays 3; Ensembles 1 THANKS TO: Mom, Philip, K.Y , 

C. L., J.H., A S., A.E., CD., A.L., A H., B.D., P.D., 

D. F., Miss Travis, A.B., M.G., Mr. Keup, everyone on 
X-Country, the K.D.'s, Big Bird, J&D.D., and e«p. my 
buddy at B.U Tharw for making me wonderful 
memories. Love and Luck, Chris FUTURE GOALS: To 
always be young at heart, and make others happy (like 
my mother) and become a sports medical doctor 
Leorurdi, Ann Marie 

6 Macintosh Rd. 

ACnVrriES: Basketball 1; Soccer 2; AFS 2,3,4, Art Club 
3; Work 3,4; Yearbook pictures 4 THANKS TO: J M., 
Wawa, C.L., M K., CH. If 1 forgot to thank anyone 1 
should have, I would like to plead temporary memory 
loss!! So to sum it up, thanks everybody!! FUTURE 
GOALS: Art school (hopehilly MASS. College of Art) I 
would like to go in to the Art field I would also like to 
make my first million by age 25. 
Leonick, John 
174A South Rd. 
Lemer, Scott 

25 Fayette Rd. 
Linan, Jose 
14 Overlook Dr. 

ACnvmES: Varsity Soccer THANKS TO: Rodney, 
Carston, Jim, Johnny, and Mike DeMarco, because they 
made my stay in this school more fun! FUTURE 
GOALS: I want to be a soccer player for a university 
and study B A. and computer science. 
Lipson, Perry 
1 WiUiam St 

ACnvmES: Baseball 1,2,3,4 FUTURE GOALS: 


Lord, Robert 

26 Lido Ln 
Lynch, Dan 
5 Rand Place 
Lyons, Patrick 
9 Bonnievale Dr 
Mace, Judith Ann 
9 Genneti Circle 

ACTIVmES: A-Wing 1,2,3,4 THANKS TO: Thanks 
for the memories: Lisa, Peg, Jen, Jil, Nance, Deb, 
Nancy, Cathy, Tam. Ruth, Lon, Lu, Apnl, Tracev. 
Chns, Heidy, Kim, Dawn, Elaine, and a special thanks 
to Kim and Dale for always being there! FUTURE 
GOALS: To be happy, rich, and successful. 
Marino, Laurine 
4 Reviilution.irv Ridge Rd 

ACTIVITIES: Drjma 1,2, YearNwk 4 THANKS TO: 

Thanks lor the ^KKi hmes .it B F r>>li- Mellon, Unie. 
P B S , Duik, Pita, and e\< " ' l remember 

12-31-99' Thanks lor the ni. I H , C D.. 

T.M. Thanks tor some hmi-~ igel C. A , 

DM, L.H , S I' , PS. G C , I 11 . .N 1. , S M . and 
everyone in the class of H4 lor making Ihcw last 4 year* 
the best' FUTURE GOALS: r.< ht- happv and li> make 
mv parents proud of me' 
Martines, Tina 
4 Daniels Dnve 

THANKS TO: Thanks lor all the great hmes vou «uvs' 

K C , C R . S F . L D . T B . C A.. C H , Ml. J M , 
L.R . N A FUTURE GOALS: To attend a 4 vear 

Matthews, Jean-Marie 

9 Williams Street 
ACnvrriES: Field Hockey 1,2 V Basketball 1.2. Track 
2, A F S 2, Prom Committee 3.4, Yrarbook 4. 
Homeroom Rep 2,3.4, .NHS 3,4, Ensembles I 
THANKS TO: Thanks lo Amy B . L | , B P . J M , 
D W , DC, P F , SR. and everyone else who s made 
high school more worthwhile EspecuUy thanks Aim I 
never would have survived the pa»l 4 years wiituiul 
you' FUTURE COALS: To gu on the largest and fastest 
roller coaster m the wortd. 
Mazzco, Jeffrey 
20 CUrk Rd 
McOffery, Scan 
45 Page Road 

ACnVmES: Vice President 2.3.4 Stud. nt Advisory 
Committee 3,4. Lacrovse 1.2,3 4 ' i Captain 

4; V T T 3.4 THANKS Ttt K. . • G . 

Panda. Sparco. Buschv. Snuka i , "tpy, 

J D , M P., J W , Squilliams, G .M , Ui«t>. J .M., |.H.. 
MB, TB , S R , LB, AW, F P , \ P . E .M , L J . 
L M , A B , L .M . T M . if I forget anyone, sooy! 
FUTURE GOALS: college, fortune, hin. 
McOrron, David 
6 Sibley Dr 
McCombe. Toni 
9 Saran Ave 

ACnvmES: Drama Qub 1; Yearbook 4 THANKS TO: 

CD , BE, C H., D M , D C , L M , G C . G A J D . 
K P . J P FUTURE COALS: To go to college, become 
an accountant, find a nice nch man. bve in the 
Carribean and be very happy' 
McConnell, Julia 
97 North Rd 

ACTlVmES: Drama 1.2,3,4, AFS 1,2.3,4 THANKS 
TO: Many ihaiUu to everyone who has put up with me 
for the past four years (or longer) espedaOy when I 


came b.l^^ i:.'rr I. onr\ — tellmg you how much I 
Bedford Well, we ve hnallv made it Here C^jes' (?) 
There's so much more I want to say but FUTURE 
GOALS: To be nch (Who knows niavbe I'll actually rob 
that bank') 
McDaniel Dwight 
3 Independence Rd. 

ACTIVITIES: Baskelball 1,2,3,4 FUTURE COALS: To 
conhnue on to a>Ilege and becume a successful 
McCovem. Amy 

3 Ten Acres Dr 

ACnVniES: Field HiKkc\- 1.2 3 4 Basketball l.:.3.4. 
Track 2.3.4. Concert Band 12, Wind Ensemble 3,4. 
Marehing Band 1.2,3 4: Ensemble 1 THANKS TO: 

1 B L , N B FUTURE COALS: College- 
McHugh. Steve 

7 Lvnnlield St 

THANKS TO: Thanks lo esersone who ha> 
and siuck by my side ihri'ugh giwd and k«v.1 
FUTURE COALS: Live life lo its luUesI and . 
giK<d hme 

McLaughlin, Janine 

3 WiUiam St 

ACnvmES: Field Hockey. SolthiU, I V I. FieM 

Hocki v \ irvit\ : 1 ^ r.ipt.nn 4 THWKS TO- '^■r va 
later , "MI. 
T B 

(Oh , , . RE 

COM Kjje arkl manjr 

in H >;(« owl ci< school 

vmitM ' . ' M., -> .'iness 

McLaughlin. Lemlic A. 

3 Lido I n 

ACTIMIIIs 1 , ; 

Mai' *■ 
Env < 
Mu-i> .1 . . 1 1 1 \ - ■ *w 

made high s»h>»'l . 
k I r l> I \ • • •<« 

tim* ■ 

c\>ll«->;> .iiul m. I ■ iiu'^i 
i-s^»evijll\ m*'n I i\e b(e to its ' 
McMahan. RiU 
S7 HansxKk St 
McMurlrie. Curtis 

2 Havden 1 n 
Mead. Pam 


44 Pine Hill Rd. 

ACTIVITIES: Football Cheerleading 2; Girl's Swim 
Team 1. THANKS TO: Thanks for everything M D., 
K.D., and especially | K ! FUTURE GOALS: Move to 
Maine, and go to college. Become a secretary, and what 
happens, happens! 
Merrick Kim 

23 Gray Terrace 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 2,3,4; Skiing 1,2,3,4; 
Captain 3,4; Track 2; Legislative Committee 1,2; AFS 
2,3,4; Ensembles 1,3; Concert Band 1 THANKS TO: 
J R., A S., J R., J.D., T D., B.F., A S., C.H., Remember 
the good times!! RTTURE GOALS: To become 
Mctcalf Dacia 
32 Fox Run Road 

ACTIVITIES: Robert E Lee H.S., Va. 1,2,3; FBLA 2,3; 
DECA 3; DECA treasurer 3; DECA compehhon Local & 
Regional 3; Powderputf Football 3, JV Softball 1; 
Yearbook Staff 3; Spinl Week 1,2,3; Bedford H S JV & 
Varsitv Football Manager 4; Ski Team 4; Powderpuff 
Football 4; Spirit Week 4; Yearbook Staff 4. THANKS 
TO: Janna, Darnette, Michelle, Sandy, Kathy remember 
the weekends!! (Strawberrys) Cherly and Kim my 
football buddies! Butterbean, Butterbean!!! To the 
munchkin, so many fun times! Last but not least, to my 
neighbors the Gaunlletts, thanks for always being there! 
(K.K.G.S.B.) To mom and Bubba Thanks! FUTURE 
GOALS: To go to school in New York To keep in touch 
with my friends and live happily ever after! (And to 
learn how to talk like an Easterner!) 
Miller, Eric 
15 Hemlock Lane 
Miller, Virginia Fern 
52 Walnut St Fort Devens, Ma. 01433 
ACTIVITIES: Drama Club 1,2,3,4 Co-President 2,3,4; 
Tournament of Plays 1,2,3,4 Director 3, State Drama 
Feshval 3; Musical 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2; Madngal 3,4; 
Double Sextette 3,4; Marching Band 4, Telemedia 2,3,4 
Host 3.4; AFS 2,3,4; Legislative Committee 1,2,3,4; 
Nahonal Honor Society 3,4 President 4, Prom 
Committee 3,4; S.A.A D 2,3,4. Yearbook Copy Editor 4; 
Citizenship Committee 4 THANKS TO: John,' Peter, 
Bruce, Jim, Les, Mecca, Jan, Andi, Julia, Judy, Chris, 
Age, Jean, and Julie (J D ! my favorite "other" sister) — 
for your special friendships, and especially Laura K., 
Laura F., Jack, and Lou — for your constant love and 
support. It meant so much to know that with you 1 
always had a home away from home. Thank vou. Mom 
and bad, for making it possible for me to share my 
graduation day with these, my dearest fnends 1 will 
miss vou all — please keep in touch' With love, Ginger. 
FUTURE GOALS: I plan to attend a four year liberal 
arts college (hopefully William and Mary in Virginia) 
and pursue a career that involves working with people. 
Most importantly 1 plan to marry and raise a beautiful, 
happy family 
Millman, Jill 

24 Meadowbrook Rd. 
ACTIVITIES: Hall Decorahng 1,2,3,4; 
FootballBasketball Cheerleader 3,4; Choir 3,4; Musical 
3,4; Gymnastics 2, Spnng Track 2; Yearbook 3,4, 
Citizenship Committee 4; Telemedia 4; Prom Committee 

3,4. THANKS TO: Thank you to everyone who has 
helped me through high school. I d be lost without mv 
friends. I love vou — B P., L.J., L.B.R., J M M., A.B.,' 
L.O., AC, M.G., G.A., N.P., M.S., J B., and all my 
special thanks and love to Miss G and the cheerleaders. 
FUTURE GOALS: I am going to attend college to major 
in communications, adverhsing and retailing. I hope to 
fulfill my dreams of being happy and successful in the 
years to come 
Minassian, Richard 
394 Davis Rd 

ANTIVITIES: Football 1,2,3,4; Math League 3,4; 

Nahonal Honor Society 3,4 THANKS TO: Thanks to all 

who helped. FUTURE GOALS: College, career in 


Moll, Greg 

10 Sherwood Dr. 

ACnvmES: Football 1,2,3,4: Swimming 1,2,3,4 
Captain 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Hang Around the old 
cafeteria club 2,3,4. THANKS TO: Stay mellow, Sidney. 
Panda, Goo-Goo, Buuzch, Carpv, Snarl, and Singing 


Molloy, Deborah 

15 Reed Lane 

ACTIVITIES: Field hockey 1; A-Wing 1,2,3,4. THANKS 
TO: Cush, Spurn, L.T., K M., P.K., L P., N.A , C.H., 
J.M., K P., T.S., R.M., C.S., C.H., K.C., EC, Mr. C, 
and the rest of the people from A-wing. Special thanks 
to Nancy Cush and Bill for always being there 
FUTURE GOALS: Teach history especially about the 
60's. Start a commune, get into music and acting, go to 
California, get into photography Party and be free 
Monaco, Jack 
59 Wildwood Dr. 

ACTIVITIES: Choir 1; Madngal 2,3,4; Quartet 3,4; 
Musical 1,2,3,4, Concert Band 1,2,3; Wind Ensembles 4; 
Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Drama 1,2,3,4; Tournament 
1,2,3,4; AFS 2,3; Telemedia 2,3,4; Yearbook 4. THANKS 
TO: Judy for being a friend and teaching me how to 
dress. You know I love you (else, why would I spend 
so much time cutting you down?) Ginger, thanks for 
everythmg, the shows, proms, etc. Remember to keep 
in touch and you're always welcome in my shower. 
Thanx PC, J O , M.E.C.', B.K., L.H., and J K., keep 
achng. T>iankx to seniors past, and to the two coolest 
freshman E.A., and M.T. nave great high school lives. 
Dolores — You're welcome. 
Morgan, Joseph D. IV 

11 Andrews Circle _ . 

Moscj, James ^fltfl 

22 b\'dns Ave. ^^^^^H 

Orlando, John ^^^^^W 

15 Reeves Rd 

ACTIVITIES: Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,4; 
Wmd Ensemble 2,3,4; Jazz Ensemble 2,3,4; Drama Club 
1,2,3,4; Choir 4; .Madrigal 1,2,3,4; Barbershop Quartet 
3,4, Musical 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4 THANKS TO: 

P C , ID, KM, B K Thanks for the wild days 
Espeaally you J K , CM, J D , J G., W V , R.S . The 
Band, keep in touch FUTURE GOALS: College 
Northeastern University Electncal Enguieenng and to 
own a 98' Motor Launch. 
Orris, Sheryl 
11 Favette Rd 
Othmer, Liz 
27 Genetti St 

I ACTIVITIES: Hall Decorating 1.2,3,4; Prom Committee 
3; Prom Decorating 3 THANKS TO: Special Thanks to 
all of mv good fnends: April A., June C , Laura D , 
Cathy H , Kim P , Judy M., Tina .M., Janine .M., .\ancv 
A., Nancy C, (Sursky) Deb M., Peggy K . Lisa P., Pain 
D.. Tracey S., Andrea C , Sandy R . Lynn B , Kerry P., 
Cindy R., and Linda R., and to all of the Landmg's 
crew!! The summer of '83 was the best so far, but this 
summer after Graduation will be even better!! We've all 
gone a long way This is our senior year — our last year 
— let's make the best of it Also, special thanks to 
k Oarky for all the times we've had together BEST 
GOOD LUCK!!' FUTURE.GOALS: To go to college for 
Fashion Design, to be nch and to be happy for the rest 
of my life And not to loose touch of all the dose 
fnends I've made over the past 4 years, because they all 
mean so much to me' 
Owens, Linda 
M Page Rd 
Pandiscio, Paul 
16 Glenndge Rd. 

ACnvmES: Football 1,2,3, Captain 4; Baseball 1,2,3; 
Lacrosse 4 THANKS TO: Thanx to all, and especially 
mv close fnends, stay m touch, B.C., C C, CP., D.W., 
CM., J.W., K G., M B., S.M 1 know you'll all be 
successful. Kim, you know how I feel, don't worry we'll 
make it, love you. FUTURE GOALS: 4 year college, 
study Business Administration. 
Pearson. Kim 
40 Neillian Way 

ACTlVrriES: A-Wing 1,2,3,4. THANKS TO: Thanks 
for the memories: Jen, Lisa, Peggy, Nance, Deb, .Nancy, 
Cathy, Ruth, Elaine, Jami, Liz, April. Lori, Chris, Jil, 
Heidv and especially )udy for being such a good friend 
through the years! FUTURE GOALS: To be successhil 
and happy in whatever I do. 
Pelletier, Julianne 
6 McMahon Dr. 

ACTIVITIES: Majorettes 1,2,3,4 THANKS TO: Thanks 
to you my friends, for the smiles and the memories that 

I'll have all my li/e. Thanks for all the good times we've 
had and for the many good times that are still to come. 
Thanks for the hugs and the shoulders 1 needed every 
now and then. If 1 had these times to do over again, I 
wouldn't want to do it without all of you, because these 
were the best of times. Thanks Mr Petnllo for being a 
dad and an excellent friend to me. Thanks to Annie, 
Melinda & Anne & majorettes for the shanng, fun & 
understanding — you guys are great! Thanks Kerry and 
Nancy for being very special friends, and all your 
understanding Thanks everyone, love va all, Julie P S 
Dad I wish you could be here FUTURE COALS: I am 
going to go to all kinds of places, meet all kinds of 
people and do all kinds of things Someday I hope to 
have a bunch of kids to tell them about mv friends at 
B.H.S., and the thmgs we did Well, maybe I'll tell 
them I just had fun! I also hope to be a happy, healthy 
person and always keep a smile on my face; with the 
memories I have with you that won't be hard! Keep in 

Peterson, Kerry 

9Selfndge Rd. 

ACnVmES: V P T 3,4; W.T B. 1,2.3.4 THANKS TO: 
Thanks for the good times. We've finally made it If s 
hard to let go but you will all be in my thoughts for 
many years to come; J P., N.P., L.R., M G , S R., M.P., 
J D , T' B., L.O., A A., L.B., L.D., K.C, DC, K.T., 
J.D., A W., L.O , ) H., C H., and especiaUv B.C If I 
have left anyone out just remember you all are very 
special to me I'll never forget my high school years. 
FUTURE GOALS: To be happy, rich, and never stop 

Pexider, Barbara Yana 

26 WUdwood Dr 

ACTIVITIES: Hall Decorating 1,2,3,4; AFS 2,3; Bo/s 
Varsity Hockey .Manager 3,4, Citizenship Committee 4; 
Homeroom Rep 4, Tele-Media 4; Yearbook 2,4; Prom 
Committee 3,4 THANKS TO: Jill — for always being 
there and shanng the good times Also, thanks to Liza 
Beth, Jean .Marie. Amy, Leslie, Michael. Danny, and 
everyone else (the list goes on). A special thanks to 
you, Petev. for shanng fun times with me and making 
unforgettable memones I'll never forget you or the TUP 
(I'm sorn, about thai Good luck to e\eryone. FU'TURE 
COALS: To receive a good education at a good school, 
to become a stockbroker by ma|onng m 
Economics Finance and to have a seat on the New York 
Stock Exchange 
Picariello, CarU 
3 Avon Rd 

ACnvrriES: soccer — Hockey 2,3, captain 4; Choir 
1,2,3, Musical 1,2,3, NHS 3,4, Metropalliways 4. 
THANKS: You guvs will never know how much I'm 
gonna miss vou — M E . C C. P.P . CM.. J.B., M.F , 
L.J., J W , D S , T N., K G., EC. M S., k LoU I'll 
always love you guys. FUTURE COALS: College bound 
for nine years. Gel a Ph D in Psychology, and open up 
my own practice Marrv a nch businessman, and 
bve in an exclusive colonial house in a very affluent 
suburban town, with our two or three children. St. 
Bernard, 18 Siamese cats, and three horses. Most of all 
be successful, but enjoy lite to it's hillesi 

Pilts, Shan Marie 

5 Warren Ave 
ACnvmES: Figure Skating 1.2.3. A F S 2.3,4; 
Marching Band 4; Student Athletic Tramer 4: Yearbook 
Suff 4 THANKS TO: L H , AS, J.D , B F , G C , 
MP, thank you so much for the lasting memones and 
knowing that vou are always here to talk to But most 
of all, thanks (or bemg great friends. To all of my 
friends, 1 have found another in the pot of gold — 
fnendship FUTURE GOALS: I plan to earn a Bachelors 
degree in Physical Therapy and eventually work m 
Sports as Physical Therapist for athletes j also hope to 
visit Colorado and travel to Europe. 
Plunk, Jennifer 
10 Jeffrey Circle 
Pompom, Marco 
12 Ov erlook Dr 

ACTIVITIES: Lacrosse 1,2,3,4. THANKS TO: Tunes not 
to be forgotten, S.F , S.M.. K G., P.P., BC, J.D , M P 
T.D., The V T T and espedally J V FUTimE GOALS: 
To dimb higher rocks. 
Powderiy, Mike 
207 Concord Road 



ACTIVITIES: Football 1,2; Lacrosse 1,2; Yearbook 1,2,4. 
THANKS TO; With whom 1 have had great times. Jim 
D., Mike B., Carl C, Brian G., Scott C, and "46 group" 
a special thanks to Ellen and Paul for being there when 
needed. FUTURE GOALS: Marry a rich girl, retire and 
live at the beach, and live life to its fullest. 
Pray, Peter 
5 Neillian St. 

ACTIVITIES: FootbaU 1; Soccer 1, BasketbaU 1,2,3,4; 
BasebaU 1,2,3,4. THANKS TO: R.W., C.B., A S., A.B., 
C.K., R.S , J.W., P.S., E M., The Sunday Football 
Players!! FUTURE GOALS: To go to college. But mostly 
learn how to dance like Mark Gastineau of the New 
York Jets!! 
Preston, Nancy 
5 Wilson Rd. 
Pugh, William 
7 Could Rd 

ACTlVmES: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Water Polo 3,4; Swim 
Team 1,2, Math League 4. THANKS TO: Seniors "83" 
Joe, Nick, Mike, and Jeff, K C, J.D., B.W., and J O. 
FUTURE GOALS: Attend college, major in engineering 
and make mega bucks with friends! 
Quinn, Michael 
354 South Rd. 
Ralston, Liza Beth 
37 Page Rd. 

ACTIVITIES: Citizenship Committee 1,2,3,4; 
Chairperson 3,4; Student Advisory Committee 2,3,4; 
Regional Student Advisory Committee 3,4; Ensembles 1; 
Choir 2,3; Drama Club 1; tennis 1; Yearbook 3; 
Legislahve Committee 1,2: AFS 1,2,3,4; Student Court 
2,3; Hall Decorating 1,2,4. THANKS TO: Everyone who 
I've shared good times with in the past four years — 
you know who you are! And a special thanks to Mom 
for always being there and to Mr. Spinosa for his 

confidence, support, and guidance. FUTURE GOALS: 
Medical school, psychiatry. 
Reinisch, Karin Marion 

14 Overlook Dr. 

ACTIVITIES: Math League 1,2,3,4; Parallax 2,3,4; 
Citizenship Committee 2,3,4; Student Advisory 
Committee 3,4, Class Representative 3; Legislative 
Committee 4. THANKS TO: My sincerest thanks to 
Mrs. Probolus for her help during the past four years 
and to Valerie Bogan for her faithful friendship. 
FUTURE GOALS: To become a wise woman with a true 
appreciahon for life 
Rice, Carolyn 

4 Walsh Rd. 

ACTIVITIES: Drill Team 1; ROTC 1,2,3,4. THANKS 
TO: 1 would Uke to thank J. P., J.S., K.J., K.J., M R., 

5 W for being there when I needed them through my 
many moods. FUTURE GOALS: To go to college and 
then become a police officer. 

Richards, Sandy 
12 Robinson Dr. 

ACnvrriES: Ensemble 1; Homeroom Rep. 1,2; 
Legislative Committee 2,3,4; Secretary 3,4, AFS 2,3; 
Yearbook 2; Girl's Tennis 2,3,4; Soccer/Hockey 
Cheerleader 3,4; Prom Co-Chairman 3,4; National 
Honor Society 3,4. THANKS TO: Best of hmes with: 
M.G. (summer of '83), K.D., D R., S.F , S C., A.W., 
A.B., ) M M FUTURE GOALS: To be happy with 
whatever life offers me, and always keep in touch with 
my friends. 
Ricker, Cynthia 
69 Woodland Rd. 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockev Manager 1; Field Hockey 
2,3; Prom Committee 3,4 THANKS TO: T.M., K.C., 
M.I., J.M., S F., L.D., T.S., C.A., K.A , S.W , K.D., 
N.H., S.R., G.S., J.S., K.A., A.R , M R., M-S.L., P-P M. 
FUTURE GOALS: To attend a four year college and 
receive a degree in early childhood education. 
Ricker, Linda Marie 
69 Woodland Rd. 

ACTIVrriES: Given blood. Prom Committee 3,4. 
THANKS TO: Best of luck to you — T M., K.C . L.D , 
S.F., K.P., J. P., L.B.. J.M., PP , A S., M l., J.D., D.T, 
and even C.R Also K & J, remember mv famous word 
SORRY! FUTURE GOALS: When I finally blow this 
joint, 1 plan to study medical secretary Then hopefully 
I will find a nice guy, get married, then have ten kids. 
Rlngle, John 
110 HartweU Rd. 

ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1; Basketball 1,2. THANKS TO: 
K.M., K.Z., J.D , A.S., T.C., E.B , C.K., A S., L.L , 

C.B., J.T., L.O., J.C. FUTURE COALS: To attend a four 

year college majoring in business. 

Roberson, Vivian 

120 Ent Rd 

Robinson, Donald 

44 Hdyden Ln 

Routt, Kristopher 

43 Wildwood Dr. 

Russo, Christine 

16 Fern Way 

ACnvrriES: Field Hockev 1,2; Basketball 1,2; SoftbaH 
1 THANKS TO: Friends, Especiallv K C , J.D , J H , 
G.H., AD, L M., K.D. FUTURE GOALS: To live in 
peace with myself and the world around me. 
Scaltreto, Ronald 
5 Selfridge Rd 

ACTIVITIES: Hockey 1,2,3; Golf 3,4 THANKS TO 
FRIENDS: J W , D L., P.S., and P S. - for all the 
good times FUTURE GOALS: to live free. 
Schloman, Krisline 

1 HUda Road ^ 
ACTIVITIES: Moultonboro Academy, Varsity 
Cheerleading Captain 1,2; Class Secretary 1; Student 
Council Secretary 2; Semi-Formal Decorating Chairman 
2; Bedford High School, Soccer Hockey Cheerleading 3; 
Football Basketball Cheerleading 4. 
Scott, Beth 
33 Selfridge Rd. 

ACTIVITIES: Track 1; Basketball 1, Volleyball 1,2,3; Pep 
Club 3; Yearbook 4; Softball 4; THANKS TO: B.F. Gang 
— EC, L.M., D C, L.Y., M.C., L.L., L.K., K.L , K.A., 
M.I. P.S., D.W., S.M., N.D., — Thanks for making the 
summer of 83' the best. Lost on the beach. Big in 
Boston. I think you forgot something? 3-G Lock. Do, 
Lo, & Lanie — Bang your (L.C. be proud) Luv you all. 
Thanks mom and dad. Today is just the beginning of 
our tomorrows. Good Luck Class of 84'. FUTURE 
GOALS: Think like an "EAST COASTIE". 
Selby, Donald 
4 Wildwood Drive 
Shamon, Andrea 
12 Hunt Rd 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Softball 2,4; 
Yearbook 4; Prom Committee 3,4. THANKS TO: 
Thanks to everyone, especially to Jan H., Bean, J.D., 
M.H., D.H., J.J., W.G., K.C, A E., C.L., l. K FUTURE 
GOALS: Co to a four year college and play soccer. 
Sharp, Valencia 
53 Offutt Rd. 
Shaw, Steven 
63 Neillian St. 
Smith, Doug 
512 Springs Rd. 
Smith, Jacquelyn 
12 Orchard Rd 
Smith, Jennifer Emma 
63 Elm St 

ACnvmES: Track and Field; Parallax. THANKS TO: I 
would like to thank all my friends that believe in me. 
These people are: Karma Jones, Karla Jones, Kimberly 
Duncan, Rachael Donato, and Dane Graves I really 
respect these people because they kept me going and 
pushing on when I was giving up. Thank you I'll make 

it to the top' FUTURE GOALS: To become a 
Director-Producer of films And to become succeisful in 
my heart rather in the amount of money in my pocket' 
Spencer, Edward 
114 Page Rd 
Stella, Ann Marie 
20 Washington St. 

ACTIVITIES: Ensembles 1,2; Majorettes 1,2,3,4: Ski 
Team 2. YearbtH>k 1,2.4, Drama Club 1.2,4. Pep Club 
2,3, Paralax 4 THANKS TO: What can I viv guys, 
except thanks lor t)eing there when 1 ntvded you. you 
all mean so much to me. I love all of you — Lee. 
Shannie, Barbara Jean, S D . G.C .. T.b . J P . a ipeaal 
thanks lo B J., for helping me through mv n'ugh hmes. 
These are definitely the best ot time< Mrmones are 
forever. You aiv all weeds FUTURE GOALS: To marrv, 
have kids, be extremely nth and live happilv ever alter 
Stuart, Adam W. 
10 WiHximixir Dr 

ACnvrriES: Basketball 1,2,3.4: Tennis 3,4 FUTURE 
COALS: To hit Megabucks and become a millionaire, 
and go to college 
Sullivan, Paul 
57 Hattwcll Rd 

Sullivan, Peter 

57 Hartwell Rd 
ACTIVrriES: Baseball 1,2,3,4 THANKS TO: Thanka lo 
Dolores for tx'ing the wonderful, kind peraon %fie it and 
to Launne ftir always being there when I needed 
someone to beat on Thanks also to anyone whote 
initials fall from A through Z. P S Thanks to Launne 
and Dolores lor wnting this. FUTURE COALS: To own 
Bedford Farms 
Sullivan, Sheryl 
194 South Rd 

THANKS TO: J S , D C , C Y . N.A , and K Y for 
making my two years at B.H.S. fun ones. FUTURE 
COALS: Go to school for two more years. After, get a 

food )ob and get married, 
ullivan, Tracey ). 
5 Princess Pine 

ACnvrriES; Cirls Swim Team 1,3. THANKS TO: Jen. 
Kjm, Tami, Elaine, Cindy, Sylvui, Liz. Lone, Chris. 
Deb, Lynn FUTURE GOALS: Success 
Tanden, Raj 

178 Spnngs Rd 

ACnvrriES: ROTC Onll Team. Founder of the l.uafer 
Chanty Fund THANKS TO: "Ozzy" and the gang 
Pete, Roger. John. Kenny, and let's not (orget Keith To 
Amy for all of those lun times dunng our freshmen 
year FUTURE GOALS: To become a .\euro-brain 
surgeon, or a used car dealer 
Thoresen, Elizabeth A. 
42 Sweetwater Ave 

ACTIVITIES: J V Field Hockey Manager 3; Varsity 

Field Hockev .Manager 3. 
Tucker, Rebecca 
128 Patterson Rd. 
Venuti, Mark 
29 Washington St. 
ACTIVrriES: Baseball 1,2,3, Golf 4. 
Voight, Heidy 
39 Fayette Rd 

Vosika, Michael 

llSOffijtt Rd. 
Waile, Jim 
3 Orchard Rd 

ACnvrriES: a F V 1,2.3.4; W.T B 1.1,3.4; B C 
1,2,3.4 THANKS TO: D L . PS: R S . P S . T D . 
KG. and C B FUTURE GOALS: Metal lo death 
Weaver. Anne Johna 

26 Hilltop Dr 

ACTIVITIES: Majorettes 1.2.3, Captain 4. BaskettuU 1; 
Track 1.2. Class Vice President 1, Prom Chairman 3.4. 
THANKS TO: C H . J H , M B , T B . | P . L J , C A.. 
K P . PK , SR. K L . L M , CM. S M . D W . EC. 
M P . ) D , Thanks a million — you guys are the best F 
TURE GOALS; To be prrsidenl'of a fan dub 
While, Gregory 
31 Old Billenij Rd 
While, Mark Coleman 
12 Jonathan Ln 

ACTlVmES: FiKitbaU Ski Team 1,2,3.4; Bmbd 

1.2: Golf Team 3.4. Intermur.i! P,i«V. 12 3 4 
THANKS TO: Thanks to Ih. . best o< 

luck in the lulure, wheroM r 

FUTURE GOALS: fo go on • iie a 

successlul business man also to btxonu- i^aj'pv as 
possible in lilr and have a gixxl time in attaining any of 
mv tuturv gvvals 
Williams. Oan 
24 W.ishinglon St. 

ACTlVmtS: Football 1.2,3 i m ' ■■ : < Mnjtm 1.2..3. 
Captain 4. Hixkev 4 THAN K ' h» carHul 

nding vour bike, you still JoBan T O 

thanks D G . S G let s not MB. BG. 

C C . P P . B C K C . and to all the girts show vwir 
love nghi here RITURI 
COALS: To be very fnendU 
Yealts. Karin 

"J Wilv.n Rit 

Ai ■ ' \ : > 4 


I 'I 
r :.3 

II >M 
i; I R 

1 ruiif^. 1. inil> 
281 Siluth Kd 

.1 Jt^~1i>r (r.i 




JZ- ^ >C?^. <0^ ^, 




Man inhabits the earth along with 
thousands of other species, and vet he is the 
only species plagued by the endfess drive 
both to prove himself to others and, more 
importantlv. to himself. He needs to know 
that m some way he is good, preferably 
better than someone else. 

Knowing that he could not achieve what 
he values and what satisfies him casts the 
human beings into despair; discovering that 
his dissatisfaction is his own fault, a result of 
his own sloth, dooms the unfortunate man to 
an equally black frustration. His most recent 
failure, the one that clings most obstinately 
to his mind over shadowing any past 
successes, nags him with questions of his 
own worth or. better said, his own 

The fate of the fraud, who knows that his 
work is insipid while allowing others to 
believe that he has produced something of 
true value, is worse. Not onlv must he deal 
with his inadequacy, but he confronts a great 
fear. Will the others discover his 
fraudulence? And while he ner\'Ously 
agonizes shirking detection, his conscience 
demands that he tell the world that it is 
mistaken in honoring him for a valuable 

On the other hand, the human being who 
finds his work successful basks in a happy 
smugness when considering his 
achievements. His conscience does not 
reproach him, and he must worrv only 
whether his next endeavor will also result 

Thus, doubllesslv. this last specimen of 
mankind is better off than the others He is 
happv and content because he has made an 
effort in one field and succeeded 

— Kann Reinisch 

Above: Valedictorian Karin Reinisch and good friend Valerie Bogan spend some leisure time in the library. 


C^^^rirxoi^ nvtJU/--^ 

,4/ -^^t 

1 . 

60 / SIGN OFF 

{id i 


€1} \ 


Kyle Chepolis 
Scott Cony 
Caroline Cusick 

Elisabfth Colbath 
Annr Louis« Couve« 
Dfbbir DcSjmtU 
Stephen Donald»on 

Carole Cooke 
Grrg CiTKCiui 
Brian DeVellis 
Dennis Doughty 

Erin CrowthcT 
CTiervl DiNisoi 
lack Doucettc 


Keith Acree 
Arthur Alexander 
Christina Allen 
Mathew Alperin 
Eric Anderson 
Kirstin Andrews 
Suzy Asbedian 
Kim Barber 

Jennifer Barry 
Tom Bauman 
Billv Bellacini 
Jennifer Benjamii 
Carlene Bennett 
Scot! Birminghan 
Roslyn Bishop 
Lvnda Blair 

James Bland 
Alex Brady 
Charles Brasier 
Car> Breslin 
Dave Briggs 
Mickey Browne 
Marill'ian Burno 
Susan Bun 

Diana Burton 
Cina Buftcaglia 
John Buxton 
Tere»a Caristi 
Mark Carpenter 
John Carter 
Dennis Castetter 
Chri9ti-Anne Castro 

Freshmen Class Officers — 

Advisor: Mrs. Sulprizio, 
President: Chervl DiNisco, 
Secretary: Carolvn'Matthews, 
Vice President: Mark Carpenter, 
and Treasurer: Sheila McCravT 


Ann Mdcklin 
Laura Maxon 
Kathi McCovem 
Keith Molinari 

Chuck Mahai 
Patrick McAllister 
Tina McHush 
Christine Moody 

)ulie Mann 
lanis McCarthy 
Chrii Mcintosh 
ludianne Moore 

( hris Marcolle 
FhomaN McC rak.- 
lant- Mfkir 
Scott Mor^n 

Shrila McCrav-v 
Ken Mtckel 
Ronel Mullen 

Carolyn Matthews 
loAnne McDonough 

Cemena Murchiton 

1) Honestly! It's only Hi-C! Cathy Crane, Carolyn Lu-i.k 

2) Ann Louise Couvee, Lisa Pignatiello 

3) Megan Ralston and Alice Spencer 

Jean Harrington 
Paul Harrington 
Tracy Harris 
Robert Hauge 
Judd Hill 
Karen Hill 
Christina Hopkins 
Matthew Huffman 

Robert Huffman 
Joseph Ingalls 
Tracey Ingalls 
Lena lovino 
)im )acewicz 
Kevin Jarek 
Kavlea |ohnson 
Mike lohnson 

Lillian |ov 
Mike Kellihev 
Erin Kelly 
Gary Kleiman 
Dave Kupfrian 
Chris Landrigan 
Laura Lea Lanier 
Bill Larkin 

[ames Larkin 
Eric Larsen 
Philip Lawrence 
Brenda Learv 
Larrv Lemer 
Lisa Linz 
Kenny Lord 
Heike Lueckerath 

Freshmen: Lisa Simmons, Scott 
Corey, and Cemena 

Being New 


Kelli Murray 
Richard Murray 
Timmy Murray 
Simone Newton 
George Nieto-Reyes 
Julie Oales 

Tina Piuni 
Nancy Porter 
Katriha Pullen 
Megan Rahton 
Linda Ricci 
Herman Rice 

There you are, a freshman walking down the hall, minding your own 
business, and trying to make a good impression. You look up at all the 
upperclassmen walking by and it seems like all of them are looking 
down their noses at you. Even the people who are shorter than you 
seem to be looking down at you! You feelreally self-conscious, as if you 
shouldn't be there. You feel like jumping into one of the lockers to hide. 

When you get to your classroom, it's forgotten for awhile until you 
have to cnange classes again. Then you get out into the halls and start 
looking around at all the unfamiliar faces, and everybody turns their 
noses up at you once more. They don't want to have anvthing to do 
with a freshman. (Are you kidding? Low-life freshmen? Nfo way! They 
won't even talk to you!) 

Later when you're going up the stairs, a friend calls you from behind. 
As you turn to see who it is, someone else decides to trip you. You 
stumble over their feet and fall flat on your face. You try to get up 
quickly so that no one will notice, but of course your books go falling all 
over the place. While you're trying to recover all of your books and 
papers, everyone is stepping on them and saying things like "What a 

coordinated freshman," or "I should have known it was a freshman," 
or "That's so typically freshman!" It becomes very embarassing. 

Also, if you're ever lost, don't even think of asking an upperclassman 
for directions. First, he or she will act like just talking to vou is a big 
favor. Secondly, do you seriously think anybody would tell a freshman 
the truth when it comes to directions? 

Another thing you have to put up with is upperclassman when they 
do talk to you. Thev usually start off by saying something like, "You 
should feel ver>' privileged,' I'm actually going to lower myself to talk 
to a freshman.' Don't tell anyone, though I wouldn't want it to get 
around. Oh, 1 hope no-one sees me!" Come on! That almost makes you 
feel worse than being completely ignored. It makes you want to say, 
"Thanks, 1 love you too." 

But actually, it's not all that bad. After the first few weeks people 
lighten up and forget about Freshmen completely. Really — the people 
here at B.H.S. are pretty nice. Once vou get to know more people you 
begin to fit in better and don't mind being a freshman anymore. 


Mandy Telford 

Thomas Wentworth 


1) Maureen Ritson and Dawn Collins at the dance. 

2) Tina Pisani dancing up a storm. 

3) Trac>' Tanner: "I'd idVE to dance!" 

4) Nancy Damery: Raise your hands if you're Sure! 

5) Simone Newton shows a smile. 

6) Junior Mark Freni follows freshmen Gina Buscaglia 
and Susan Schoorens. 

7) Christine Green and Mike Kelliher. 

Maureen Ritson 
Rather Roberson 
Donna Robinson 
Malene Shannon 
And^ RolHnson 
Patricia Russo 
Tracey Sacco 
Nicole Salvadore 

Maria Sarcia 
Andrea Savioli 
Barclay Scheick 
Susan Schoorens 
Ben Seiby 
Malene Shannon 
Debbie Sharkey 
Bill Sherman 

Lisa Simmons 
Tracy Smith 
Geoff Snapp 
|im Solomila 
Catherine Spencer 
Pattv Sprankle 
Anthonv St. Amour 
Donna ^tefanidakis 

Michelle Stuart 
Mark Sullivan 
Paul Sullivan 
Till Sunderman 
lennifer Sutton 
Christine Sword 
Keith Tassinari 
Kim Taylor 



Chh9tine Linz 
Debbie Looney 
Kelley Luter 
Sandy Macdonald 

Michelle Lipczer 
T Lord 
liM Lynch 
Kjthv MicQuilken 

>i Kcnv Litchfield 
A Debbie Lovciv 

Chris Mac Al lister 
Jonathan Mann 

Sophomore Blahs 

Christine Marlell 
Tract McArdle 
Lam McConnell 
Heather McCilvarav 

Chris Ma»sa 
Carol McClatchev 
Mike McCravy 
Kerry McCovcm 

Dana Harrison 
Susan Hawkins 
Cindy Hayward 
Lauren Heegcstad 
Stephanie Hirsch 
Kristen Hocker 
Richard Hollis 
Gene Holmstead 

Patty Hooper 
Lvnn Hugnes 
Dottie lovino 
Eric Isnor 
Jodi Jaillet 
Joanna Jeannotte 
Gail Johnson 
Heather Johnson 

Kevin Johnson 
Steve lones 
Rjud justice 
Stephanie Katz 
Mike Kenne\ 
Sompone Khoxavo 
Patrick Killebrew 
Jennifer Kimmins 

Yael Kupiec 
Wendv Laliberte 
Mickev LaVallev 
Tncia Leonick 
David Gage 
Seamus Garrett 
Diane Libbv 

Jennv Maxon 
CaroK-n McCollem 
John McCune 
Lucy McGovem 


1. Scott Sinclair and Kerry McGovern 

2. Pam Dutra, Laura Sullivan and Mary Mead 

3. Pam Beckwith 

Brenda McMahan 
Rob Meffan 
Kim Mendell 
Cheryl Millman 

Lori McNeany 
Susanne Melville 
Daniel Millar 
Salim Mohammed 

Mary Mead 
Melissa Melvin 
K. Milliian 
Christine Monl- 

Remember when you were in Junior High and you wanted to get into 
High School so badly? You just knew that once you were in that 
building, all your troubles would disappear. But then you were a 
Freshman, a nobody to anyone except yourselves, the class of '86. Well, 
now you've made it, you are no longer underclassmen, you are Sopho- 
mores. But what's so great about being a Sophomore? 

Probably the worst thing about being a Sopnomore is that you can't 
drive. You can't even get your learner s permit. So how do you get to 
the mall or the movies or anywhere? Your parents drive you — how 
embarrassing! Nobody wants to go anywhere if their parents are driving 
them. How uncool! There are, of course, three ways to solve your 
mobility problems: turn I6V2 very quickly, befriend a junior or Senior 
who has his license and a car, or if all else fails, don't go anywhere until 
you can drive. This is extreme but you do have an image to maintain. 

Another awful thing about being a sophomore is that, unlike the 
upperclassmen, you have no semi-formals or proms (no matter, you 
have no way of getting there anyway!) Don't you wish you could get all 
dressed up and dance the night away with your date? (Mind you. 

finding a suitable date is an entirely different problem.) There is a little 
romance to life when you are a sophomore. But if you wait for just one 
year you could have . . . 

Junior/Senior privileges! There are you trapped forever in a stuff}' 
classroom with an old, probably senile teacher quieting you every time 
you open your mouth. (Don't they understand you need freedom of 
expression?). If this isn't prison, what is? Who studies in study hall? 
Nobody. (Why would you want to do that?) Oh, to be free, roaming the 
halls, disturbing classes, going uptown! All this, too, can be vours 
when you are ... 

An upperclassman! All sophomores have what is commonly known 
as an iaentity complex. You aren't underclassmen and you certainly 
aren't upperclassmen. You're more the middleclassmen, the awkward 
stage, a transition into the upper echelon. Just two more years and you 
can join the few, the proud, the Seniors. 

Everything may look bleak, but it really isn't that bad. What's so great 
about being a sophomore? Simple. You're not a freshman anymore!!! 


1) Junior Class Officers: 

Advisor: Mrs. Downing, 
Treasurer: Caren Manning, 
President: Joanne Melville, 
Secretary: Diana 
Birmingham, Vice-President: 
John Bellino. (Not pictured 
— Prom Chairman Jeanette 

2) Keith Dougherty 

3) John Bellino, Eric Benson, 
Rob Jacobsen, and Mark 
Freni ... All the President's 

4) Julie Robbins, Sue McKie, 
Corey Grillo, and Heidi 

5) Erica Barber and Tina 


You are driving out of the parking lot of the Registry of Motor 
Vehicles. Finally, you have reached the epitome of teenagehood. You 
are now a legal driver in the state of Massachusetts. What a feeling of 
power! As you drive home, you think about the experiences you have 
nad in the process of getting where you are now. 

Can you forget the first time you put your foot on the accelerator? 
Although your father was reminding you (for the lOO'th time) about 
being a defensive driver and about paying attention to everything 
around you, you were only listening to tne engine climb as it changed 
gears. You couldn't believe that you were actually controllirig the car. 
Then there was the time you had an accident in the Driver's Education 
car! (But maybe we'd better forget that part!) 

You've been driving for a month now and you believe you know 
everything about driving — except that the roads are slippery when it 
rains and that brakes locK if you ' slam" them too hard. The expression 
of shock on the other driver's face is quickly recalled to your memory as 
well as the look of panic on your observer s face as she climbed off^ the 

floor back onto her seat! 

Remember the time you accidentally ran the stop sign you never saw? 
Unfortunately your father did see it! Your heart skipped a beat when 
your father yelled "stop!" That's a stop sign!" As you slammed on the 
brakes, your father was hitting the floor with a brake that didn't exist. 
Then came the "Being a Responsible Driver" lecture. Your father yelled 
at you for not paying attention to the roadway, and also any little 
mishap which had happened since the last lecture came out into the 
open. Ten minutes ana four cut corners later, you were once again 

Then came D-(driving)-day. As you walked into the room of the 
Registry with your palms sweating and your knees shaking, you tried 
to remember all the last minute tips from your friends. You then got into 
the car to perform the tasks required of you. Finally, after what seemed 
like years, you arrived back at the Registry, with doubt in your mind as 
you waited anxiously for the officer to start filling out the pmk slip. With 
the worst part of the Juruor year finally behind you, now you can drive! 

i I iVCI 4101 Hi llciiMf^l 

T Pof tirRi 


2) John Purdy, happy to be leaving. 

3) Mike Baumann, in auto shop. 

John McKenna 

Sharon Michelson 
Ed Murphv 
Christine Neil 

Susan McKie 
Kevin Mickel 
Kelly Murray 
Laura Newman 

Steven McMahan 
Amy Miller 
Lonnie Murray 
Troy Newman 

Susan McMahan 
Joni Montemagno 
Tibor Nagy 
Charlene Nickerson 

ioanne Melville 
eannette Moreau 
Lisa Nandy 
Louise O'Hara 

Kim Meyer 
Scott Munden 
Carolyn Nawoichik 
Frank Oppedi9an<i 




Anne Dnimmond 

Assistant to the Superintendent 



Faculty and Staff 


A Period — Sociology II 

The students continued the experiment they said they 
started yesterday on Social Isolation. Most pupils just 
rested their heads on their desks for the entire period. 1 
think they were sleeping. (This class is not very in- 

B Period — Advanced Psychology 

The class explained to me the day after a test they always 
watch a television program ancl then analyze it in an 
essay. Everyone decided on cartoons, The Road Runner 
Show specifically. They plan to write on the mental state 
of Wile E. Coyote due to the hardships he endures. 
C Period — U.S. History 

The class finished their work early, so they played 7-up 
for the rest of the period. The girl with pigtails and glasses 
in the front row was kind enough to remind me of the 
homework assignment. However, many students com- 
plained about the topic of the paper. They said they were 
not "into" communist subversion in tfie Third World 

D Period — Psychology 

Your assignment book is apparently wrong. The class 
insisted their work for today was to watch ana discuss the 
contestants on the Price Is Right, not to read the excerpt 
on criminal morality in Tolstoy's War and Peace. Howev- 
er, I did get a positive reaction when we decided to dis- 
cuss Freud's Psychosexual Stages of Development. 
E Period — No Class 
F Period — Sociology I 

The film "Sexual Benavior" was evidently enjoyed. An 

intensive discussion followed. These pupils are very 


G Period — Political Science 

Absolute Zoo!! Three students have no maturity what- 
soever. 1 have preserved a couple of their flying creatures 
for your viewing. 

Keith Adams 

Physical Education 
Athletic Director 

Margarita Apicella 


Nina Arnold 


Donald R. Barron 

Program Director of Art 

Sharon Baxter 


Robert W. Biggie 

Social Studies 

Janice Birch 
Secretary to the Business 

Maureen E. Blackwell 


Lois M. Blakeney 
Foreign Language 
Program Administrator 

Eunice Brine 

Ruth Byron 

Peter Cacciola 

Trainer, Substitute 

Lt. Col. Edward F. 


Victor R. Carlson 
Industrial Arts 

Margaret Carpenter 

Special Education 


ean M. Chamberlain Robert P. Ciofi Kevin Connolly 

Secretary Counseling Industrial Arts 

Program Administrator 

William R. Corliss Vernon Dameron Lou D'Andragora 

Business Education Social Studies Custodian 

Barbara Davis Brendan Desilets Charles DiPietro 

School Psychologist English Occupational Education 

Program Director 

Theresa Doiron Eleanor Donovan Elizabeth Dowling 

Secretary English Librarian 

Program Administrator 

Utter Euphoria! The feeling you get when the 
face behind the desk is unfamiliar. Instantly, 
there is relief as last night's forgotten homework 
can be forgotten. Next period's cannot, however, 
so before the bell rings you ask permission to 
return to your locker. With permission granted 
(what else?), you eventually reach your locker via 
the longest possible route. On the way, should 
you happen to see a late classmate, it is your 
unwritten duty to tell them there's a sub in for 
Mrs. What's-her-Name. 

Once back in class, you discover half the class 
has exchanged names and even a few additional 
students such as Art. E. Choke, Dina Myte, and 
Al Kahall have just enrolled. The sub then 
attempts to take roll, but the desks seemed to 
have scattered themselves all over the classroom. 
(Must have happened in the previous class — 
they were freshman — for paper airplanes were 
also all over the floor!) 

When it came time to collect the homework the 
room becomes a sea of puzzled faces. Gaping 
mouths exclaim, "What nomework?!" You ex- 
plain to the sub that she must be mistaken, that 
the work plan must be wrong. "Yesterday was a 
test and today is supposed to be a recovery day!" 
WhUe she searches through the desk for some 
note about what should be scheduled for the day, 
those friends you had seen in the hall enter tlie 
room. Each, of course, has his own excuse — "I 
was taking a massive English test, 1 will go get 
you the pass if you want, but the teacher has a 
class now and ..." "I got locked in the typing 
room and the janitor just let me out. I can go find 
him if you want, but it will probably take the 
whole period ..." "I had to use the bathroom 
REAL Dad! Ask Susie Jones, she was in there 
too." Of course, a couple have notes "signed" bv 
teachers explaining wny they were defamed. All 
these excuses are nardly heard, however, over 
the chatter and screams of a class let loose. 

At the height of all this madness a bell is bearly 
audible, yet apparently all ears heard, and there 
is a mad rush tor the door. Had this been a timed 
fire drill, the record would have surely been 
smashed. One last obligation for the more mis- 
chievious student — if he should meet a fellow 
classmate, he warns, "You'd better have your 
homework done, Mrs. What's-Her-Name is in a 
WICKED bad mood. She's grading homework 
and it counts 10% of our quarter grade. Have a 
nice day!" 


Claire French Sibyl French Tracey Funari Jane Gallagher Helen C. Gfroerer 

Secretar\- to the Secretary' Mathematics Physical Education Physical Education 


Elaine Giddis Ginette Golley Bernard GoUis Robert S. Greenway Paula M. Gullage 

English Mathematics Counselor Counselor Business Education 

Program Administrator 


Richard J. Hagar 


Marguerite Hamilton 
Financial Supervisor 

Connie Hanley 

Donna Happy 


Jean Hibbard 


John Hill 


Dorothy A. Hovsepian 


Clint Huff 


Gary Hunt 


Susan Hurley 


John C. Judge 

Foreign Language 

James Kelly 


One of the school's most 
popular teachers, Ms. Blackwell, is 
one of twelve children raised in 
Lowell. After graduating from 
Lowell High School, she attended 
Boston State College and later the 
University of Lowell, before 
coming to Bedford High in 1981 to 
teach underclassmen English. 
Today she resides in Concord and 
has a son James, seven, whose 
artwork can always be seen 
hanging on the walls of room 

An avid runner, Ms. Blackwell, 
often trains with the boys' cross 
country team and is, in fact, their 
assistant coach. Along with her 
fifty miles of running per week, 
Ms. Blackwell is especially helpful 
to the younger members of the 
team. Her generosity and zeal are 
appreciated by all who know her, 
both as a competitive runner and 
as someone who bakes cookies for 
the track team. 

Most importantly, Ms. Blackwell 
is always willing to go out of her 
way to help a student. She can be 
counted on to lend an ear to 
anyone who has a problem or just 
wants a friendly chat. Dedicated to 
teaching, Ms. Blackwell will push 
a student to do his best, and she 
shares in the accomplishments of 
her classes. It is this personal 
attention and enthusiasm that 
make Ms. Blackwell an excellent 


Marilyn Light Alison Lohrum Robert Luken Ruth D. McAleer John McCarthy 

Special Education Counselor Industrial Arts Business Education English 

Mary L. McHarg Arthur McManus Jean B. Miele Eugene Milliken Marjorie M. Mintz 

Mathematics Physical Education Mathematics English Foreign Language 

Program Administrator 


Hugh L. Morgan 

Industrial Arts 

Bruce Morse 

Audio Visual 

Donald Moss 


Evelyn Nazarro 

Gregory Norton 


Barbara O'Neil 


Leonard P. Palmer 


Irene P. Parker 

METCO Coordinator 

Martha Parker 

Special Education 

Mr. Corliss, born in Newton, 
Ma., lived his first seventeen years 
of life in Wellesley, Ma. He 
graduated from Salem State 
College with a Bachelor of Science 
Degree in Business Education. 
Straight out of college in 1965, Mr. 
Corliss began teaching at Bedford 
High School. In 1966, he was 
married to Mrs. Corliss and moved 
to Danvers, Ma., and between 
1967 and 1970 he finished two 
more years of college at night 
school at Salem State where he 
received his masters degree. He 
also had his first three children in 
those three years. In 1976 he had 
another child and in 1980 one 
more was added to the family. 

Mr. Corliss has spent the last 19 
years with us here at B.H.S. and 
nas also, in those years, spent 10 
years at Middlesex Community 
College teaching. He has taugnt 
stenography, accounting, and 
typing. As he says "the years have 
flown by — there have been ups 
and downs but all and all it must 
have been good to go by so fast!" 

From the students' point of view 
he is a teacher to respect. He 
greets the class with a smile 
everyday and remains friendly 
throughout the whole period. He 
is always "more" than willing to 
give extra help to anyone who 
even looks questionable and will 
not go on to anything new until 
everyone understands. His 
technique of teaching is to teach 
what your homework is going to 
be about in class and then the next 
day go over it and answer any and 
all questions. That in itself is a rare 

All and all we can honestly say 
Mr. Corliss is a definite "asset" to 
our school! 

When asked the question. What 
do you think of Mr. Corliss? Many 
students responses were "Oh, he s 
a wicked cool guy and probably 
the best teacher in this school. 

Barbara Pate 

Retired Secretary 

Joseph Patuleia 



Walter J. Powers Susan Probolus Doreen Ralston Denise Rainis John A. Reynolds 

English Foreign Language Social Studio Foreign Language Social Studies 

Judith A. Reynolds Bill Ricker Michael A. Rinaldi Barbara Robinson Armand j. Sabourin 

Mathematics Custodian Industrial Arts Science Mathematics 


Aaron Shavers, Jr. 

METCO Assistant 

Ann M. Sheehan 

Business Education 


Joan D. Spence 


Pasquale J. Spinosa 

Social Stuaies 
Program Administrator 

Eleanor Stanley 


John F. Sullivan 

Social Studies 


Marilyn Sulprizio 

Special Education 

Susan W. Tafler 


Calvin Tingley 

Program Administrator 

William M. Toland 


Assistant Program Director 

Claire Travis 

Foreign Language 

Arthur Tremblay 


Social Studies is a two year 
requirement at BHS. As freshmen, 
we all take "Civil" and then U.S. 
History as a sophomore or junior. 
Mr. Spinosa is one of the teachers 
who makes this requirement 
worthwhile for the students. He 
treats freshmen as "young adults" 
rather than "teenagers" and 
introduces them to a higher 
standard of achievement. By the 
end of a year of note-taking, these 
freshmen are much more mature. 
Even if they forget the 
"watershed" dates, the fall of the 
Holy Roman Empire, or the 
Nihilists, the students will have 
learned from Mr. Spinosa how to 
act like high school students 
instead of Middle Schoolers. 

It takes a special breed of 
teacher to make history interesting 
and Mr. Spinosa is one of these 
instructors. With his insights to 
the "scope and sequence ' of WWI 
or the personality of Amilio 
Aquinaldo, Mr. Spinosa makes 
dead history come alive. Modern 
European History is his specialty. 
Although we take notes galore, 
(not remembering from one day to 
the next what the EMS Dispatch 
was) at least we will remember 
some of the "causes, course and 
effect" of WWII, even if it only be 
whose side we were on. 

In addition to his enthusiastic 
teaching, Mr. Spinosa is also 
Program Administrator of the 
Social Studies Department. This 
year he has also functioned as a 
vice principal for Mr. Melanson. 

Besides teaching, Mr. Spinosa is 
involved with several stuaent , 
extracurricular activities. As an 
advisor to the citizenship 
committee, he helps the members 
with their activities which include 
choosing a Citizen of the Month 
and running school elections. 
Moreover, Mr. Spinosa is also an 
advisor to the Student Advisory 
Committee which works closely 
with the School Committee. His 
participation shows he cares about 
the students. Overall, Mr. Spinosa 
is an enthusiastic and interesting 
teacher as well as a great person. 


Mr. Toland . . . Isn't this class ever going to settle 

Iphegenia Tsefrekas 
Home Economics 

Lawrence Ullman 


Robert Wakeham 

Social Studies 

Carol W. Walcott 


Faculty and Staff Not 

Frances Anthony 
Margeret Caloggero 
Suzanne Cervo 
Peter Kirton 
Rosemary Mercurio 
Lou Mecurio 

Shirley Moore 
Roberta O'Donnell 
Suzanne Pickett 
Deborah Sakelakos 
James Shea 
George Swanson 


1. Marsha Clements, 
Kathy Walsh, Mrs. 
Robinson . . . Actually it 
is very simple ... 2. 
Mr. Greenway, Amy 
Miller ... So you don't 
like your schedule? 3. 
Mr, Toland . . . I'll 
make the Boston Pops 
yet! 4. Mr. Toland 5. 
Mr. Ullman . . . Think 

After thirty successful years as a 
teacher, twenty-seven of which 
have been spent here in Bedford, 
William Toland will be leaving the 
Bedford schools this June. Since 
nineteen fifty-seven, Mr. Toland 
has been the band director at the 
high school, devoting a 
tremendous amount of time and 
care to students involved in the 
instrumental music program. 

Mr. Toland's musical interests 
were sparked when he was a 
young Doy playing the piano first, 
and tnen the drums. In the sixth 
grade he joined his high school's 
marching band for whom he 
played until his graduation. In 
continuation of his musical 
activities, he then participated in 
college marching band for four 
years and shortly after that, he 
formed the Bedford High School 
Marching Band. 

After twenty-seven years, Mr. 
Toland remarxs that, although 
many fashions have come and 
gone, the people here have not 
changed. His desire to teach at 
Bedford High School for so many 
years is a result of what he calls 
"good chemistry, nice kids and 
academically, the consistency and 
breadth of the music program." In 
his eyes, the music department 
has been successful for students 
and for him because it has always 
managed to meet the educational 
needs of those involved. 

Mr. Toland's post-teaching plans 
will expand upon much of his 
work in the high school — writing 
and arranging music, doing 
research in the Humanities, and of 
course, part time teaching. 
Although he feels that Bedford 
High School has been very good to 
him, he believes it is time to move 
on and explore new opportunities. 

Mr. Toland knows he will miss 
his teaching at B.H.S., and we will 
always be grateful for this teacher 
who gave to us so much of 





Shakespeare in 
the Rough 

As a new year comes, to BHS, so does a new 
class enter the world of senior English And 
with that comes the drama read bv millions 
of seniors all over the world — Hamlet. We, 
as seniors, spend hours upon hours 
analyzing themes, understanding the 
"prose", and taking multiple essav tests. It 
seems only just that since good OV Willy 
causes us agitation, we return the favor. We 
decided to put Hamlet thru a modern day 
transition- The followmg is what we feel 
would happen should the play be 
incorporated into davtime TV: 

In previous episodes we saw the 
impnsonment of Hamlet Rex because of 
illegal business transactions. As a result of 
this, he was impeached as chairman of the 
Chase-Manhatten Bank, and his brother, 
Claudius, was elected to take his place. Then 
Gertrude Rex divorced Hamlet and in a 
whirlwind romance married her 
brother-in-law. This infuriated her son 
Hamlet Jr. who returned from college to 
witness and inform his father of the 
incestuous romance. While at the prison the 
son learned that his father was framed by 
Claudius. Hamlet Sr. asked his son to clear 
the family name and destrov his uncle, but 
he also asked that he leave his mother alone. 
Weeks passed as Claudius fixed himself 
solidly m the bank, and Hamlet returned to 
college. Then, without warning, Hamlet Sr. 
was found dead in his cell, the victim of a 
cellmate stabbing. That was where we left 

And now for todav's show; 

Today opens with Laertes Chancellor 
introducing his sister Ophelia on how to deal 
with her high-school sweetheart, Hamlet. He 
advises Ophelia to never see Hamlet again 
Then Laertes leaves for Paris. Meanwhile 
Polonius Chancellor hires Reynaldo to spy on 
his son to insure that the family name stays 
honorable. Back to Gertrude She is having a 
psychiatrist analyze Hamlet to find out what 
his problem is. The final diagnosis is 
love-sickness and most e\'er\'one is satisfied 

with that. In the bank, a member of the 
board, Norman Fortinbras, is secretly 
scheming to ruin Claudius, who supported 
the firing of Norm's father. Claudius, 
however, discovers this and succeeds in 
channeling Fortinbras' ambitions elsewhere. 
Now, Hamlet is arranging for his friend, 
Horatio, to entice Claudius into an illegal 
business deal, Horatio succeeds in getting 
the chairman to accept a bribe and even 
hears him brag about how he managed to get 
the charges of embezzlement and 
mismanagement-of-funds to be pinned on 
Hamlet Sr He then explains how Claudius 
also hired an inmate to kill Hamlet Sr for a 
small sum With proof of his stepfather's 
guilt, Hamlet Jr approaches his mother with 
these facts, but on the way, he discovers a 
burglar attempting to break into the family 
mansion (Without thinking), Hamlet shoots 
but unfortunately the "thief " turns out to be 
none other than Polonius. Ophelia, already 
disheartened by being forbidden to see 
Hamlet, becomes hopelessly distraught over 
the forthcoming deatn of her father Laertes 
returns from Paris and demands to see 
Hamlet. A duel is set up and at the start it is 
announced that Ophelia has just died in a 
car accident. Gertrude becomes distressed 
and is piven one of Hamlet's tranquilizers 
which IS actuallv a cy anide capsule that 
Claudius placed in the bottle and intended 
for Hamlet The two men pace off and both 
are shot. Before he dies however, Hamlet 
manages to shoot Claudius, and tells Horatio 
to secure the election of Fortinbras as 
chairman of the bank. 

Tune in for our next episode as we find 
out the answer to these questions: Will 
Norman Fortinbras become the new 
chairman of Chase-Manhatten? Will the love 
of Ophelia and Hamlet endure even after 
death? Will Gertrude return to Hamlet or 
stay loyal to Claudius in purgatorv' Will God 
be able to handle this enhre mess? What will 
happen to the show with all the characters 



1) "Yes, I know she expects me to read all these pa^es this period, 
but do you really think I'm going to do it?" (Elisa Granowicz) 

2) "What do you mean I'm reading the wrong book?" (Linda 

3) "Ooh, I iust love writing these warning notices!" (Mrs. Spence) 

4) "Longfellow sure is interesting!" (Valerie Bogan, Karin Reinisch) 

5) "So you mean Plato spoke of mdividual psvchosomaticism not 
gregarial contemplation? ' (Richie Dohertv. Mrs. Waicott) 

6) 'T hope that's not a comic book in your hand!" (Mrs. Donovan) 

7) "And this little piggy went to market ' (Mrs. Kinnev) 

8) "I'm never going to get this essay done." (Maureen Bovie) 

9) The typical assortment of senior books. 


Never 2B 4 
Got 10 

Mathematics — that 
unavoidable, eternal, problematic 
subject for every high school 
student! You'd think after a few 
vears you'd get the hang of it, 
but no sooner do you learn how 
to manipulate numbers — how to 
multiply, divide, even how to 
take a few square roots now and 
then — than thev decide that the 
alphabet works better than simple 
digits. Enter Algebra! The 
unassuming student then faces 
months of factoring, (will we ever 
remember the quadratic formula?) 
rationalizing denominators, and 
the dreaded imaginary numbers 
— which brings us to an 
interesting pomt — We spend 
weeks learning rules and 
formulas applying to numbers 
that don't even exist. Be real! (ha, 

At least a triangle is always a 
triangle. In fact, we all learned to 
proved that fact through theorem 
after corrolary after postulate in 

Geometry. A few translation, 
rotations, and bisected angles 
later, it's off to Analysis and 
Advanced Math & Trigonometry. 
It is here that students discover 
what the sin, cos, and tan buttons 
mean on their calculators! In 
addition, functions are explored 
in depth, along with sequences, 
series, absolute values, and 
inductive proofs. (It takes an 
ingenious mind to make a false 
statement and show it's really 
wrong!) Then a select few 
masochists venture into the realm 
of Calculus. (Newton, we'll never 
forgive vou!) With this course 
comes the "understanding" of 
limits, epsilons, and integrals. 
Not to mention the derivatives of 
functions. 'Low-d-high, less 
high-d-Iow!' If this stuff sounds 
foreign to you (as it still does to 
many of us in the class) just think 
of what lies waiting for you in the 
next few years! 

96 / MATH 

1) "I hate math!" (Denise Pagen) 

2) "I don't think I'm going to be an accountant." (Pam Mead) 

3) "You're not supposed to understand it, only pretend you do.' 
(Bill Pugh, Leslie Jelalian, Rich Aldridge, John Orlando) 

4) "I'm never going to ^et my homework done if you keep that 
camera pointed at me!' (Laura Doherfv) 

5) Analysis is just as fun as Calculus. (Mary Beth Conway, Pam 
Wingood, Mrs. Miele, Brenda Sayles, Karen Zolnav, Donald 
Woodford, Rob Kelnhofer, Cheryl Knell, Sarah Robmson) 

6) The sauare root of four is not three! (A! Boudreau, Matt 

7) "1 hate getting mv picture taken." (Miss Funari) 

8) "Math? Whaf^ that?" (Coach Sab) 

9) "Now what did 1 do!" (Mr. Patuleia) 

MATH / 97 

E = MC 

Not only do the students make 
Chemistry class interesting; the 
teachers add excitement as well. 
When one walks into class and 
the teacher announces that the 
lab you are about to do is a 
Quantitative Approach to 
Chemical tquiribrium, he knows 
right then he's in trouble. The 
teacher starts giving background 
information on the lab and no 
one understands her even though 
she's speaking English. What 
usually happens in class, is that 
when one tries to pay attention, 
one becomes more lost towards 
the end then at the beginning of 
class. (Science teachers seem to 
be in a constant race, always 
telling the students they have to 
reach so-and-so a point by June.) 

Now that everyone is a basket 
case and is trying to understand 
what significance chemical 
equilibrium will have on their 
lives, the teacher sends them off 
to their lab desks. Lab days in 
chemistry are always so much 
fun. They bring out the true 
personalities or classmates, from 
the geniuses and procrastinators 
to the ever so popular klutzes. 

There is always a four-eyed 
Herman in class. He's the kid 
that got the 10,000 oiece 
chemistrv' set for Christmas and 
has already done the experiment 
at home the night before. He also 
is the one who reminds the 
teacher that the class had 
homework. He has even found a 
mistake in Einstein's theory of 
relativity. (He knows about all 
this of course because he reads 
Encyclopedia Britannica every 


Procrastinators can be found 
everywhere, and a science class is 
no different. These people start to 
work on the lab at 12:15. (The 
class ends at 12:19.) When the 
bell rings, signaling the end of 
class, they run around from 
person to person, asking for the 
data they never quite finished 
obtaining. The unjust aspect of 
this, is that the procrastinators 
usually get a better grade on the 
lab than the people they took the 
data from. 

But more frequently found in a 
chemistry class is the klutzes. 
These are the people who drop 
beakers and test tubes, or 
accidentally pour the solutions 
they need down the drain. Acid 
is spilled on all the books and 
thermometers burst because they 
were put too close to the Bunsen 
burners. It is evident that many 
of these people are in the class, 
because at the end of class, 
broken equipment is piled in the 
trash can. 

The day the lab is due, 
everv'one is frantically writing 
gibberish for the conclusion. All 
one has to do, is say the 
experiment agreed with the 
proposition within range of error 
anci then ramble as to why it 
agreed. To most, chemistry is like 
outer space — infinite ancf 
intangible. But none should fret, 
by the time he or she gets 
chemistry cleaned out of his or 
her mind during summer 
vacation, it's time for the Ullman 
Zone and the Wonderful World 
of Physics. 


1) "I know mv results weren't correct, but the teacher doesn't know 
that!" (Kier Cohen) 

2) "Well first you take the chemical equation of Napthalene and . . . 
" (Sylvia Fiorino, Mrs. Apicella) 

3) Mr. Ullman attempting to enter the Ullman Zone. 

Michelle Ridgley, Lisa Zuckerman) 

5) "1 think I'm in the Ullman Zone." (Shan Pitts, Janet Drohan) 

6) "Science is good for the posture." (John Slinkard) 

7) "He just lost his head one day!" (Mr. Tingley) 

8) "I don't think this experiment is turning out." (Greg White, 
Bruce Kozuma, Bill Pugh) 

9) Typical lab equipment ^^^^^^^^^____|^_^ 



"Well, Suzanne, it's like I told 
you — the only way you're going 
to get him is to show him you 
exist. Look at Kathy Loftus. She 
hung all over Kevin McCord at 
the Homecoming Dance! And 
now they're going out!" 

"But Jen you know me. 1 just 
can't go up to a guy and start 
talking to nim. 1 get all quesy and 
nervous and feel like such a fool. 
Anyway, if he did like me 
wouldn't he know I exist?" 

"Oh, grow up Suzie! Guys 
these clays don t know what they 
want. You have to show them 
everything. How can a guy get to 
know you or even like you it he 
never sees hide nor hair of you. 
You've got to — What was that 
Mr. Keegan? What happened on 
Dec. 7, 1941? Well . . . wasn't 
that the day that the Constitution 
was signed? No? But 1 did read 
last night's assignment. Yes, 1 do 
recall tne name Pearl Harbor, 
Hawaii. Oh! 1 thought that's 
where all those ancient presidents 
like Benjamin Franklin and 
Benedict Arnold took their 
vacations. Yes, 1 do understand 
now, Mr. Keegan. 

"Really Suzie, it's like he thinks 
I didn't read the chapter or 

"Did you?" 

"Of course, but after the first 

few paragraphs it got really 
boring, so I went and washed m\' 

"Really Jen. Don't you have 
any self-esteem? You' need good 
grades to get into college." 

"College? Ph, pooh! I'll 
probably be married by then. 
Anyway, it's like they sav, if you 
have money there is a college for 

"But what if you don't get 
married? You'll have to get a 
degree, find a job, support 
yourself, then ..." 

"Suzanne Smith!" 

Yes, Mr. Keegan? What 
happened in 1066? 1 believe that 
was the Battle of Hastings, sir." 

"Yes, that's right, but please 
pay more attention." 

'Sometimes, Suze, you really 
make me ill! You're such a brain!" 

"I can't help it, I was born this 

' If I could only be so lucky. 

Oh, did vou see GH yesterday? 

Luke and Laura left the show'. I 

thought I was going to die! And 

Grant and Celia 

» » » » » 

"Well, there's the bell. I'll see 
vou at lunch, Suze. I swear, 
history is soooo boring. I don't 
know why we have to take it; we 
never learn anything in here!" 



1) Gossiping as usual (Lisa Linz, Kathleen McGovem) 

2) History was mv downfall (Jimmv Faulds) 

3) Quick cram session before the test (Barbara Pexider) 

4) I think he lost me somewhere (Matt Vosika) 

5) Why did 1 pick Communist subversion in third world countries 
for mv history report? (Jav Cuthbert) 

6) Laugh now, but just wait until you get the mid-years! (Mr. 

7) Erasing the answers off mv shoe? Who me? 

8) Mother Earth 

9) No, I didn't start the American Revolution (Steve Pisani) 


Bon jour! 

Saturday, May 7, 1983 

Dear Diary: 

After waiting for over an hour 
for the bus, we finally set off for 
Quebec. My long awaited 
vacation was finally here! 
However my excitement turned 
to disappointment, when we 
enterea mto Canada — it started 
to rain. We finally made it to our 
hotel after a seven hour bus ride 
and left to stroll the wet streets of 
Quebec City. We came back and 
for dinner ate at a French 
restaurant where we could have 
either chicken or beef and 
chocolate fondue for dessert. 
After dinner, we went to the 
movies and saw "Silence, My 
Love," an English film dubbed 
into French. 

Sunday, May 8, 1983 

Dear Diary: 

1 woke up this morning, looked 
out the window, and saw 
pouring rain. Everyone got 
together and walked to a small 
restaurant for breakfast, where 
we were given our own dining 
room. Even though our group 
was the only one there, and we 
had a predetermined meal, the 
service was a little slow because 
the waitress could understand 
neither our sloppy French nor our 
English, and we could not 
understand this rapid French. 
Despite the rain, we set off to see 
the nistoric sites of Quebec. We 
went to Cartier Brebeuf Park 
where we saw the boat of 
Quebec's founder, Jacques 
Cartier. We then went to the zoo, 
where we were all over taken by 
the cutest little bear who was 
shivering in the cold rain. Next, 
we went inside the monkey 
house. Everywhere we turned 
there were monkevs; 1 never 
knew so many different kinds of 
monkeys existed! We started 
getting hungry, so we stopped at 

none other than McDonald's. 
Even in Quebec we had to "hang 
out" at Mac's for awhile! Then we 
went to the Montmorenev 
Waterfalls. The spray and wind 
were so violent some of us got 
pushed back by them. We all 
ended up drenched so we went 
back to trie hotel to drv off. We 
were then given free time until 
dinner to stroll around the hotel, 
to shop, buy souvenirs, meet 
French-Canadians and whatever 
else. For dinner we had crepes. 
Our evening activity was 

Monday, May 9, 1983 

Dear Diarv: 

It is shll raining! We ate 
breakfast at the same place as 
yesterday and were given a list of 
things to find in upper and lower 
Quebec City. The best thing of 
the hunt was going on a glass 
tram. Unfortunately', it was much 
too cold and we just had to go 
back to the hotel instead of 
finishing the search. When 
everyone returned and thawed 
out a bit, we got back on the bus 
for more touring. We went to the 
aquarium. Then we went to the 
top of an office building to take 
pictures of Quebec's skyline. Next 
we had lunch in a mall similar to 
Quincy Market. Afteru'ards the 
teachers gave us free time to find 
our way back to the hotel. Dinner 
tonight' was in an old Quebec 
farmnouse. Before dinner we had 
stopped off at St. Anne de 
Beaupres' church, which is 
known for heeling the crippled. 
After dinner our 'fun" activit\' 
was held at the Roulateque, a 
Canadian rollerskating nnk. 

Tuesday, May 10, 1983 

Dear Diary: 

I'm tired, I have a cold, but I 
shll had a good time. I'm sorry 
we have to go home. 


1) Freezing in Quebec. (Leslie McLaughlin, Sandy Richards. Jill 
Millman, Barbara Pexider, Lisa Ralston) 

2) Our beloved Livres de Francais. 

3) "But Mrs. Probolus, you've got to read what someone wrote in 
my book!" (Linda Ricci) 

4) Viva Espana! (Tina Corey) 

5) Nobody has his eyes open! Does that mean French is boring? 
(Rob Lyons, Kathv Walsh, Chris Hawley) 

6) Miss Travis and Germanv, together as one! 

7) Mrs. Rainis playing an imaginarv French saxophone. 

8) I think we snoiild |usf skip the exercises and tell her we did 
them. (Brenda Leary, Debbie Devine) 

9) Latin in art. 


Let's Get 

"Hi, Mary. I was just thinking 
about high school the other day 
and I thought I'd call a couple of 
my old friends and reminisce 
awhile. It's funny how we both 
turned out to be'Phys Ed majors. 
Remember gym in high school? 
Boy, what a difference from 

"C3h, do you remember that 
creep who use to whip the ball at 
everyone in dodge ball? 1 ended 
up marrying him! He always had 
to be the best at everything: do 
the most push-ups, score the 
most baskets, and kick the most 
goals. Now he's the 
vice-president of Digital. It looks 
as if our son, Johnny, is going to 
follow in his father's footsteps. 
We always get notes from school 
saying Johnny pulls all the girls' 
hair and pushes them off the 
gymnastics equipment." 

"My little Susie's the same. She 
skipped gym the other day, 
thinking the teacher wouiin't 
notice sne had left, but she did 
get caught. And what does she 
do? She asks me to write her a 
note saying she was temporarily 
ill that period so she wouldn't get 
a zero. Can you believe it?" 

"Well we did that, too. 
Remember the time we went to 
Dunkin Donuts and came back 
and got caught bv Miss G as we 
were sneaking in?" 

"That was your fault! You're 
the one who had to go to the 

"Oh, remember the time we 
got divided up into teams for 
volleyball ancl we were stuck with 
the peopk we hated the most? 
That was crazy — everv'one just 
sat around glaring at each other." 

"Was that the same time when 
Judy broke the S400 window?" 

"Yea, after it had bounced off 
Jack's face. He seemed to get the 
brunt of everything. He always 
got kicked in the shins during 
indoor soccer and got the high 
stick in floor hockey." 

"Don't forget when he was hit 
in the head by Laura when we 
played tennis." 

' But she ended up with a 
tennis ball in her mouth about 
five minutes later. 1 guess you 
could say justice was 'served'." 

"Ooh, bad joke. You'll never 

fuess who 1 saw the other day. 
Ir. Cacciola! He's a grandfather 
now! I used to hate the heart rate 
tests he used to make us do. 
Thev were such a joke. The gym 
teacher could tell though who 
wasn't doing anything — their 
heartbeat was normal!" 

"Well, 1 hate to rush but I have 
to go pick up Johnny from 
baseball practice. He's the starling 
pitcher. We'll have to talk again 
soon. This time let's not wait 
such a long hme." 

"Okav. Take care. And don't 
let vour gym students get away 
with what we weren't allowed to 
get away with. Bye!" 

1) What do you mean this rope leads to the giant?! (Mr. Petrillo) 

2) California' here I come! (Cheryl Millman, Carolvn Soderstrom) 

3) UGH! Me big tribal badmitton chieftain! (Mr. Cacciola) 

4) Quick get that tly! (Tonv McCombe, taurine Marino) 


DaVinci vs. 
The Stones 

Walk down to halls between 
classes and look inside some of 
the lockers. What's this? Someone 
has built a shrine of David Bowie. 
And here are some pictures of 
Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, 
and the Rolling Stones. Teenagers 
are known for listening to music 
all the time, in their rooms, in the 
shower, in school. It all started 
with Disco, KISS, and Shaun 
Cassidy. We liked that? Who 
would believe it? 

Since then, the music we listen 
to has changed considerably. 
Synthesizers have taken music 
from hard rock to an 
adventurous, extremely dancable 
new sound. Groups such as 
Culture Club, Men at Work, and 
the Eurvthmics have become 
overnight successes in the 
techno-pop industry, and older, 
more famous groups such as the 
Police and the Rolling Stones 
have had to accommodate this 
trend, not by changing their style 
of music, but by changing their 
image. So with this new style of 
music came a new way to present 
it, music videos, and a 
not-so-new method, concerts. 

MTV started it all. MTV is a 
24-hours-a-day music video 
station. Now every current group 
has produced videos that people 
want to see. Videos are not just 

television, they are an art form. 
Michael Jackson's videos are 
especially popular. He combines 
authenticity, using real gang 
members in his "Beat It ' video, 
with incredible dancing and 
songs. Each artist tries to make 
his own style apparent through 
his music videos, just as he cioes 
through his music. And everyone 
has a favorite video, or at least 
one they like. 

Concerts are the older, but very 
popular way to listen and see 
your favorite groups live. Some of 
the biggest tours have been by 
the more established groups such 
as the J. Geils Band, The Who, 
The Rolling Stones, and David 
Bowie. All of these concerts were 
big sellers, heavily advertised, 
and worth every minute of what 
you paid to see them. The best 
way to preserve the memory of 
your first concert and all the ones 
after that are concert T-shirts that 
just about everyone owns and 
everybody wears. 

So stay up late and watch your 
favorite videos, go to concerts, 
listen to the music that you want 
to listen to. Evervone has a 
favorite group. Turn on your 
stereo, put on the earphones and 
turn it up real loud. Just one 
question. Can you crank Shaun 

1) Saxes on the move. (Amy McGovem, Peter Galipeau) 

2) 1 bet the Venus de Milo wasn't this hard to make. (Kim Travers) 

3) That's a nice . . uh geometricallv inclined cvcloid, Adrienne. 
(Adrienne Elder, Mr. Barron, Carol' Crif tendon) 

4) Just beat it . . . (Barbara Flanagan) «^ 



The Industrial Arts Department 
includes courses in wooa shop, 
home ec, metal shop, technical 
drawing, auto shop, and 
electronics. The classes are 
designed to teach students the 
fundamentals of various trades. 
Through hands-on experience, 
students are shown their 

capabilihes in making a block of 
wood into what they wish. The 
projects are of their own design 
anci students are encouraged to 
take them home. In all, students 
are better prepared to handle 
difficulties later in life because of 
these courses. 



1) Look! How did that word get in mv program. (Judv Bovie) 
2) I hope I don't miss! (Paul \1arcus) 
3) 1 don't think you were supposed to put that cup of vinegar in that 

bowl. (Patti Hooper, Sue Dameron) 
4) The BHS Solar Exhibition. 
5) Boy! 65 words a minute and crankin' right along. (John Ringle) 
6) Jim Mosca and Bob Lord work on their projects. 



/. FILL OUT rmsim RmsTwm in ounim if 








Our Future is 
in Their Hands 

The time is May. The place is a 
college fair. Your fifth of the year 
to be exact. You're a senior and 
your parents insist they will find 
a school for you out of^ the 
hundreds represented. You've 
also been to a couple of career 
fairs and decided that you do not 
want to be a nutritionist or 
newspaper reporter. All 
throughout high school, you have 
been poundecTwith suggestions 
and ideas as to which college to 
attend or what career field to 
pursue that you really haven't 
had Hme to think what YOU 
want. (And when you do think 
about everything, you don't 
know what you want.) Life seems 
too confusing. You think you'll 
just wait until next week and go 
see your counselor to ask what 
you should do. 

Well, next week is now June. 
You're sitting in front of the 
school computer, entering the 
data you're looking for in a 
college, and getting a printout of 
fifty institutions from places like 
Simon's Rock and Sweetwater 
State College, but you want to go 
to a college in the Real World, so 
you sit all through June 
procrastinating writing letters to 
the institutions. Then one day 
your mother won't let you go to 
the pool until thev are written. 
You type up the fetters and mail 
them to the fifteen schools that 
appealed to you the most. The 
first feelings of relief occur. 

Then around July and August 
replies start coming in. You open 
the big manila envelopes, flip 
through the catalogs, and throw 

the whole kaboodle on your 
bedroom floor. Before you know 
it, September is here and vour 
parents keep asking you if you've 
made any decisions yet. This is 
what starts you seriously looking 
through each institution's 
information. Those applicahons 
with more than one essay are 
aside for the time being. The 
others you start filling out. 
Between conferences with your 
counselor and discussions with 
your parents you manage to 
narrow your choices down to 
three or four. And if one college 
appeals to you more than any 
other, you must decide if you 
want to apply early decision. 
Decisions. Decisions. The 
pressures seem too much for one 
person to have to endure. 

Well, December rolls around 
and everything but the essays are 
filled out on the applications of 
which must be mailed by Jan. 1. 
By the time Christmas break 
arrives, your English teacher is a 
basket case, having edited and 
re-edited all your less than 
adequate essays. You are sick of 
essays, so you go skiing for a 
week. On Dec. 30 you stay up 
until three in the morning typing 
all of your essays into the 
applications. The next morning 
Federal Express becomes that 
much richer because of your 
patronage. Anxiety is over; worry 
takes over. Now you have to wait 
until April to see if you've been 
accepted anywhere. Then it's 
back to decisions, decisions, 

1) I don't think I want to go to McDonald's Hamburger University. 
(Valerie Bogan, John Bronikowski). 

2) I have to take what . Russian? (Mike Kelliher) 

3) This book says here that in 1988 there will be a shortage of 
morticians. (Jim Blasi) 

4) The college application process. 

5) I'm so sicK of writing these stupid applications! (Kim Coiiiton). 



-iFmnsmm rim iwk with wismmi 

(What a) Wonderful World 

Don't know much about history, 
Don't know much biology. 
Don't know much about science 

Don't know much about the 

French I took; 
But I do know that I love you. 
And I know that if you love me 


What a wonderful world this 

would be. 
Don't know much about 

Don't know much trigonometry. 
Don't know much about algebra. 
Don't know what a slide njle is 


But 1 know that one and one is 


And if this one could be with you. 
What a wonderful world this 

would be. 
1 don't claim to be an "A" student 
But I'm trying to be, 
Mavbe my being an "A" student, 


1 can win your love for me. 

Words and Music by Sam Cooke, 
Herb Alpert, and Lou Adler 

5>n r'x^ 

108 / LYRICS 

SPORTS / 109 

A Rebuilding Year 

The 1983 Bedford football team posted a 
deceiving 1-8-1 record. This record does not 
measure the spirit, the enthusiasm, and the 
intensity whicn the team displayed through- 
out the season. This team earned respect from 
their teammates because they refused to give 
in. This attitude was evident by the daily im- 
provement of the team and it's members. 

The footbal coaches feel that the 1983 sea- 
son has laid the cornerstone for future suc- 
cess. This attitude is so important in maintain- 
ing and assuring success in our football pro- 
gram. More important, however, is that the 
attitude, the loyalty, and the effort habits de- 
veloped in each player through competition 
will make each player more confident and 
aware of what it takes to become successful. 
We feel that this team has learned their les- 
sons well and that they are a credit to them- 
selves, their family ana Bedford High School. 

Remember: "Success is failure turned in- 
side out." 


Bedford at Hudson 



Boston Latin at Bedford 



Bedford at Sudbury 



Action at Bedford 



Wayland at Bedford 



Newton South at Bedford 



Bedford at Weston 



Fitchburg at Bedford 



Marlboro at Bedford 



Bedford at Concord 



1. Greg Moll, unleasing one of his blinding punts. 

2. Tn-captains Carl Castetter, Dan Williams and Paul 

3. Tim Peucker smothers an opponent. 

4. Dave Gardner watches his teammates 
5 The line prepares for the kill. 

6. Quarterback Scott McCardle 

7 Mark Freni is stopped for a short gain. 

8. Kelly Cook breaks away for yardage. 

First Row: Brian DeVellis, Mike Doherty, Tom Bauman. 
Barclay Scheik, Keith Tassiner, Herman Rice, Kennv Lork. 
Second Row: Jack Doucette, Jeff Garibotto. Stathe Paegenis, 
Brian Gauntlett, Mike Johnson, Chris Macintosh, Chns Cook. 
Third Row: Tim Murray, Tod Tyler, Scott Birmingham, Mark 
Sullivan, Greg Crescenzi, Chris Marcoutte. 

First Row: Tri Captains Carl Castetter, Dan WUIiams, Paul 
Pandiscio. Second Row: Kellv Cook, Mark White, Rich 
Minnassian, Dave Gardner, Steve Gauntlett, Mike Bush, Scott 
Carpenter, Brian Goguen, Greg Moll, Jeff Ma/.zeo Third Row 
Dave Thomas, John Bellino, Eric Benson, Mike Hawkins. Iim 
Papalia, Mark Freni, Urban Gillis, Tim Peucker, Scott 
McArdle, Frank Oppedisano, Wes Andrews, Dave Varano, 

Bruce Parks Fourth Row Mike DiMatfio, Pat Denarw Dan* 
Harrison, Rod Justice, Dave O Neil. Enc Isnor, Tony Young, 
John McKenna, Ion Dicher. Sean Ennis. Rich Duda Fifth Row: 
Mike Cilhs, Mike Kennev. Dove DeU'llis. Wayne Fallon, Jeff 
French, Kevin Donahue, Chuck Gerbrands. Ty Tyer 


1. Saved by goalie Kerry Latina 
2. The graduating seniors of the team 
3. The horn signals the start of the game 
4 The junior varsity captains 
5. Jan Hamann stretches out before the game 
6. Forceful kick by Joanne Kent 
7. Well, if that's the style, pull em down 
8. Kerry and Tricia try a new kind of make-up 
9. Tricia Conway awaits a pass 

Junior Varsity: First Row: Kathy Walsh, Captains: Kristin 
Hocker, Jennifer Ds'son, Patn- Disen Second Row: .Nicole 
Salvadore. Suzv Asbedian. Heike Lueckerath, Meg Curley. 
Patience Pulliam. Third Row; Coach Scheigder, Christine 
.Martell, Jodi Jaillet. Christine Montgomery, Sue Hawkin- 
Ann Whiting, Debbie O'Neil. 


i A Good Effort 

The girls' soccer team ended their season 
this year with a record of 4-9-1 . Although this 
was not a winning year, it was a marked im- 
provement over last years record. Everyone 
worked hard all year, and it showed. Most of 
the games were very close and particularly 
memorable was the Lincoln-Sudbury game, 
which was lost in the last minute of play. 
Bedford had the smallest team in the league, 
fielding only 15 players, one of whom was 
injured for tne entire season. This meant that 
people had to play regardless of injuries. This 
is wnere real deciication came in. 

However, even though it was a hard year, 
everyone managed to have a great time! Bed- 
ford also placed two players, co-captions, 
Kerry Latina and jan Hamann, on the DCL All 
Star team. Hamann also was placed on the 
first team of the Lowell Sun All Stars, while 
Latina received an Honorable Mention. Addi- 
tionally, the Bob Gillis Memorial Award went 
to jan Hamann, and Kerry Latina received the 
12th player Award. Although the team will be 
graduatmg 7 seniors, there are also some ex- 
cellent underclassmen who will hold up the 
team next year. 


Groton Dunstable at Bedford 



Acton at Bedford 



Bedford at Wayland 



Concord at Bedford 



Bedford at Sudbury 



Weston at Bedford 



Newton-South at Bedford 



Bedford at Acton 



Wayland at Bedford 



Bedford at Concord 



Sudbury at Bedford 



Bedford at Weston 



Bedford at Newton-South 



Bedford at Groton Dunstable 


Varsity; First Row: Andrea Shamon, Joanne Kent, Malin 
Henrickson, Co-captains: Kerry Latina, Jan Hamann, Joyce 
Hennrikus, Tricia Burns. Second Row: Kristen Dougherty, 

Julie Shea, Tricia Conway, Kerry McGovern. Third Row: Jill 
Costello, Heather McGilvary, Coach Evans, Nicole Cassidy, 
Wendy Cerbrands. 


The Thrill 
of Victory 


Boston-Latin at Bedford 



Lexington Christian 
Academy at Bedford 



Bedford at Acton-Boxboro 



Wayland at Bedford 



Bedford at Concord 



Lincoln-Sudbury at Bedford 



Bedford at Weston 



Bedford at Newton-South 



Bedford at Boston-Latin 



Acton-Boxboro at Bedford 



Bedford at Wayland 



Concord at Bedford 



Bedford at Lincoln-Sudbury 


■ 10/ 

Weston at Bedford 




The 1983 boys' Varsity Soccer team had an 
outstanding year, finishing with a 9-3-5 
record . The Bucs made the quarterfinals of the 
North playoffs before losing to the number 
one undefeated seed. Overall, Bedford 
finished third in the DCL behind Lincoln- 
Sudbury and Acton-Boxboro, respectively. 
Not many leagues in the state have three 
teams who qualified for the state tournament, 
and not many leagues have two of the three 
teams in the regional finals; this illustrated 
how tough the DCL was this year. Bedford's 
defense was the story this year; they were led 
by senior co-captain T.J. Cardoza and junior 
Rob Kelnhofer. in 17 games, opponents could 
only put 10 goals by the defense, junior goalie 
Jim Storer had an excellent year, only letting 
nine balls by him for an outstanding 0.53 
goals against average. The offense was Ted by 
junior co-captain Sean Hurley, and sopho- 
mores Neil Amidon and Marl< Alcaide. Bed- 
ford scored 39 goals, breaking their old record 
of most goals scored in a single season. Five 
players from Bedford made the 1983 DCL All- 
Star team. T.J. Cardoza, Sean Hurley, and 
Neil Amidon made the first team, while Jim 
Storer, and Mark Alcaide made the second 
team. Next year should be an exciting year for 
Bedford; they will have a total of 16 returning 
players, 8 of^ them to the starhng lineup. 

First Row: Neil Amidon, Chris Massa, Dan Concannon, Ra| 
Sundra, co-captains: Sean Hurlev, T.J. Cardoza, Bam- 
Yachesyn, Steve Bishop, Chris Manning. Second Row: Jim 

Storer. Shamus Garrett, Marc Alcaide, Pepe Linan, Lonnie 
Murray, Evan Cuthbert, Bobbv Kelnhofer, Todd Brunner, 
Peter Stamatakos. Coach David Holmes, Coach Patuleia. 


1. Mo Bench takes the ball away from an opposing plaver. 

2. Jean Crecenzi fignts for the ball. 
3. Chris Yatsko takes a swing at the ball 
4. Janine McLaughlin shoots on goa'. 
5. An important part of the team, the goalie. 
6. Come on, girls, you can make a better pyramid than that! 
7. Christme McGovern makes a strong plav for the ball. 
8. Meg Isnor, Maureen Bench, and Janine McLaughIm, the 

ulhmate leaders. 

First Row Ct>-Capls Susan Rilev Maureen Bovie Second 
Row Chnstine Linz, Sue Hansen, lennifer Sutton, Cicek 
Zoroelu. Alice O Hara Susan Sabeiii. Diane Richards, Heidi 
Lrc)u>iart Third Row Leslie Carroll Patnaa Russo. PatU 
Smith. Melissa Gette, Luc\- McGovern, Adnenne Weaxer. 
Cnstina Allen. Robin Folwetler, K^thv Ellis, Coach Cixik 


Give It Your 
Best Shot! 

The girls' field hockey team ended their sea- 
son with a record of 3-9-2. This does not re- 
flect the hard work and dedication of each 
player on the team. The team ended up tied 
for fourth place in a league with eight teams. 
Highlights of the season included the Acton 
game, in which Bedford became the only 
team to score on Acton in the regular season. 
Dual County League All Stars included Meg 
Isnor, Maureen Bench, Christine McGovern 
and Janine McLaughlin. The Lowell Sun All 
Stars were Maureen Bench and Meg Isnor. 
Janine McLaughlin scored the most goals and 
Meg Isnor had the most assists. Goalie Mary 
Betn Conwav also put in an outstanding effort 
by saving l66 shots on goal. The team has 
many experienced varsity players returning 
next year, and this should definitely prove to 
be a deciding factor in the success of tne team 
next year. 


Lincoln at Bedford 
Bedford at Newton-North 
Concord at Bedford 
Bedford at Newton-South 
Acton at Bedford 
Wayland at Bedford 
Bedford at Weston 
Bedford at Sudbury 
Bedford at Concord 
Newton-South at Bedford 
Bedford at Acton 
Bedford at Wayland 
Weston at Bedford 

2- 1 


0- 1 

3- 1 

1- 2 

0- 1 


0- 2 

1- 2 

First Row: Tri Capts. Meg Isnor, Maureen Bench, Janine 
McLaughlin Second Row: Linda Yanosick, Sue Petrecca, Jean 
Crescenzi, Kim Merrick, Amy McGovern, Laura Kramer, 

Michelle Rennie Third Row: Kathv McGovern, Caren 
Manning, Christine McGovern, Marv Beth Conway, Krislen 
Yatsko, Mary Oram, Marv Ellen Colliton, Lisa Linz 


Go Team, Go! 














Lexington Christian 
Academy at Bedford 

Bedford at Acton Boxboro 

Wayland at Bedford 

Bedford at Concord 

Lincoln Sudbury at Bedford 

Bedford at Weston 

Bedford at Newton South 

Bedford at Boston Latin 

Acton Boxboro at Bedford 

Bedford at Wayland 

Concord at Bedford 

Weston at Bedford 

Newton South at Bedford 


1. The girls' do a team cheer 

2. Patty Giurleo looks spirited 

3. Evefvone is waitine for the soccer team to score 

4. Sandy Richards and Kim Colliton pose for the picture 

5. Pamriiy Dutra practices her cheers 

This year's soccer/hockey cheerleading 
squad helped support and add spirit to botn 
their teams. The girls, led by tri-captains Carla 
Picariello, Michelle Eaton and Kim Colliton, 
along with the help of their coach Mrs. Gul- 
lage, cheered the boys' soccer team into the 
state championships. All in all the girls dis- 
covered new fricnas, and enjoyed themselves 

both practices and at games. 


First Row Pam Dutra Second Row: Monica Sharpe. lulie 
Tateosian. Crystal Murphv. Sandv Richards. Tine Neal. Sue 
Reynolds Third Row Chns Othmer, Michelle Pitts Fourth 
Row: Tn-captains: Michelle Eaton. Karen Cietpial. Tn<aptain: 
Kim Colliton .Not Pictured: Tn-captain Carla Picariello 

Rah, RAH, Rah! 

There was a great deal of spirit in this years 
football/basketball cheerleading squad. The 
girls worked hard to support their teams and 
lead them on to victory. After attending camp 
in the summer, they were prepared for the 
events that followed, especially the pep rallies 
and the Thanksgiving bonfire. Altogether, 
this scjuad had two fun and successriil sea- 
sons. The captain this year was Courtenay 
Hand, and the coach was Miss "G". 

First Row: Kelly Luter, Janine Doane, Carol Crittendon, Linda 
Owens, Lynn Breland, Alicia Whitney Second Row; Riye 
Yukawa, Courtenay Bishop, Patty AKearn, Chris Scholman. 
Third Row: Jill Millman, Captain Courtenay Hand 


Bedford at Hudson 


Boston Latin at Bedford 


Bedford at Sudbury 


Acton at Bedford 


Wayland at Bedford 


Newton South at Bedford 


Bedford at Weston 



Marlboro at Bedford 

1 The cheerleaders eel the team psyched for the game 

2 Lmda Owens, (ill Millman. and Carole Cnttonden hang out 

3 Captain Courtenay Hand and |ill Millman perform a cheer. 

4. The senior cheerleader> 

5. The cheerleaders prepare lor the entrance of the team onto 
the field 


A Hard Working 

Year . . . 

9/20 Boston Latin at Bedford 

9/27 Acton at Bedford 29-28 

10/4 Wayland at Bedford 30-28 

10/11 Bedford at Newton South 16-49 

10/18 Bedford at Sudbury 24-33 

10/25 Concord at Bedford 26-30 

11/1 Bedford at Weston 33-23 

11/8 All League Meet Record 5-3 

First row: Greg Swider, Mike Callendar, Tom VVentvvorlh. 
Gary Kleiman, Keith Acree, Doug Blair, Tom Welch Second 
rovv: Kvle Chepolis, Brendan Gaul, Jim Doughertv, |ohn 
Callendar, Eric Anderson, Rob Oriatt Third row: Mike Bruno 
Co-Captains: Bam&Ovment, Matt Kennedy, Robert Hauge, 
Coach Sullivan 

I If you look back in the 1983 yearbook you 
' will find that this was supposed to be a re- 
building year for the boys' cross country 
team. Tne harriers ended the season at 5-3, 
indicating that hard work and dedication 
does pay off. Senior co-caption Barry Dyment 
was tne best runner for Bedford, in seven out 
of nine meets, he was the first Buccaneer run- 
ner across the finishing line. He set a new 
course record at Newton-South and was 
named to the Dual County League and Lowell 
Sun All Star Team. Dyrnent along with co- 
Captain Matt Kennedy, Doug Blair, and Mike 
Callender were all medalists at the State 
Coaches Invitational Meet. The three meets 
the harriers lost were all close. Bedford lost 
only by one point to Acton and by five points 
to Wayland. Next year the D.C.L. is going to 
be very strong, the auest for the title will most 
likely go down to the last meet. In order for 
the squad to conHnue the fine tradition of 
cross country at Bedford High, the runners 
will have to train very hard. 


5 - 


1. Come on Tommy, vou can beat him. 

2. Go speedracer. go 

3. Barry Dyment strides in for (he win 

4. Matt Kennedy demonstrates his winning form 

5. On your mark, get set, go 

Run For It! 

This years team was made up of 4 seniors, 3 
juniors, and 4 sophomores. The team had 

fraduated 4 seniors in 1983, and Coach Bill 
eup was faced with a rebuilding year. The 
squad faced many teams outside oi the Dual 
County League due to several teams not field- 
ing full girPs teams. New teams that were 
faced this year included Hudson Catholic and 
f Chelmsford. 

Highlights of the were the outstanding run- 
ning by junior Stephanie Timmons, a first 
year runner who was the medalist in the State 
Coaches Meet in Boston, as well as the Dual 
County All-League Meet. Susan Mellville, a 
sophomore, also walked away with a trophy 
for her outstanding finish. Co-captain Cnris 
Lawrence was picked an All Star runner on 
the Dual County team. 

The team will graduate four runners this 
yecir, Tri Captains Chris Lawrence, Adrienne 
Elder, and Karin Yeatts, as well as Tina Doyle. 

The seven returning runners will give 
coach Keup some seasoned performers in 
1984 as the team looks forward to a successful 
( season. 


Boston LaHn at Bedford 



Acton at Bedford 



Bedford at Wayland 



Bedford at Chelmsford 



Bedford Invitational 


Bedford at Concord 



Bedford at Weston 



All League Meet 

1 Chris Lawrence shows her winnine torm 
2. The team puts forth a good ellort 
3. On vour mark, get set, go' 
4 Bedford gets off to a gM<d start. 
5 Yael Kupiec breaks for the finish. 

rst Row: Capt. Chris Lawrence, Capt. Karin Yeatts, Tina 
oyle, Capt. Adrienne Elder, Manager )ackie Smith. Second 
jw: Pam Wingood, Gina Bumann, Stephanie Timmons. 
lird Row: Sue Melville, Lynne Carroll, Lori Acree, Yael 
jpiec. Coach Keup. 


Victory, Victory: 
Let's repeat it! 


Burlington at Bedford 



Boston Latin at Bedford 



Wayland at Bedford 



Bedford at Woburn 



Melrose at Bedford 



Bedford at Acton 



Bedford at Sudbury 



Winchester at Bedford 



Gardner at Bedford 



Bedford at Belmont 



Bedford at Lexington 


1. Lauren Heggestad slips in the water with perfect grace. 

2. Leslie and Laura: Never trust those smiles: They're 
probably up to something! 

3. That's not a very serious face for a strenuous finish. 

4. Laura Doherty tries for a hard finish, 

5. Coach Maczkb looks over the itinerary. 

Besides having a great time, the girls' swim 
team had an outstanding season with a record 
of 10-2. Swim Team is one sport that is not 
usually patronized by students or other fans, 
so we learned to stick together and cheer each 
other on. Cheering was a big part of our team 
and learning various cheers is a necessary 
requirement for a swimmer on our team. The 
underclassmen this year were a dominant 
part of the team and without the help of 
everyone's support and enthusiasm our team 
would have never been this successful. The 
most excitement was the meets when we 
were losing by a few points and in the very 
last relay, tne very last lap, and the very last 
second we won the meet. The team was 
helped along with captains Leslie McLaugh- 
lin, Karen Zolnay ana Marvellen Carter. The 
excitement lasted through Conference Cham- 
pionships, North Sectional championships 
and finally State Championships. 




First Row: Helen Clark, Kristin Thompson. Laura Dohern-. 
captains: Leslie .McLaughlin, Manellen Carter, Karen Zolnay, 
Janet Drohan. Lauren Heggestad, \ eronica Welch Second 
Row: Tracev Smith, Allvson McLaughlin, Carol Lohr, Karin 
Hill, Elizabeth Colbath,' Michelle Stuart. Carolyn McCullum. 
Lvnne Telford, Carolyn Matthews, Holly Cocoran, Lmda 
Thompson, Linda Thompson, Linda Wheaton Third Row: 
Coach Sandra Maczko, Denise Finklestein, Roberta Branca, 
Laura Maxon, Mana Albemese, Jenny Maxon. Kerrj- 
Litchfield, Kara FIvnn. Heather Johnson. Louise O Hara. Julia 
Thomas. Fourth Row; Joni Montemagno. 

Making a 

The Bedford High School Regional Athletic 

Boy's Swimming Team. Bedford fielded (or 
pooled) a small swim team this season, which 
proved to be a problem for them throughout 
their busy schedule. Sandy Maczo used the 
talent she did possess, and all the members of 
the squad to make dual meets Quality com- 
petition. Captains Greg Moll ana Al Kenney 
ted the Aqua-Bucs in points by dominating 
their respective races. This year the Aqua- 
Bucs endured both the devistatingly tough 
opponents such as Weston, Lexington, 
Acton-Boxborough, as well as the cold Shaw- 
sheen Tech pool water. Another major bright 
spot the team possessed was the acrobatic, 
flying circus of^ Jeff Eagles, from the diving 
team, under the coach of Cathy Cuthbert. Jeff 
continuously led the D.C.L. in diving 
throughout the 1983-84 season. 

Kord Regional Athletic Bov's Swim Team: First Row 
captains Greg Moll. Al Kennev; Second Row: Coach 
zcko, Manager Laura Doheru-, Brian Mazcko, Tom Welch 
le Kent, Ken Sharkev, Jeff Eagles, Carol Lohr; Third Row ' 
: Anderson, John Callender, John Carter, Ken Brown, Russ 
w, John Petersen. Mike Tuttle, 



Bedford at Concord 
Bedford at Newton South 
Bedford at Medford 
Boston Latin at Bedford 
Lexington at Bedford 
Bedford at Burlington 
Weston at Bedford 
Sudbury at Bedford 
Bedford at Acton 
Wayland at Bedford 
Conference Championships 
North Sectional Championships 

1. John Carter gets set for his swim. 
2. Jeff Eagles demonstrates his graceful form. 
3. John Carter stretches tor the finish, 
4. John Petersen prepares to dive right in 
5. Dane Craves does it with stvle. 



Better Luck Next Year 


Bedford at Canton 


Bedford at Hudson 


Bedford at Weston 



Wilmington Tournament 
Bedforcf won 


Bedford at Newton South 



Concord at Bedford 



Boston Latin at Bedford 



Bedford at Wayland 



Sudbury at Bedford 



Acton at Bedford 



Weston at Bedford 


Newton South at Bedford 

7 1-4/ 


Bedford at Concord 



Bedford at Boston Latin 


Wayland at Bedford 



Bedford at Sudbury 



Bedford at Acton 



DCL All Stars at Concord 

Although the 1984 Varsity Boys' 
Basketball team did not win all their 
games, the players performed with 
excellent skill for tneir audiences. 
There was always a number of fans 
to see the team play and the cheer- 
leaders were always there to give 
spirit to the crowd. Captains Adam 
Stewart and Chris Kimmins led the 
team into many well played games 
and were always there to support 
the team. T.J.Cardoza was the only 
player who made the DCL All Star 
team and he worked hard to make it 
that far. Overall, the team had a 
tough season with victories and de- 
feats but the seniors Adam Stuart, 
Chris Kimmins, Dwight McDaniels, 
T.J. Cardoza, Peter Pray, and Phil 
Kohm paved the way for next years 

Boy's Varsity Basketball: First Row: Tom Maskelenko, Dwight 
McDaniels, Co-Capts Adam Stewart, Chris Kimmons, Phil 
Kohm, Jim Furey: Second Row: Trainer Pete Cacriola, T.J. 

Cardoza, Peter Prav, Sean Ennis, Keir Cohen, Mike Hawkins, 
Coach Hodson. 


1) Sean Ennis goes for a layup. 

2) Adam Stuart )umps for a ball. 

3) Chris Kimmins shoots while T J. Cardoza and Dwight 
McDaniels come in for the rebound 

4) Peter Pray scores. 

5) Peter Pray shoots over an opponent. 

5) The seniors on the team: Peter Pray, Dwight McDaniels, 
Adam Stuart, Chris Kimmins, T.J. Cardoza, Phil Kohm. 
7) Dwight McDaniels shows his stuff. 

Freshman Basl^etball: First Row: Co-C.ipts Scolt Birmingham, 
Mario Sarducci Second Row: David Bnggs, John Buxton, Rob 
Roberson, Mark Sullivan, Scott Corev. Third Row: Laura 
Adams, Greg Crescenzi, Herman Rice, Coach West, Tom 
Bumann, Adam Eriich, Lori McNeaney. 

Boys J V. Basketball: First Row: Sam White, Co-Capts Tony 
Young, Scott Smith, John Joyce, John Spencer; Second Row: 
Boris Jones, Matt Cantella, Dave Thomas, Scott Sinclair, 
Russell Smith, Peter Stakatakos, Coach Zelmar. 


Shooting For Victory 



The 1984 Varsity Girls Basketball 
team, coached by Mr. Patuleia, had a 
good season which demonstrated 
the great amount of effort that was 
put into the season. The captains Tri- 
cia Burns and Elaine Carroll were 
excellent leaders and assisted in all 
the games with their useful plays. 
Manager Doug Burr helped the 
coach tremendously. Without him, 
the team would not have been as 
organized and the paperwork would 
have never been done. The graduat- 
ing seniors Kathy Alessi, Meg Isnor, 
Tricia Burns, Maureen Bench, Amy 
McGovern and Elaine Carroll 
dominated the games and demon- 
strated outstanding sportsmanship. 
Kerry McGovern was the only player 
to play in the DCL All Star game, her 
fancy footwork revealing her excel- 
lent form of playing. Overall, the 
girls had a good season with a lot of 
run and spirit. 


Bedford at Lexington Christian 



Boston English at Bedford 



Weston at Bedford 



Bedford at Woburn 



Newton South at Bedford 



Bedford at Concord 



Bedford at Boston Latin 



Wayland at Bedford 



Bedford at Sudbury 



Bedford at Acton 



Bedford at Weston 



Bedford at Newton South 



Concord at Bedford 



Boston Latin at Bedford 



Bedford at Wayland 



Sudbury at Bedford 



Acton at Bedford 



.Nazareth Academy at Bedford 



DCL All Star Game 

First Row: Kathy Alessi, Meg Isnor, Co-Captam Tricia Burns, 
Maureen Bench, Amy McGovern; Sectind Row: Coach joe 
Patuleia, Maureen McCullogh, Kerry McGovern, Gina 

Bumann, Kristin Doughertv, Christine McGovern, Manager 
Christine Hocker, Doug Burr; Missing: Co-Captain Blame 


A Slap Shot to Victory 


Shawsheen Tech at Bedford 



Bedford at Dracut 



No. Reading at Bedford 



Concord at Bedford 



Acton at Bedford 



Boston Latin at Bedford 



Bedford at Sudbury 



Newton South at Bedford 



Bedford at Waylane 



Bedford at Concord 



Weston at Bedford 



Bedford at Boston Latin 



Sudbury at Bedford 



Bedford at Newton South 



Wayland at Bedford 



Bedford at Dom Savio 



Bedford at Acton 


At the time of this writing, the Bedford 
High School hockey team is in the midst of a 

E layoff race with Dual County League rivals 
oston Latin and Concord-Carlisle. In order 
for Bedford to have gotten into the playoffs 
they must have won two of their tnree re- 
maming games. After being whipped by 
Shawsheen Tech 8-4 on openmg night, they 
turned around and did not lose 9 out of 11 
games. Bedford's offensive production has 
come from their first line of Jimmy O'Shaugh- 
nessy, Chris Birch, and Jim Storer, scoring 44 
of Bedford's 67goals. Their defense has been 
led by senior co-captain Sean McCaffery and 
their net has been minded by senior co- 
captain Ken Cinder, who has an outstanding 
2.50 goals against average. This years team 
has accomphshed a feat that no other Bedford 
team has done in thirteen years, beat Acton- 
Boxborough! Bedford accomplished this on 
December 29, 1983, beating the Colonials 4-1. 
This season has been one of the best for Bed- 
ford High School Hockey. 

Hockey Team: First row: Manager Jean Marie Matthews. Bruce 
Parks, Dave Gardner, Mike Glennon, Steve Curlcv, Tim 
Murray, John McKenna, Mike Ferry , Shafik Fam. Captain 
Kenny Cinder; Second row: Trainer Pete Cacciola, Assistant 

Coach McGrath, Chris Manning, Captain Sean McCatfen,-, Tii 
Peucker, Chris Birch, Tim Donahue, Jim Storer, Jim 
O'Shaughnessy, .Manager Amy Birmingham, Jim Ward, 
Manager Bart>ara Pexider, Coach Lane. 

128 / HOCKEY 

1. Chris Birch breaks away with the puck. 

2. Shafik Fam handles his stick with ease. 

3. Dave Gardner awaits a pass from his teammate. 

4. Captains Sean McCaffery and Ken Cinder. 

5. Sean McCaffery smothers an opponent with his superior 

6. Goalie Ken Cinder prepares himself for a fast break. 

7. John breaks away once more. 

8. Mike Clennon gets by another player 

9. Chris Birch gets ready to shoot. 

HOCKEY / 129 

Showing Superior Style . . . 

The Winter Track team's record this season 
was three wins and four losses. The senior 
runners who led the races were co-captain 
Matt Kennedy and co-captain Barry Dyment. 
Senior shotputters Peter Farrell and Carl Cas- 
tetter usually came in first or second, and 
Dan Coloa placed in the high jump and the 
hurdles. Junior Sean "the adjuster" Hurley 
remained undefeated in the 1000 for the dual J 
meets. He also broke the school record in the" 
1000 at the Coaches Invitational with a time of 
2; 23.3. Doug Blair followed Dyment in the 2 
mile, his best time being a 10:31. Lonnie Mur- 
ray led the 600 with his best time of 1 :21 . Also, 
Keith Dougherty, despite a bad crash after 
clearing 5 feet m the high jump, recovered 
and placed for Bedford in the hurdles. Neil 
Amiaon, a sophomore, ran the 300 and 
placed first 6 out of the 7 times that he ran it, 
his best time being a 34.6.6 Freshman Philip 
"the pacer" Lawrence should be mentioned 
for his unpredictable, but commendable run- 
ning in the 1000. Finally, the relay runners, 
who sometimes had the outcome of the meet 
depend on their race, were Neil Amidon, 
Matt Kennedy, Lonnie Murray, and Sean 

12/15 Weston at Bedford 45-41 

12/21 Bedford at Acton 57-28 

12/27 Marian at Bedford 54-32 

12,30 Wayland at Bedford 32-54 

1/7 Sudbury at Bedford 39-»7 

1/14 Coaches Invitational at Harv ard 

1/21 Boston Latin at Bedford 44-38 

1/28 Newton South at Bedford 30-36 

2/4 Relays at Boston University 

2/7 DCL All League Meet 

2/10-2/11 States at Harvard 


An Uphill 

This year the ski team had more potential in its skiers than 
ever before. The bovs had thrve strong returnm^ skiers in 
senior Rich Aldridee and junior co-captaing Barry Yaceshyn 
and Don Bunker. The^irls had three excellent returnees, as well 
as picking up two new. outstanding skiers Three-time Duel 
County All-star Kim Mernck led the way along with fellow 
co-capt Tina Collver, senior Kann Yeatts, freshman Robin Fol- 
weiler, and the Swede, Malm Hcnrikson 

The ski team is split into two different teams; the cross coun- 
try ski team and the downhill ski team. The downhill team 
could just as well be called the cross country-downhill com- 
bined team because in t>rder to letter all downhill racers had to 
participate in the cross country meets. The coaches, .MikeSorgi 
and Helen Kolweiler, installed this rule because last year Bed- 
ford could not fill the required ten spots needed to held a team 
Apparently the plan worked For the first lime in many, many 
years, the cross counlr\' team did not inhibit "the basement 
the boys were led by Di>ug tider, who improved his time every 
race and was the top racer for Bedford throughout the sc-asoh 
except for one strong performance by Yaceshyn The girls were 
led bv Robin Kolweuer She rep'aced her sister as the girls top 
cross country skier and finished in the tiip 15 in all lour races 
Other standouts included .Malt Vosika, Kris Routt, Aldndge,a 
and Mark Alcaide for the guvs and Yeatts, Malm Hennkson, 
Merrick, Collver, and Kathy tills for the gals 

The downhill team had a rough year. Although they never 
finished in last place in anv ol the races, they never finished in 
the lop three either. Disoualifications nddled every meet and 
skis refused to stay allacned to binils Yaceshyn and .Mernck 
continued to shine as the consislantiv placed in the lop ten in 
Iheir respective races. Bunker and Aluridge alternaleu as the 
boys runner-up while Hennkson raced shot-gun tor the girls. 
The team was rounded-oul bv Ciene flolmstead, trie Nibiack, 
Routt, Alcaide, Malt Wnghl, Robert Haugh, Folweiler. Collver, 
bills, Yeatts, Heike Luckerath . Liz Colbath. and Bill Pugh, all of 
whom excelled in Iheir own right. 

At the end ol the season the final Skimeisler st. 
came out The rankings are lor Ihose skier> w hose com- 
bined points in both the dow nhill and cross countrv meets 
labeled them among the tops ol Iheir sports The bovs had 
Iwo in the lop ten as Yacesnvn and Aldndge proved to be 
as strong as was expected Three others managed to place 
in the lop 211 Pugh, Routt, and Holmsted Overall il was 
one ol the best seasons lor the bovs in years The girls did 
even belter ,Memck finished an outstanding third and 
Folweiler placj-d a strong s»-venth Collver, Hennkson, 
Luckerath, Ellis, and Yeatts supported the reM in leading 
the girls to their best seas*m ever (There are 125 skiers in 
each division, boys St girls ) 

Despite the live, sometimes eight, hour practices and the 
endless hours ol lonelv crosscountry training, the team did 
quite well and had manv memorable times, most of them 
on the 40-minute bus tnps to and fmm Ml VVachuselts 
The team concluded their ski season with the annual team 
"banquet' and awards ceremony (For a list of all the team 
members see ad|acent photos and captions.) 


I \ 

1. Doug Elder practices vigorously 

2. The Ski Team starting to get rowdy after the Carlisle meet. 

3. Using the wrong wax and reading the wrong results, 
Robin Folweiler, Gene Holmstead, Kann Yeatts, Coach 
Folweiler, Malin Hennkson, Rich Aldridee. 

4 The Captains — Don Bunker, Tina Collyer, Kim Merrick, 
Barry Yaceshyn. 

132 / SKI TEAM 

!tam — First Row: Julie Shea. Kann Yeatts, Liixla Riccn 
Susan SchiKirens. Kim Hall, Adnenne Tsang, Kathv Sutton 
Beckv O Donnell, Kirsten Ebersc<le, Second Row Coach Mike 
Sorgi Teressa Tillman, .■\dnenne Elder. Malin Hennkson Ruh 
Aldndge Shan Pitts. )ill Costello. Meg Curlev Tina Collv er 
Bam Yaceshvn. Kim .Mernck; Third Row Gene Holmstead 
Enc \iblack Matt \ osika. Doug Elder Robert Hauge Am 
Florencio Kathv Ellis. Suzv .\sbedian. Robin Folweiler Lisa 
Unz. Kns Routt, Carolvn Matthews, Don Bunker Elizabeth 
Colbath, Melissa Gelte, Bdlv Pugh, Coach Helen FolweJer 

Jumping for Joy 

Gymnastics — the science dealing with 
people doing flips, turns and somersaults and 
other contortions the body was not created to 
do. Gymnists — people involved in the sci- 
ence of gymnastics. BHS Gymnist — people 
striving to be perfect gymnists. That was trie 
goal of the team this year. They came close to 
It; they broke the scnool record for the total 
number of points awarded in a meet. Cap- 
tained by Mary Ellen Carter the team pro- 
duced strong individuals but lacked overall 
depth. The most dominant figure was junior 
Brenda Sayles. The points she received from 
her stron performances on the vault, beam 
and floor exercises added significantly to the 
team's overall total. Other all-around contri- 
butors were Mary Ellen Carter, Jeanette Mon- 
roe, Veronica Welch and Renata Pomponi. 
Susan Hawkins and Carol McQatchey excelled 
on the the beam while Christine Martell mas- 
tered the vault. Good routines were some- 
times executed by the rest of the team. High- 
lighting the season were first home meets 
against Wayland and Weston. Also important 
were managers Laura and Sheila Feltman as 
well as coach Holzlerbein. The team's attitude 
was good despite the late practices. Fun was 
had against the sweat anct pain. 

First row; Amv Puffer, Brenda Savles, Mav Ellen Carter, Marv 
Mead. Jeannette Moreau; Second row: Sue Hawkins, Christirie 
Marteii, Denise Pagan, Darlene Simmons, Renata Pomponi, 
Kristin Thompson; Third row: Coach Hotzberlein, Carol 
McClatchev, Mandi Telford, Laura Feltman, Michelle Lipczer, 
Veronica Welsch , Assistant Coach. 



Sudbury at Bedford 


Bedford at Acton 


Bedford at Newton South 


Bedford at Concord 


Bedford at Billerica 


Wayland at Bedford 


Bedford at Winchester 


Westford at Bedford 

Although each meet was lost, all the girls gave ] 
one hundred percent effort. 

1. Veronica Welch concentrates on her next move. 
2. Kristen Thompson shows superior style. 
3. Carol McClatchev — point those toes! 
4. leannette Moreau stretches out 
5. Christine Martekll teeters on the uneven bars. 


Ready, Aim, 






I 17 





Bedford at Braintiee 
Bedford at Boston L^lin 
Gloucester at Bedford 
Bedford at Wayland 
Bedford at Maiden 
Braintree at Bedford 
Boston Latin at Bedford 
Bedford at Gloucester 
Wayland at Bedford 
Maiden at Bedford 

781 to 7% 
756 to 808 
866 to 828 
768 to 847 
787 to 852 
822 to 827 
852 to 797 
786 to 877 
879 to 847 
804 to 818 

The rifle team had a good season backed 
by coach Fichera . The team was led by 
senior Jim Doherty. Strongest efforts were 
made by team members Eric Carsen and 
Sean Damery and others as they shot their 
way to success. Great performances were 

fiven by the female members of the team 
eth Thbrenson and Ann Marie Stella. The 
team had a shootin' good season, holding 
their home meets downstairs at the BH5 
riflerange. Although the rifle team does not 
draw many fans the attitude and spirit of the 
team members as well as the coach made 
every meet they had fun and excihng. Ri- 
flerv' involves a great deal of concentration 
and aim which the team seemed to have a lot 
of. This kind of skill and attitude will set a 
pattern for future members of the rifle team. 
The spirit of the team was high as they 
aimed toward a winning season. 

134 / RIFLE 

First row Eric Larsen. Sean Damery. )im CViherty. Beth 
Thorenson, Anne Mane Stella. Second row Chrts Shaw. 
Coach Fichera Ann Macklin. Scoti Frazier. Georee Sfarkey. 
Steve Pisani. Stewart Englehardt, Janice Dul. Deotn- Browri. 
NancA' Damerv 

he BHS Music Dept. 



Iwch mm imz 

"You ought to give iovva a trv " So said the townspeople of 
River Citv as thev welcomed to their mid-western 
community, the setting of Bedford Hiph School's 1983 
musical comedy, The Music Man. This quiet, ordinarv town 
is suddenly awakened bv the arrival of a traveling salesman 
and con-artist who schemes his wav mto the rural spotlight. 
In convincmg the citizens that the presence of a pool hall will 
corrupt the vouth of River Citv, the vibrant, captivating 
Harold Hill, plaved bv senior )ohn Epeneter, assures the 
parents that the formation of a bovs' band will keep the 
children from straying into a life of immoralitv. He 
generously offers to sell both instruments and uniforms in 
addition to teaching the children how to plav In the 
show-stopping number "Seventv-six Trombones" Hill sweeps 
the community into a fantasy ot' parades and grandeur. 
Completely mesmerized bv Hill's sparkling personality, none 
of the townspeople ever suspect or cjuestion his credentials. 
\'one, that is, except the town librarian, Marian Paroo, 
protrayed bv senior Carol Richardson, The victim ot vicious 
rumors, she is a social outcast in River City until she becomes 
the obiect of Hill's affection Because she is idealistic in her 
views of men, however, she resists his advances, presenting 
Hill with a challenge for his powers of persuasion. Although 
the community is easilv captivated bv Hill's charms, it is not 
until the end of the show tnat he is able to convince Marian, 
and himself, that he is in love 

Meanwhile, to keep the parents from discovering that their 
children are not receiving any musical training. Hill 
develops what he calls 'the Think System" whereby the 
children think about what thev are supposed to plav instead 
of actually playing it. He also keeps the citizens active in an 
effort to culturalize the tim n First, he organizes the four 
ever-quarrelmg school committee members, played bv Ben|i 

Mendes, Jack Monaco, Russell Cobe. and Scott Campbell, 
into a barbershop ouartet In the spectacular number 'The 
Shipoopi". Hill and his fnend, Marceilus, played by john 
Orlando, teach the teenagers of River Citv a hew dance step 
As the upstandmg women of the community who also fall 
prey to tne charms of "Professor" Hill, Rosanne McHugh, 
Sue Avasse. Katie Brian. Man' Guirleo, and Sarah Robinson 
delighted the audience with their zany attempts to establish a 
modern dance troupe. In one extremely hilarious and 
memorable scene, trie ladies 'gracefully ' pretend to be 
Grecian Urns. 

For a time, all is well in River Citv: the school committee 
members walk around singmg, the children have their 
instruments and new dances, the ladies clumsily flutter about 
in attempted sophistication, and Hill does a booming 
business However, the illusion is shattered when another 
salesman comes to town and exposes Hill as a fraud. The 
townspeople become enraged and in a wild frenzy scour the 
audience, searching for Hill in order to tar-and-feather him. 
In the meantime, unaware of the sudden change of events, 
Harold and Marian realize thev are in love, and sing "Till 
There Was You ' Moments after they have declared their 
love for one another, however. Hill is seized bv the aner\' 
townfolk. It IS only because of Marian s rational view of the 
dramatic and positive changes brought about by Professor 
Hill that allows him to be accepted bv the community once 

Supporting roles were plaved bv Kris Cowan as Mrs, 
Paroo, Rick Dacev as Mavor Shinn. Carolyn Killum as the 
Mayor's daughter. Steve McDonough as Charlie Cowell. 
Tibbr Nagy as Tommy Gilas. Wendy Ltley as Amaryllis, and 
Donald Woodford as Winthrop Paroo. 

136 / MUSICAL 

MUSICAL / 137 

Choir and Ensembles 

Ensemble: First Row: Katrina Pullen, 
Stehphanie Hirsch, Wendv Coerbs, Meg 
Gurley, Shelly Reed, Christine Martell, Lisa 
Leong. Second Row: Sandy McDonald, 
Jennifer Wise, Chris Mont, Patricia Olsen, Jill 
Costello, Laurie Felt, Joni Montemaeno. Third 
Row: Shervl Orris, Nancy Damerv, Leslie 
Carroll, Julie Mann, Elizabeth Colbath, Caren 
Manning. Fourth Row: Kathy Sutton, Tricia 
Conway, Pam Dutra, Jennifer Kimmins. 

Membership to the Ensembles singing group is open to the 
entire school for any students who wish to perform vocallv 
Every other day during periods F and D, these singers meet to 
rehearse music for the Chnstmas and (he Spnng concerts. 
Some of the numbers the ensembles performed with the 
combined Choir and Madngal included 'Twas the Night 
Before Christmas and the traditional halleluiah (from the 
Messiah). Under the direction of Mr Keith Pninney, the 
members of the ensembles enjov their participation in the BHS 
Music Department and often |om other groups as they 
progress through high school The fifty memoer choir, the 
largest of Bedford High School's select singing groups, 
performs in the PO.vft Concert, the Christmas concert, and 
the Spring Concert each year In addition, the choir makes up 
the ma|onty of the cast for the annual musical comedy. After 
the fire which destroyed their robes last vear, this year's choir 
donned stunning new robes with white Heidleburg sleeves 
and BHS-monogrammed pennant collars. Because of the 

§ roups impressive size as well as the vocal talent involved, the 
HS choir always gives an outstanding performance. 

1) Mr Phinney conducts. 

2) Sarah Robiiison accompanying the choir. 


Choir: Row 1: Nanc\ Woodtord, Wendy Utiov. 
Joanne Delaney, Chris Hopkins, Bill Larkin 
Rick Mollis, Jirii Larkin, Laura Lee Lanier, 
Joanne McDonough, Courtenay Hand, Rita 
McMahon. Row 2: Monica Sharp>e, Diana 
Birmingham, Leslie McLaughlin, Richard 
Dacv, John Orlando, Barbara Gnmm, Laura 
Lini, Linda Ricci, Mandv Telford. Row 3: 
Chns Lawrence, Karen Cerpiel, Kerry Latina, 
Heather McGillvery, Linda Owens, John 
Grimm, Mike Callender, Mike Sullivan, Cr\-stal 
Murphy, Chervl Millman, Lynne Telford, Kim 
Colliton, Tina Doyle. Row 4: Sue Hawkins, 
Nicole Cassidv, Allyson McLaughlin, Julie 
Collins, MarvEllen Carter, Jill Millman, Julie 
Kostishack, Jim Papalia, Tiber Nagy. 


Barbershop Quartet, Madrigals, 
and Double Sextette 

Barbershop Quartet: John Orlando, Jack 
Monaco, Peter Galipeau, Bruce Kozuma 

Madrigal: First Row: Sarah Robinson, Laura 
Kupfrian, Ginger Miller, John Orlando, Donald 
Woodford, Jack Monaco, Tom Welch, Rive 
Yukawa, Brenda McMahan. Second Row: 
Mary Beth Conway, Andrea Lund, Laura 
Feltman, Russ Cobe, Chris Naugler, Peter 
Galipeau, Bruce Kozuma, Heather Johnson, 
Sue Hawkins. 

Bedford High School has always prided itself 
in the outstanding quality of it's most select 
vocal groups, the Madrigal, the Double 
Sextette, and the Barbershop Quartet. First, 
within the curriculum is the eighteen member 
Madrigal which meets every other day of the 
school year. These students chosen following 
an audition with Mr. Phimmey, perform at 
concerts and also have the option of 
participating in the annual musical comedy. 
Because of the small number of members and 
their outstanding vocal abilities, this group 
performs a wider variety of musical styles. 
Although a madrigal piece is usuallv part of 
the program, the Maarigal also performs songs 
of several other time periods, giving it exciting 
and challenging versatility. 

Secondly, the Double Sextette is a select 
group of sixteen female vocalists. (The size of 
the group has grown since it was originally 
named!) Like the Madrigal members, the girls 
in the Double Sextette must audition before 
becoming members. Under the direction of 
junior Sarah Robinson they rehearse every 
Monday and Thursday after school in 
preparation for the many annual concerts. In 
addition, the Double Sextette sings for various 
groups and organizations in the surrounding 

Thunderous applause and cheers of delight 
always herald the appearance of the 
Barbershop Quartet, the third of BHS's select 
vocal groups. The four members who rehearse 
after school with the assistance of Andrea 
Lund on keyboard perform such perrenial 
favorites as "Sweet Adeline" and "Give my 
Regards to Broadway". With their easy-goi'ng 
style and melodramatic humor, it is no wonder 
that the quartet members capture the heart of 
their audience. Besides concert apjpearances, 
the quartet also accompanies the Double 
Sextette in area performances during the 
holiday season. 

Double Sextette: First Row: Ginger Miller, 
Julie Kostishack, Diana Birmingham, Sue 
Hawkins, Laura Feltman, Lvnn Telford, 
Heather Johnson, Laura Lea Lanier, Rive 
Yukawa. Second Row: Laura Kuptrian, Linda 
Owens, Monica Sharpe, Mar\ Betn Conwav, 
Kim Colliton, Courtenay Hand, Joanne 
McDonough. At the piano: Sarah Robinson. 


Marching Band 

The 1983-84 BHS Superband was trulv 
super. Consisting of the wind ensemble and 
several members of concert band, this group 
of spirited, talented musicians charmed ancf 
delighted football fans throughout the 
season. The band practices — rain or shine 
— every Friday Af^ternoon from 2:30 'till 5 or 
6 o'clock bloclung out pre-game and half 
time shows and polishmg the precision of 
the often difficult routines. Unlike some 
other more regimented marching bands, our 
superband emphasizes variety of music {new 

tunes even.' week), different rouhnes, but 
most importantly fun! In addition to the 
precision of practiced marching, the band 
also enjoyed casual rouhnes such as the one 
which featured tubas as a winking eve on a 
smiling musical face. Some of the more 
popular selections this season include 
"Maneater", "Zero", "Energy", and "Land 
of a Thousand Dances". The band could not 
have given director William Toland a more 
spectacular BHS send-off. 

t - 

First Row:(L to Rl Director Mr Toland. Maline Shannon 
Andrea Lund Cineer MJIer Barbra Flanagan, (oanne 
Delanev Sarah Robinson .\ancv VViKKltord Shan Pitts. M 
Vadebonceur David Gage Second Row: .Meg Curlev .Ann. 
Solomila, ludy Bovie Donna Stetanidakis Brenda McMah.: 
Amy McGovem. Renata Pompom Staa Swider Barbara 
Cnmm. JoBeth Lanier Third Rowlleft to right); Susan 


McMahan, Adam Eriich, Sheila Feltman, Eric Anderson, Kristi 
Ann Castro, Jack Monaco, Peter Galipeau, Laura Lea Lanier, 
Julie Kostishack, John Orlando. Fourth Row: Janice McCarthy, 
Bruce Kozuma, Scott Sevier, Russ Cobe, Kevin Mickel, Doug 
Burr, Mandy Telford, Jay Schoendorf, Molly Koester, Raj 
Sundra. Fifth Row: Ann Whiting, Lynne Telford, Judy 
Ciampa, Wendy Utley, Donald Woodford, James Dupree, John 
Grimm, Laura Feltman, Al Kenney, Peter Corea. 

1) Donald Woodford, Judy Ciampa, Ann 
Whiting, AI Kenney, Susan McMahan, Lynn 
Telford, Wendy Utley, Peter Corea, Laura 
Feltman lead tfie band. 

2) Laura Feltman, Andrea Lund, Judy Boyle, 
Sheila Feltman, Donald Woodford, Ginger 
Miller, Renata Pomponi, Barbara Grimm hold 
up letters spelling Bedford. 

3) Ginger Miller, Shan Pitts, Barbara Flanagan 
pose with their instruments, 

4) Scott Sevier playing for the football crowd. 

5) Doug Burr read's his music carefully. 

6) Ann Whiting models her tuba. 



The Majorette Squad was the 

biggest ever in BHS history this year 
with eleven majorettes. Seven 
majorettes were underclassmen 
participating for the first time; the 
other four were seniors who have 
been together on the squad for four 
years. Tnis season the squad twirled, 
danced, and used streamers in 
original routines to manv different 
types of music such as the theme 
from "Zorro", "Saints in Concerts", 
"Land of 1000 Dances" (bv J. Geils), 
and "Maneater" (Hall & Oates). The 
squad itself had lots of fun together 
this year from Friday afternoon 
munching to Peppermint Patties and 
hotdogs on Saturday mornings, to 
night bonfires. We would like to 
thank Mr. Toland for all his help and 
support over the last four vears and 
the Dest of luck to him in his last 
vear at BHS. 

1) (left to right) First Row: Ann Marie Stella, Joanne 
McDonoueh, Julie Pelletier, June Travis, Sue Pennev, Sue 
Drohan, Melinda Glennon, Sheila McCra\'v. Second Row: 
Anne Weaver. Front: Carol McClatchey. Chelby Blodgett. 

2) Captain Anne Weaver struts her stuff. 

3) Siaeline action(Chelby, Ann Marie, Sheila, Sue, Melinda) 
5) Joanne McDonough performs for the crowd 

5) "Aren't you giad vou use Dial?" (Ann Marie Stella) 


All That Jazz! 

Of all the BHS instrumental eroups, one of the most lavimte 
and exciting is the Jazz Ensemble, a group of approximately 
thirty students who plav trunipet, saxaphone, tuba, trombone, 
guitar, bass, and percussion. Following the conclusion of football 
season, the group rehearses ever\' Fridav afternoon in 
preparation for the Spring Concert, the VVinter concert and the 
Concert on the Green. Some of the wide variety of music they 
perform includes blues, jazz, contemporary, and big band. 
However, one of the most memorable aspects of the Jazz 
Ensembles performances is the frequency of solo segments. For 
both musician and audience it is a thrill for a player to stand up 
and "strutt his stuff". 

1) Mr. Toland listens with a critical ear. 

2) Ra| lazzes it up. 

3) First Row: John Orlando, Ra| Sundra. Sheila Feltman. Peter 
Calipeau, Mollv Koester Second Row: Laura Feltman, Donald 
Woodford, Al Kennev, Wendy Utiey, James Dupn-e. lohn 
Grimm, Lynn Telford Third Row: Andrea LunJ. Sarah 
Robinson, Barbara Grimm, Russ Cobe, David Ga^e, Marc 
Vadeboncoeur, Stacy Swider, Mike Kenney, Jay Schoendorf, 
Bruce Kozuma. 

4) Battle of the saxes(John Orlando, Ra| Sundra) 

5) Andrea Lund concentrates on her notes. 

6) Strummin' along. 

7) Lynne Trombone" Telford 


Blowin' in the Wind 

Close to fifty musicians make up the BHS Wind Ensemble, 
one of the most selective instrumental groups in the school 
Wind meets every day penod E and practices music of a 
variety of styles from popular to classical. In addition to 
performing as the Wind Ensemble, these musicians also make 
up the Orchestra, the Pit-orchestra for the annual musical, the 
Jazz Ensemble and the Marching Band. The Wind Ensemble 
performs at both (he Winter and Spring concerts as well as the 
concert on the green. 

1) Jay Schoendorf, Russ Cobe, Scott Sevier concentrate on 
their horns. 

2) "Is it an octopus or is it a contra-bass clarinet?" (Andrea 

3) Wendy Utiev plays her shirt. 

4) Wind Ensemble: First Row (left to riEhl) Renata Pompom, 
Karen Zolnay, Peter Galipeau, Andrea Lund, Nancv 
Woodford, Judy Boyle, Barbara Grimm, Sarah Robinson 
Second Row: Molly Koester, Ra| Sundra, Brenda McMahon, 
Amy McCovern, SVieiia Feltman, John Orlando, Jack Monaco, 
ChrisHane Castro Third Row: Linda Blair, Carol McClatchey, 
JoAnne McDonough, Mandy Telford, Jay Schoendorf, Russ 
Cobe, Scott Sevier, Mike Kennev, Lvnne Telford, Bruce 
Kozuma Fourth Row: Mark Vade bon coeur, David Gage, 
Laura Feltman, Peter Corea, Donald Woodford, Al Kennev, 
Jim Dupree, John Grimm, Wendy Utiey. 

5) "Where's the bubbles Lawrence Wefk?" (Mr. Toland) 

6) "Pucker up, Peter." (Peter Galipeau) 

7) Sarah Robinson concentrating in Wind. 


First Row (left to right): Donna Stefarudakis, Christine Sword. 
Daniel Silverstrone, Christopher Smith, Michelle Gonzales, 
Linda Ricci, Carolyn Matthews. Second Row: James Jacewicz, 
Kathy Ellis, Scott L'dell, Chnstine .McGovem, Denise Schaler. 
Debbie O'N'eil, Joanne .Melville. Jan Hamann. Joanne Delaney. 
Third Row: John Callender. Lucy McGovem, John McCune, 
Adam Eriich, Laura Lea Lanier, Eric Anderson, Susan 
Mc.Vlahan. Jo Beth Lanier, Julie Kostishack, David Burr, Anne 
Solamita, Pam Wineood. Fourth Row: Janis McCarthy, Gary 
Kleiman, Robbie Rooerson, Kevin .Mickel, Douelas Biirr, Ken 
Ginder, Suzanne Melville, Ken Brown, Susan Sabetty, Malene 
Shannon, Janet Drohan, Chrishna Hopkins, Susan Reily, Meg 
Gurley Fifth Row: Hanna Bragg. Ginger Miller. David 
Kupfrian, Shan Pitts, Robert Huffman, Julie Kurkin, Ann 
Whiting, Judy Ciampa, Peter Galipeau, John Orlando, Bruce 
Kozuma, Terry Poole, Linda Pysczynski, .Michelle Stuart, 
Debbie Sharkey. 

The largest of Bedford High School's instrumental groups is 
the Concert Band which meets every other day during the 
year The nearly sixty musicians learn and perform a wide 
variety of music dun'ng the winter and spring concerts as well 
as the Concert on the Green. In addition. Concert Band 
members have the option of joining the marching band during 
the football season. Whether on the field or on the stage, this 
group always gives an exciting performance 

1) Linda Ricri plavs her clarinet 

2) See under picture 

Shan Pitts and Bob Huffman on percussion. 
41 Sue ReiUy and Chnstina Hopkins on flute. 
5) Janet Drohan flashes a happy smile. 
f>) Ginger Miller waits for her cue. 


Strumming Along 

The BHS Orchestra is a group of approximately forty 
students who meet ever\' other dav during the school vear. 
and whether performing alone or on stage or accompanying 
vocalists, this group consistently performs well. Besides their 
performance in the annual Spring Concert, one of the 
nighlights for the orchestra members is the Christmas Concert 
in which they play selections from the Messiah and other well 
known pieces. For example, this year's concert featured a 
favorite selection from tfie "Nutcraker Suite". The hard work 
involved as well as the enjoyment found in performing are 
clearly illustrated by the excellence of the orchestra's 

1) My Hagar conducts the orchestra. 

2) Bruce Kozuma plays the French horn. 

3) Peter Corea senously approaches his music. 

4) Andrea Lund contributes her talent. 

Orchestra: First Row: Chris Lawrence, Steven Mann, Rive 
Yukawa, Peter Farrell, Judy Ciampa, Mark Cuetersloh, Andrea 
Lund, Michelle Pilan, Becky O'Donnell, Christine Castro. 
Second Row: Denise Scott, V alerie Bogan, Renata Pomponi, 
Karen Zolnay, Barbara Grimm, Judy Bovle, Nancv Woodford, 
Stacey Swider, Sheila Fellman, Linda Bfair, Carol McClatchey, 

Amy McGovem, Raj Sundra, Molly Koester. Lvnne Telford 
Bruce Kozuma, Phillip Lawrence, Natalie Wicker, Anne 
Macklin Back Row: David Cage, Barbara Flanagan, Sarah 
Robinson, Jay Schoendorf. Mike Kenne\ . .Mandv Telford. 
Wendy Ltley. Donald Woodford. Al Kennev, Laura Feltman 
Peter Corea, Mr Hagar 




Diana Birmingham 
Michael Callender 
Mart Ellen Carter 
Nichole Cassidy 
Karen Cierpial 
Julie Collins 
Kimberly CoUiton 
Peter A.' Corea Jr. 
Richard Dacey 
Joanne Delaney 
Christina Doyle 
James E. Dupree 
Barbara Grimm 
John Grimm 
Courtenay Hand 
Susan Hawkins 
Richard R. HoUis 
Christina E. Hopkins 
Julie L. Kostishack 
L^aura Lea Lanier 
James Larkin 
William Larkin 
Kerry Latina 
Christine Lawrence 
Laura Linz 
Sheila McCravy 
JoAnne McDonough 
Heather McGilvray 
Allyson McLaughUn 
Leslie McLaughlin 
Rita McMahan 
Chervl Millman 
jm MUlman 
Crystal Murphy 
Tibor Nagy 
John Orlando 
Linda Owens 
James Papalia 
Linda Ricci 
Sarah Robinson 
Michael Rosenberg 
Minica Sharps 
Michael S. Sullivan 
Stacy Swider 
Lynhe Telford 
Mandv Felford 
Wendv S. Utley 
Nathalie Weicker 
Nancv Woodford 
Leslie Carroll 
Elizabeth Colbath 
Tricia Conwav 
Jill Costello 
Nancy Damery 
Pamela Dutra ' 
Lore Fields 
Wendv Gerbrands 
Meg Gurlev 
Stephanie Hirsch 
Jennifer Kimmins 
Lisa L. Leong 
Sandra Macdonald 
Julie R. Mann 
Caren Manning 
Christine Martell 
Joni Montemagno 
Christine Montgomery 
Patricia Olsen 
Sheiyl Orris 
Katnna Pullen 
Kathy Sutton 
Jennifer Weisz 
Russ Cobe 
Mary-Beth Conway 
James E. Dupree 

Laura Feltman 

Peter L. Galipeau 

Susan Hawkins 

Heather Johnson 

Bruce Kozuma 

Laura Kupfrian 

Andrea Lund 

Brenda McMahan 

Virginia Miller 

Jack Monaco 

Chris Naughler 

John Orlando 

Sarah Robinson 

Thomas Welch 

Donald E. Woodford 

Rive J. Yukawa 


Diana Birmingham 

Kimberly Coliiton 

Mary-Beth Conway 

Laura Feltman 
Courtenay Hand 
Susan Hawkins 
Heather Johnson 
Julie L. Kostishack 
Laura Kupfrian 
Laura Lea Lanier 
JoAnne McDonough 
Virginia Miller 
Linda Owens 
Sarah Robinson 
Monica Sharpe 
Lynne Telford 
Rive J. Yukawa 
John Orlando 
Jack Monaco 
Peter Galipeau 
Bruce Kozuma 
Eric Anderson 
Scott Birmingham 
Hannah Bragg 
Kenneth Brown 
David Burr 
Doug Burr 
John Callender 
Judith Ciampa 
Joanne Delanev 
David DeVellis 
Janet Drohan 
James E. Dupree 
Julianne Durldn 
Adam Eriich 
Peter L. Galipeau 
Kenneth Ginder 
Michele Gonzalez 
Meg Gurley 
Janna Hamann 
ChrisHne E. Hopkins 
Robert L. Huffman 
James Jacewicz 
Gary A Kleiman 
Julie L. Kostishack 
Bruce Kozuma 
Dave Kupfrian 
Laura Kufrian 
Jo Beth Lanier 
Laura Lea Lanier 
Carolyn Matthews 
Janis McCarthy 
John McCune 
Christine M. McGovem 
Lucy McGovem 
Susan McMahan 
Joanne Melville 
Susanne M. Melville 

Kevin Mickel 

Virginia Miller 

Debbie O'Neil 

John Orlando 

Shan Pitts 

Linda Pysczynski 

Linda Ricci 

Susan Riley 

Rather Roberson 

Susan Sabetty 

Adrian Servier 

Denise Shafer 

Malene Shannon 

Debbie A. Sharkey 

Daniel J. Silverstrone 

Christopher Smith 

Anne F. Solomita 

Donna Stefanidakis 

Michelle Stuart 

Christine Sword 

June C. Travis 

Scott Udell 

Ann L. Whiting 

Pamela Wingood 

Karen Zolnay 


Lynda Blair 

Jiidy Boyle 

Christi-Anne Castro 

Russ Cobe 

Peter A. Corea Jr. 

James E. Dupree 

Laura Feltman 

Sheila Feltman 

Barbara Flanagan 

David Gage 

Peter L. Galipeau 

Barbara Grimm 

John Grimm 

Al Kennev 

Michael Kenney 

Molly Koester 

Bruce Kozuma 

Andrea Lund 

Carol McClatchey 
JoAnne McDonough 

Amy McGovem 

Brenda McMahan 
Jack Monaco 
John Orlando 
Renata Pomponi 
Sarah Robinson 
Jay Schoendorf 
Raj Sundra 
Stacy Swider 
Lvnhe Telford 
Mandv Telford 
Wendv S. Utley 
Marc Vadeboncoeur 
Donald E. Woodford 
Nancy Woodford 
Kareii Zolnav 
Lynda Blair 
Jiidy Boyle 
Doiie Biirr 
Judith Ciampa 
Russ Cobe 
Peter A. Corea Jr. 
James E. Dupree 
Julianne Durkin 
Adam Eriich 
Laura Feltman 
Sheila Feltman 
Barbara Flanagan 
David Gage 
Peter L. Galipeau 
Michele Gonzalez 

Barbara Grimm 
John Grimm 
Meg Gurley 
Al Kenney 
Gary A Kleiman 
Molly Koester 
Julie L. Koshshack 
Bruce Kozuma 
Jo Beth Lanier 
Laura Lea Lanier 
Andrea Lund 
Carolvn Matthews 
Brenda McMahan 
Kevin Mickel 
Virginia Miller 
Jack Monaco 
John Orlando 
Shan Pitts 
Renata Pomponi 
Linda Ricci 
Sarah Robinson 
Jay Schoendorf 
Adrian Sevier 
Anne F. Solomita 
Donna Stefanidakis 
Raj Sundra 
Stacy Swider 
Chn'stine Sword 
Lynne Telford 
Mandv Telford 
June C. Travis 
Wendv S. Utley 
Marc Vadeboncoeur 
Donald E. Woodford 
Nancv Woodford 
Russ Cobe 
James E Dupree 
Laura Feltman 
Sheila Feltman 
Barbara Flanagan 
David Gage 
Peter L. Galipeau 
Barbara Grimm 
John Grimm 
Michael Kenney 
Molly Koester 
Bruce Dozuma 
Andrea Lund 
John Orlando 
Jay Schoendorf 
Raj Sundra 
Slacey Swider 
Lynne Telford 
Wendv S. Utlev 
Donald E. Woodford 
Susan Asbedian 
James Bland 
Valerie Bogan 
Christi-Anne Castro 
Judith Ciampa 
Peter A. Corea Jr 
Peter W. Farrell 
Mark M. Guetersloh 
Philip Lawrence 
Andrea Lund 
Ann Macklin 
Jonathan Mann 
Rebecca O Donnell 
Renata Pomponi 
Denise Scott 
Nathalie Weicker 
Riye J. Yukawa 

us toU 


In the early morning darkness of September 1, a Kore- 
an Air Lines 747 was hit by a Soviet air-to-air missile. 
Twelve minutes later the big jet plunged into the Sea 
of Japan, killing all 269 passengers and crew 


Point Saline* 

600 Cubans and 
30 Soviet 
extending the 
runway. Students 
on nearby 
campus of St. 
George's Medical 
School report 
hearing aircraft 
overhead at 4:30 

Earlier in the 
witnesses watch 
18 US Army 
Transport Planes 
Barbados, 150 
miles to the 

Naval support 

Beyond horizon, 
with Carrier 
Independence in 
command, 12- 
ship task force 
lies off coast. 

AHIed Attack 

1900 US Marines 
and Army Ranger \ 
make the initial 
assault, followed 
by 150 troops 
from Jamaica, 
Dominica, St. 
Vincent. Antigua 
and St. Lucia. 
Rangers land in 
Point Salines, 
while Marines 
land by 
helicopter at 
Pearls Airport. 
American forces 
encounter small 
arms fire as they 
move toward St. 
meeting sporadic 
resistance from 
Grenadian army 
located at its 
headquarters in 
historic Fort 

1i+8/l983 : Year in Review 


Cone But Mot Forgotten 





"She Works Hard for the Money* 
Donna Summer 

ock videos are firing up a musical revolutio 

Maior College Poll 

1. Miami (47%) 

2. Nebraska (A'h) 

3. Auburn (7) 

4. Georgia 

5. Texas 

6. Florida 

7. Brigham Young 
e. Michigan 

9 Ohio St. 

10. Illinois 

1 1 . Clemson 

12. SMU 

13. Air Force 

14. Iowa 

15. Alabama 

16. W. Virginia 

17. UCLA 

18. Pittsburgh 

19. BC 

20. E. Carolina 

11- 1 

12- 1 




7- 4-1 

8- 3-1 

Michael Jackson 

Michael Sembello 

Joan Rivers 

rheismann scrambling out 

Redskins '.via Super Bov 

1983 : Year in Review/m9 



"Live from Telemedia Broadcastine, this is Starting 
Point with vour hosts Ginger Mider, Richard AldndRe, 
Barbara Pexider and sports commentator Michael Sullivan. 
Ever\' morning Telemedia puts out the show that gives the 
latest BHS happenings, interv iews with various students 
from BHS clubs and activities, the davs weather and 
sporting events. Two Fridays a month "Ask the Principal" is 
aired, hosted bv Laura Kupfnan Mr Duggan, BHS 
principal, is asked to comment on various subjects 
pertaining to problems and happenings within the school, 
hence the show's name One Fndav a month "Forum" is 
shown, A different guest speaker is invited for each new- 
show, and students form a studio audience, posing various 
questions pertaining to the speaker's knowledge. 

Telemeciia is staffed bv students on an entirely volunteer 
basis and are trained technicians, talent, directors or 
producers in charge of putting out all of Telemedia 
productions. Led bv producer Timmy Glatfelter, directors 
David DiNisco and Laura Feltman. associate producers )ack 
Monaco, Ginger Miller, and Barbara Grimm, and production 
manager ludv Bovle, Telemedia s thirty members are 
responsible for running our school's information network. 
These diehards dedicate their mornings and afternoons 
getting everything together. 


1) Coffee Achievers of America (Jack Monaco, )udv Bovie, 
Barb Pexider) 

2) Behind the scenes at Telemedia (Carla Huchinson) 

3) Ginger Miller, Rich Aldridge. Mike Sullivan on the air. 

4) The Telemedia Staff. First Row (left to right): Tim 
Glatfelter. )une Travis, Jill MiUman, Kim Colliton, David 
DiNisco, Elisa Cranowitz Second Row: Nathan Sears, 
Noelle Marcotte, Michael Sullivan, Ginger Miller. Barbara 
Pexider. Rich Aldridge, Laura Kupfrian, Carla Hutchinson 
Third Row: Bruce Kozuma, Jay Guetersloh, Sarah Robinson. 
Laura Feltman, Paul Ferrerro, Eugene Holmstead, Mark 
Vadeboncoer, Kevin Mickel, Mike Tuttle, Dr Morse 

5) "First time ever I floor directed " (Elizabeth Farrell) 

6) "Smile You're on Candid Camera." 

7) "Don't drop those tapes! "(David ChNisco) 


The AFS Experience 

1) AFS Clubr Bottom Row: (left to right): Caroline Nawoichek. 
Juan Buscaglio, Ana Florencio, Ann Marie Leonardi, Noelle 
Marcotte, Cheryl Millman, Mike Callender, Crystal Murphy 
Second Row: Maureen McCulloch, Laura McCarthy, Karin 
Yeatts, Sally Avev, Cindy Edwards, Lisa Nandy Third Row: 
Barbara Konkle, Julia McConnell, Julia Thomas, Hlisa 
Granowitz, Maureen Capazutto, Denise Finkelstein, Amy 
Birmingham, Dawn Capazutto, Alyson McLaughlin, Jennifer 
Weiss Fourth Row: Louis O'Hara, Mark Gutersloh, Cnstine 
Foerst, Laura Kupfhan, Ginger Miller, Laura Feltman Top: 

Rich Aldndge 

2) Ana Florencio receives a beautiful bouquet. 

3) Ana Florencio and Jo Beth Lanier, help to decorate spirit 
week halls 

4) AFS Officers: Treasurer Rich Aldndge, President Barbara 
Konkle, Secretary Kann Yeatts, Vice-President julia 

5) Cindy Edwards and Kann Yeatts, selling popcorn and cider 
at a Bucs football game 

Most people hear about AFS (American Field Service) 
through peer recommendations: "Come on — we won't 
have to go to class and we'll get out of today's test! " Others 
get involved through recruitment: "You are going to help 
me sell popcorn at the football game on Saturday!" 
However, once they start going to meetings, the club grows 
on them. They discover such activities as the Halloween 
party, the exchange weekend party, the rollerskating 
escapade, and the Easter daffodil sale. 

But besides these activities, thev come into contact with 
the most important part of AFS — the AFS student This 
year our student is Ana Claudia Florencio from Brazil. She is 
a fantashc, dynamic person, taking the ups and downs of 
living in a foreign country all in stride When asked what 
she expected of the U S before she came here, she replied, 
"I heard they eat a lot of hamburgers and sandwiches 
here." Ana really enjoyed her stay here, though she often 
missed her parents, which was to be expectecT Her 
presence definitely added to the senior class. 

As to the activities, the first thing of the year was the 
usual popcorn popping on Fridays Every home football 
game, despite the cold and rain, the AFS table (with the 

152 / AFS 

low<al, tasteless popcorn) was always there The next eieni 
was the dance held around Homecoming — Halloween The 
party took place at the "awesome" estate of Julia 
McConnell. As one drove down her mile-long dnvewav, a 
certain scene from Halloween " entered one's mind There 
were fears of someone lurking in the bushes ready to |ump 
out and attack the carloads of party-goers The dummy 
hanging from the branch didn t help matters much' Such 
persons as Eddie Grant, Ms Colgate, Geraldine. Madame 
Butterfly, and Ms. Snowcone were present Before everyone 
could recover from staying up unhl 5 A M that night, the 
exchange weekend was here and the McConnell living room 
became Studio 64 for the Worm, the Bump, and the 
Jitterbug. That day had been the rollerskating sortie, so 
some people were too hred and sore to dance! As usual, the 
March orange and grapefruit sale and the Easter daffodil 
sale finished out the year 

Next year, the club hopes to grow bigger and more 
exciting as leadership will pass from graduating seniors 
Barbara Konkle, Julia McConnell, Kann Yeatts, and Rich 
Aldridge to worthy underclassmen. The club aspires to 
receive a student as delightful as Ana was this past year 

Outstanding Achievers 


The Bedford High School chapter of the National Honor 
Society is one of over 20,000 local affiliates. This spnng the 
chapter will hold its twenty-eighth annual induction 

In past years students with a cumulative average of 88 
through the third term of the junior year have been eligible for 
admission to the society. This year, however, with the 
implementation of the quality points" system, a new method 
for determining eligibility is under consideration. In addition 
to outstanding Scholarship, students admitted to the society 
must have displayed the qualities of Leadership, Service and 
Character, in the judgement of a faculty committee 
representative of all departments in the school. 

Among the activihes of the Bedford NHS is fund raising to 
supply the Christian Children's Fund with help in the support 
of a Taiwanese orphan and to offer scholarship assistance to 
BHS students. Society members also assist at such activihes as 
the orientation of incoming ninth-grade students, career day, 
and the scholarship dinner. Members are also available for 
tutorial assistance. In addition, this year, for the first time, the 
society will conduct a phon-a-thon to raise funds in town for 
the American Heart Association. 

Important future goals for the society are to expand public 
service activities and to move inducHon ceremonies to the fall 
so that eligible students will be able to enter the society earlier 
than in the past. 

1) Maureen Bench proudly accepts her NHS membership 

2) NHS President Ginger Miller 

,1) Guests enjoy the refreshments at the inductions. 

4) Mr. Duggan congratulates Sandv Richards on her 

5) Dan Colao receives his award. 


Staff i " 


My experiences with the 1984 yearbook have 
been very meaningful. I have learned a lot 
about myself and about others. Many 
exceptional people have dedicated themselves 
to this project and this has made my job so 
much easier. I would like to thank each of 
them for devoting their time and for putting 
up with my incessant demands. In order of 
their sections the editors were Darnette 
Holbert, Richard Aldridge, Kerry Latina, Leslie 
McLaughlin, Janna Johnston, Tern Bellengi, 
and Jim DeVellis. Darnette took charge of 
"The People" section and with the help of 
Janna, Scott Servier, and Louise O'Hara, she 
compiled this enormous section quickly, 
efficiently, and, most importantly, without 
complaints. Thank you, Darnette. You could 
always be counted on. Richard Aldridge did 
an outstanding job with his "Academics" 
section. He was faced with the problem of 
creating a section that had never been in our 
book and it turned out remarkably well. Kerry 
Latina and Leslie McLaughlin were co-editors 
of the "Sports" section. Thev worked well 
together and accomplished tVie large task of 
preparing this section. Janna Johnston was in 
charge of the "Student Life" section. She 
worked diligently and her section turned out 
beautifully. Janna, you were always there. 
Tern Bellengi was the "Advertising" editor. 
All I can say is. Thanks Tern! You pulled us 
through several very tough deadlines. Jim 
DeVellis worked hard with his "Sales" staff to 
sell the advertising for this book. Right by his 
side was Mike Powderly, who also put in a lot 
of time. Ginger Miller took on the enormous 
task of compiling the written words for this 
book. Although she called on friends to help 
her, she did a lot of writing herself. Ginger, 
that "Harvest" poem is beautiful! I would also 
like to thank our advisor, Mrs. Housepian. 
She had enough confidence in me to let me 
run things the way I thought best. 1 hope she 
is satisfied with our work. Also playing an 
important part in the making of this book was 
Burlington Studios. Jack Kelly and his 
photographers did a lot of last minute work 
for us and we would like them to know that it 
was ereatly appreciated! There were many 
people who helped out whenever they could 
. . . these people were also ver\' important! 
Thev helped us out when we Fiad piles of 
work ana we are very grateful. One last 
thank-vou ... to our publisher's 
representative, Arnie Lohmann. You came in 
many times to help us and to generate fresh 
ideas. It would not have been possible without 
you Amie! All of these people were 
fundamental in producing tnis book, which I 
hope everyone will enjoy. 

Leslie Jelalian 


Leslie Jelalian 

Jimmy DeVellis 
Sales Editor 

Richard Aldridge 

Academics Editor 

Darnette Holbert 

The People Editor 

Jerri Bellengi 

Ad\ertising Editor 

Janna Johnston 

Student Life Editor 

Kerry Latina 

Sports Co-Editor 

Leslie McLaughlin 

Sports Co-Editor 

1) Louise O'Hara and Scutt Sfvior work on the Marching Band 

2) Tracy McArdle and Janna Johnston work on the index. 

3) Laura Feltman shows Karin Yeatts a funny picture. 
There are many others who helped to make thi'- book. On 

the Sales Staff were: Mike Powderlv, Andrea Shamon, Jan 
Hamann, Toni McCombe, Amy Puffer. Dacia Melcalf, Laurine 
Marino, Chris Hopkins, Debbie De\'ine, Tina Corey, Cheryl 
Doughty, Paula Francis, and Cindy Harrington Those who 
helped with the Literary pari of the book were; Ginger Miller, 
Jucfy Bovle, Karin Yeatts, Adrienne tlder. Matt Kennedy. 

(.jrolyn Matthews, l..iurj Maon. Man tllen Carter, lav 
Schoendorf, Gayle Alperm, Jack Monaco. Barb.ira Gnnim. Jean 
Crescenzi, Greg Moll, Anne Weaver, and Scott Sevier Also 
there were many people who came to the vearbcxik office 
whenever they had time. These Staff members were Caria 
Hutchinson, Scott Sevier, Louise O'Hara. lean Crescen/i. 
Laurine Marino, Dacia Melcalf, Greg .Moll. Michelle George, 
and Tracy McArdle Those responsible for Ihe Art work were: 
Chris Lawrence (who drew all of Ihe dividers). Anne-Marie 
Leonardi, and Adrienne Elder All of these people made the 
task of producing this vearKntk easier 

Mrs. Hovsepian 




Parallax; (left to right): Karin Reinisch, Valerie Bogan, Ulrike 

Reinsch, Lisa Nandv. 

Art Club; (left to riehOFront Row: Amy McGovern, Adrienne 
Elder, )une Travis, I aura Fellman Back Row: Kelly Pease, 
Gian Buscaglia, Ann-Maria Leonard!, Kathy Ellis, Ann 

Audio-Visual; (left to right) Front Row: Jill Millman, Barbara 
Pexider, Judy Boyle, David DiNisco, Laura Kupfrian, Kevin 
Mickel. Back Row: Dr Morse, Marc Vadeboncoeur, Nate 
Sears, Tim Gletfelter, Mark Guetersloh, Mike Geriek, Chns 
Hawley, Scott Udell. 

National Honor Society (left to right) Bottom Row: Amv 
Birmingham: secretary. Ginger Miller: President, Richard 
Aldridge: Treasurer Second Row: Jeff Mazzeo, Barbara 
Konkle, Karin Reinisch, Barbara Grimm, Jean Crescenri, Kann 
Yeatts, Dan Colao. Third Row: Kerry Latina, Janna Johnston, 
Laura Feltman, Mary Ellen Carter, Rich Minassian, Maureen 
Bench, Leslie Jelalian, John Bronikowski Top Row: Jean 
Marie Matthews, Sandy Richards, Doug Smith, Carla 
Picariello. Not pictured: Jan Hamann, Damette Holbert, Peter 
Farrell, Vice-President, 

Liza Ralston, Student Government Day Representative 


Student Advisory Committrf ; (left lo ri^ll Top Row: Krn 

Cinder, Sean McCafferv Bottom Row: [ i/ji Ralsiim. K^rin 
Reinisch. Laura Kupfnan, Mike Callendar 

Math League; (left to right) Top Row: Jean Cmcena, Bob 

Kelnholer, Rich Aldndf;v. L'Inkr Reinich, Pam Wineood, Li* 
N'andy, Kann ReiniMrh Bottom Row: Mike Bruno, Rich 
Minassian, jeff Ma/zeo 

Citizenship Committee; (left to right) Top Row: Tom Welsh. 
Barbara Penider, |ill .Millman, Laura Kupfnan, Mike Callendar 
Bottom Row: Jenny Spencer, .V1ea);an Kalstun Kann Yeall», 
Kann Reinisch, Liza Ralston 

Legislative Committee; (left to right) Back Row: Mrs Spence, 

Sandv Richards, John Solomita, Alex Seeal, Mr McCartnv, 
leanette Moreau, Kann Reinisch, Leslie Jelalian, Mrs Kreuger 
Front Row: Al Kennev, Doug Bun, Ken Cinder, Cheryl 
Millman. Not Photographed: Mr. DesUels 

Massachusetts Girls' State Representative: Leslie Jelalian 


Tournament Of Plays 

The Tournament of Plays is the 
Drama Club's annual cornpetition 
between the Freshman, Sophomore, 
Junior, and Senior classes. Each 
class presents a forty minute, one 
act play shown to a panel of iudees. 
This year's Tournament was nela 
November 17, 18, and 19, 1983, 
where the senior presentation, "The 
Children's Story" received four 
awards including "Best Play", "Best 
Actor" — Peter Galipeau, "Best 
Actress" — Ginger Miller, and 
"Best Supporting Actor" — Jack 
Monaco. Winners of the other 
awards were "Best Supporting 
Actress" — Sarah Robmson, "Best 
Newcomer" — Peter Correa, and 
the "Student Director" award went 
to Donald Woodford. 

This year's Freshman entry was 
"A Danish Soap", which dealt with 
the spirit of William Shakespeare 
returning to a 20th centurv earth to 
modernize his novel Hamlet into a 
soap opera version. The cast 
included: Lynda Blair, Peter Correa, 
Julie Mann, Nancy Woodford, 
Matthew Huffman, William Larkin, 
Christine Dupont, Linda Ricci, Jill 
Costello, James Larkin, Audrey 


Graves, and Christopher Marcotte. 

The Sophomore presentation was 
"No One Wants to Know", a 
comedy about a woman dying from a 
terminal illness. This cast included: 
Ulie Reinisch, Renata Pomponi, 
Shiela Feltman, Dane Graves, Mike 
Rosenburg, Delly Pease, Veronica 
Welch, and Kim Tra vers. 

The Junior Class produced "An 
Overpraised Season," which 
showed three teenagers and the 
problems thev faced while growing 
up in high school. The actors and 
actresses included were: Sarah 
Robinson, Russell Cobe, Andrea 
Lund, John Grimm, Mike Sullivan, 
and Julie Kostishack. 

The last and best play of all was 
performed by the seniors. "The 
Children's Story" was a drama 
about the aftermath of a cold war 
and the attempt of the new teacher 
to teach the children the "right 
thoughts." The award-winmng cast 
was: Ginger Miller, Laura Feltman, 
Peter Galipeau, Laura Kupfrian, 
Gayle Alperin, John Orlando, Judy 
Boyle, Richard Aldridge, Jack 
Monaco, and Carla Hutchinson. 

1) Linda Ricci, Julie Mann, Rick Dacy, and Jill 
Costello acting in freshmen play. 

2) Shave much? 

3) Senior Class Play, 

4) Russ Cobe and Andrea Lund in class 

5) Mirror, mirror on the wall! 

6) The winning senior play cast (left to right): 
Director Dave Green, Peter Galipeau, John 
Orlando, Jack Monaco, Assistant Director Jama 
Gray, Rich Aldridge. Second Row: Judv Bovle, 
Gayle Alperin, Carla Hutchinson, Laura 
Kupfrian, Ginger Miller, Laura Feltman, Ann 
Marie Leonardi. 

7) Juniors: John Grimm and lulie Kostishack. 


The Bedford JROTC is not just a class, it is a source of a 
multitude of activities in whicn the student cadet can 
participate. Bedford Cadets can take part in activities such as 
Drill Team, Color Guard, JROTC dances, writing for the 
JROTC newspaper, and going on field trips. 

The drill team is made up of approximately twelve cadets 
who practice three davs a week. The team participates in four 
competition matches a year with the championships in March 

The Color Guard escorts the Bedford Marching Band in 
football games and leads the National Athem. The Color 
Guard also marches with the band during parades. 

Members of JROTC are also given an opportunity to go on 
annual field trips to McGuire Air Force Base and Fort Dix. A 
summer field trip to Paris, France is made every two years to 
attend the Paris Air Show. This exposition is a demonstration 
of all the world's greatest aircraft. The other activities held 
throughout the year are numerous and open to all cadets who 
wish to participate. 

1) Chris Dunbar, Matt Urquhart, Colleen Harrington, 
Stephanie Mierzykowski, Mike Vosika, John Guetersloh pose 
ready to travel. 

2) Peter Castro, Doug Burr, Terry Bradshaw, Jay Guetersloh, 
John Crane, Shaunn Teazel. Mike Vosika comprise the Color 

3) ROTC ready for action on the football field. 

4) A couple enjovs the ROTC dance. 

5) ROTC Color Guard in the Bedford Day parade. 


Winter Wonderland 

Why would anyone be at the high school at 
8:30 A.M. on a Saturday morning? Simple, the 
day was January' 28th and the senior class was 
hosting a Winter Carnival to help ease the 
tension of mid-term exams. The day started 
with snow sculpturing where students created 
a huge B.H.S. in the snow. They even sprayed 
the edges with black sprav paint to add 
definition to the letters. Hay rides were next 
on the agenda, and after grabbing a quick bite 
to eat many people played king of the 
mountain, and tug-of war on the football field. 
Also, there were sled races and snowball 
fights. All who attended the activities enjoyed 
themselves, even though they were a bit 
frozen bv the end of the dav. 

1) Peter Prav drives for two. {Jim DeVellis, 
Peter Prav, George West) 

2) THE SENIORS; Bottom Row (left to right): 
Phillip Kohm, Dwight McDaniel. lim Doherty, 
Adam Stuart. Top Row: Chns Kimmms, lim 
DeVellis, Carl Castetter, Peter Pray, Scott 
Carpenter, Barr\' D\ment. 

3) Part of the activities of the dav was the 

4) The winning snow sculpture 

5) Students participating in the sled race. 


Bedford High, as well as the rest of the town, had its first 
bonfire in twent\'-five vears The Buccaneer back stop was the 
ideal place in which to "host our roast " The great mountain 
of wood was doused with gasoline and the bonfire began as 
the football team captains torched it to life The soaring flames 
crackled atop the lumber as the smoke encircled the crowd 
surrounding the blaze As the band played and the ma|orettes 
and cheerleaders danced the hundreds of supporting, rowdv 
fans cheered enthusiastically with the hope tnat our footbalf 
team would lead us on to victory the follow ing Thanksgiving 
morning As the crowd slowly dispersed, the Patriot who was 
cleverly positioned at the apex of tne blaze suddenly became 
engulfed with flames Less than three minutes had ^one by 
before the burning symbol of the following morning s \ ictor\' 
was undoubtably burnt to a crisp Much fun was had by all 
and hopefully we will be able to continue this event annually. 

1) Lvnn shows off the cheerleaders' wt)rk. 

2) The bonfire the night before the Thanksgiving game. 

3) Majorettes get psvched for the game the following day 

4) Band members Mollv Koester, Ra| Sundra, )ay Scnoendorf, 
Mandv Telford brave the cold to plav at the bonfire 

162 / BONFIRE 



The Junior-Senior Semi-Formal was held on 
December 23, 1983, at the American Legion. 
Over seventy-five couples attended ancf from 
the looks of things, a good time was had bv 

It was strange to see the bovs you see in 
Levi's everyday in suits and ties.' The girls also 
looked very nice in their dresses. 

Needless to say, the dance floor was 
extremely crowded at all times as couples 
danced the night away. 

The chaperones were Ms. Blackwell, Mr. 
Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Downing and the 
senior class advisor Mr. Pateulia, who stunned 
us all with his John Travolta talents. The night 
was not long enough as everyone would 
agree; 11:30 came too early and before you 
knew it, the semi-formal was over. Hopefully, 
the tradition will continue and there will be 
many more to come!!! 

1) "It's my turn to lead!" (Chns Lawrence, Lonnie Murray) 

2) Tina Collier and Chris Kimmins on the dance floor 

3) "Hey, watch the flowers " (Jimmv Cettman, Tracv Tanner) 

4) Get down on it! (Jeff .Mazzeo, Kri'sten Dougherty) 

5) Ginger Miller and Lou Brown en|oving themselves on the 

6) "U s a totally different head man, totally " (Keith 


Powder Puff 

Front Rowdefl to right): Carole Crittenden. Anne Mane Stella, 
Courtenav Hand. ]o\ce Hennnkus. Maureen Bench Not 
Pictured: Leslie Mclaughlin. Kern Latina. lulie Pelletier Lvnn 


And They Call This 


LUNCH 167 

If Lockers Could 



Students make it a tradition to spice up the 
days at BHS by decorating their lockers with 
various items. A person's locker reflects his 
personality, and if you saw any of the girls' 
lockers, you would think thev were all Doy 
crazy. Most things that girls hang in their' 
lockers should be censored, but other things 
are quite decorative. Boys don't participate in 
the art of locker decorating as much as girls, 
but they have their share of magazine 
clippings, funny sayings, and good-looking 
girls. Just think how boring it would be if you 
visited someone's locker and all you saw was 
metal! Decorated lockers brighten up your day 
in between classes. 

1) Elaine Carroll 

2) Carole, Barb and Jill smile prettily for the 

168 / LOCKERS 


•JM&M: Never 4get NHS. dip-bats! 
wldwdstreak! W^DC S. Cft & Mr. M; 
allnight w/2, school = ZZGH StrDacs; 2 on 
1 in a car? Bfdvil; SalsbBch Hcky win 
wdgys begin! Hang Murphv; lose mittens 
faces-cheeks? Tpsfld Fair; "My Hero"; Ms. 
J; Peepers FBall 33, 35; Y.STK HS; 
stuck = roof; purse in wood crnk els; rip 
Levi; Tre ft; H20 fight; list & dance HiO 
Ballet; Car & Steves; Pad. sug; 15c Puritv; 
Annie PopB-Day; TorDare; Can LKPK; 
Tallships; GuilesCon; Homogenized, 
Plump; 5 doz; Yup, Yup; HYPHEN; No 
reas just like doing T like! I;; always luv ya! 
AB Lesseil(MA): U= the best! Memories = 
infinite! TTT OO; TMCFCXPED; Tigs + 
Eyore; CSC; 4way covos; M + Ms; FF 
Baham Mammas; Weirls; Kenny R; Adv Bio 
— what's up = U war-twin-pwr. 
ACTIVATE!^ Hi L.Al! XO Luv Ameil BA 
Dannie: I'll always love ya! Aims Ug= too 
sexy! Show your' luv — here! Deeds: U = 
Best sis -H fmd! Ameil** 

*A.B. — I've loved doing "crazy things" 
with you throughout high school. Ex: 
swimming with bats, waterskiing, cidar + 
popcorn, log cabins, walking to school, etc. 
The list goes on. You're the best! Keep on 
rockin' and boppin' to the music cause I'm 
having a good time! Love, JM&M. L.J. — 
I'm glad we've become close friends this 
year. Just think — it all began with Jennifer 
at Canoby! You know what 1 think? I think 
you're all . . . Love ya, JMM. P.D. — I'm 
nappy we're good friends this year. 
Nexttime I'm at your house . . . peanut 
butter. Love, JMM B.P. — fun fimes 
managing -i- in math! J.M. — many good 
times at your house! France'U be great! — 


**Cheryl, Cindy, Becky Thariks for all the 
great times, Cove ya, Toni. Hey you guys 
when I get my license . . T/ Gayle peanut 
butter and chocolate time? Thanks for all 
the laughs. Love ya Toni!/ BCC Forever! 
Cheryl Bee Cin Dole Laur Lane + Beth It's 
been'a ball! I'll miss you all.** 

**S.H. — I'll see va in the steam room. 
JMMAB & etc. Best of luck to S.H., Amy 
B., Di, the foursome. Ken, Kebby, Bluce 
STD BLT MAZ, the Piano Man, Monster, 
Buffv, The Bocce Brothers, Mem. of the 
Zoo Crew, the UZ, Mr. D. Coach S . . . 
Remember: LoDiHi Canobie, Polaris, 
Burglar's, the pprmnt ptv, and Dizzeria 
Regma. Hm. Chris, shuffle through the 
leaves. Punchy + Fiesty — goodness. — 

**ME — neighbors forever — Never more 
than a phone call away! CP — We've 
shared so much — remember it all! JM — 
Always remember Penelope & Griselda AB, 
JMM — rocks at the window at whose 
house? You are both ver\' special & I luv 
ya! JMM — Remember (Canobie lake & 
Jennifer & please never feel left out! AB, 
DB — There is so much to say — mostly 
THANK YOU! I love Eeyore & Tigger Si 
TMCFCXPED, wondertwin powers! M&M's 
— Bahama Mammas, NH & most of all 
those endless 4-wy convos! To my FLPs — 
you 3 r great! PD — remember sledding 
etc. You re my adopted senior! GM — 
What would f have done without your 
endless help in everything! DW — ' You're 
perfect — what else is there to say? JJ — 
It's not dull uith Dole! I'm glad you moved 
away from those cornstalksfDH — Sorry 

for all the yelling. Remember the many 
laughs! LM — iTuv sharing my name with 
u! KL — Your very special — always there 
for me to lean on. TB — I'm not after him 
— Thanks for all your help! LB — I'm 
trying to follow your example! RM — Sorry 
1 did not sit with you a lunch — I luv ya 
anyway! AW, CK JH, CA, MB, TB — I've 
grown up with ya & I'll never forget you! I 
love ya! LKJ** ' 

**Darnette — okay — Rush is number one — 
hey — SC much? That's what I like about 
you!!! How do you know? Wanna Step 
outside? Nice mole, huh Jimmy? Hey 
there, Mr. Lightbulb!?! How are you today? 
Excuuuse me — Pero tiene Ud . . Who are 
you? Who are you? J.D. & M B. — Ain'yt 
you never seen a man in the sewer before? 
Hey Derrick — Attack much? Yes I do!!! 
Miguel — New shirt? Real gold? Blue Sky? 
Miss Vu-Strawberries!!! L.J. Don't ever 
forget — Sister Sleaze and "It's never dull 
!!!" Love y'all!!! JMJ** 

**P.P. — Rascle, sand in the boat, satalite, 
dinner frustrations. Psycho Weekend, 
Armyman, F.F. Chubby — Psycho 
Weekend, many road trips N., The Pinto, 
To much to list; F.F. Hi DH, JJ, LJ. + FBM 
M B. — You wanna go parking, shirt on 
inside out, stuck in snow, stuck in mud, 
lost in Boston, Can 1 have this dance for 
the rest of my life. Diamonds are forever. 
Surprise! Happy B-Day, I love you. T B. — 
a great hiena. — KG** 

long! Potenfial Do yo know why we're 
dressed like this? I do I do!! Bumps in 
SUPER PINTO, umpy dumpys! Big-H 
bound; Frolicin' in the snow. PUMPKIN 

170 / BUY-LINES 

MAN! ESCORT What are ya thinkin 
about?? J.L. NH Trip. Cheerin** 

••M.B., J.D., M.G., J.H., M.B., M.P., at 
Carlos New Years Eve. J.H. look at this. Is 
this legal. Remember the good times. M.G. 
+ M.f In the mobUe. C.C, S. C.B., B.C., 
M.P. Sudbury golf, hiding in the car.** 

**Hello, Hey sweets, so what are you doin, 
scuse me do you know where I can get 
some , To the beach; boot it slobface** 

**Life ain't so bad at all, if you live it off the 
waU Thriller, Michael J, J-5 #1 Girlfriend I 
m gonna tell your boyfriend, tell him 
exactly what we're doin.** 

**Carla — Remember Cambridge, KA-Zar, 
burning cookies, Fourthcliff, snowslides, 
"babysitting" Rich and me/ Richard, sitting 
through US History and the U. Zone, Uno 
til 3, getting home at 5:30 George Shape/ 
Julia — Thanx for: parties till 5; Fourthcliff, 
OUIJA, US History and gettine us lost. 
Thank for being there when I Tost my 
temper /JoBeth — Bower; gotcha in the eye! 
Joe Cool Frisbee and so no evil/ To the best 
of friends Good Luck in college I'll miss 
you all. Renee and Brenda — Wait til next 
year — Love Noelle** 

»*I LOVE YOU ANN BRADY!! Mummie** 

**THE GANG — B.K., J.O., K.M., J.D., 
Keep Cool J.O. G.M. Godspell. I love you 
J.O. BigGuy Godfather You have been the 
friend Never Forget. — M.K. Jellybeans, 
Needles, C.C. Loop, Scorp; on II, DD Pete 
is mint — Pete + Matt — Matt + Pete — 
Minds of Jello — I'm gonna miss you — 
Never Forget that I Love You — P.G. — 
Band keep in touch — Drama Club 
remember the good years** 

**To Tom Sawyer — good luck always in 
whatever you do! I'U see you in Hollywood 
when I'm keyboards for Journey and you 

are a famous kazoo player! Love Ghandi** 
*Lo Dole PBS: Thanks for making summer 
'83 a year to remember! BF Forever!! Love 
You Lanie! B-Ball '83 . . . Unbelievable !! 
Kat-Salem weekend wish I could remember 
it! Michelle, Jill, Jim business was fun 
Thanks for the memories!!!!!** 
*Deb — Thanx — for bein there — member 
good times! See ya in Fla. Doc member 
Marthas Vineyard & oreo ice creSm — go 
for WA! Sweety think of me in June — 
I/L/Y! I'll miss you when 1 move! DD, PF, 
KM, TM, TN, WB, CC. Most of all Kenny! 

*Best of friends, best of times. Gonna miss 
Ya!! Till we 3 musketeers meet again. Be 

.G. Remember the buttons in Chris B's 
car? C.B. We need our nails done!** 
*Thanx for the best junior year: JD JC AL LT 
SR PG, Love ya; Julie! — Questions? 
Comments? Problems? — Julie & John: 
Love is forever.** 

*MB — Memories — The curb, the prom. 
Hows the mirror? help talks, who's late, 
Mexico, too small BBall, too much to say — 
Thanx for everything Henn Soccer, the 
champ. People aren t made of paper, party 
practice. Chow sessions — Papas frosting 
U Mass bound — We made it! KG SM I'll 
miss you! TB Once I ate a Dristan, aerylic 
7th frade CA My name is Chris Adil CH 
pepsi practices, miss ya! Ml, KA 
unoelievable! KL Mexico soccer play 
remember all the good times I'll miss ya** 

*M0 — I want a new D! Good times and 
many parties Clear the way we're going 
skiing!^ Next year we party at UMass and 
BC! Take it easy! KML/MP, MO, JH — 
Excuse me but do you have 3 kinds of jelly 
donuts! — KML/LAM: Let's do 47 mph in 
the VA! Too Furmynt^bew^^^^rea^ea^ 

— It will be a belter summer! KML/TB — 
Don't touch the side mirror when doing 70 
mph, it might fall off! Mexico bound! — 
KML/CH, TER, CA — I'm so H . .! 
Pound-Mount! What a riot — you guys 
have been great — never forget all the 
great times we've had — there are more to 
come! Luv Ya — KML/LJ — Thanks for 
being such a great friend — I'm gonna 
miss you next year! KML** 

*Ken — Sudburv River, airport mud, prom, 
halfdays. the kitchen, paf on back, trying 
harder, almost little wookies, rice pilaf, you 
know you have a bird turd on your hood, 
quarters and deep convo, red ears, red 
face, fire, bagels in ferns, lost in Boston, 
woof; maid affair, mother knocking on 
window, Nina, Nicki, Fred, I love you/ TB 

— locusts fly low, you're gonna miss the 
curb! cookie cutter , dinner at prom, two in 
a s., wedding couple, FADE, unbelievable, 
amoebas, 1 just distract the other team, 
tabogeoning, MO look out! What? 
WHAM!!, cfriveways, burrs, what's Grace 
Chapel? I can't see the screen, Mexico, JD, 
prego story, flying rearview mirrors, 
Hudson game, low % shot, bitt\' punny dit 
Burnsie!/ Henn — staff parties, tuzzy 
Duck, Thumper, burning brains, weekend 
at Mike's New Year's Eve screenings, 
rolling down aisles, quarters queen in the 
pit, EXCUSE ME! Pumpkin stealing, 
Hudson game/ KL — Coo Cookoo Coo, 
waterbeds, I'm going skiing, Mexico 
bothersome noises in the Zone, EXCUSE 

*Rich-Viva la France! This is your 
race-epileptic pigmies, clamshuckers, 
gingeroreadhouse. You don't wear 
pajamas? Yangtze Keep vour gloves on, 
you'll always be special!/Ana-Que Pasa? 
NADA ice cream & chocolate chip cookies. 

sledding. Cindy — LAST IS BEST / Julia — 
Wonderful person, house, parties!/ X 
COUNTRY TEAM — no VV's! Gina Friend/ 
Chris L. Here's to RMGIERRE, You're an 
actress!/Mr. Bill, I like KWAJALEN! Tie my 
shoes? SKI team YAH!/Kris, a B — ? Make 
it an A!/Thanks jD, MK, BT, BK, AL" 
**Wells-Cambridge, Kazar (Gotcha), Boozer, 
frosting fights, Ouija (3rd base?), H.T.H./ 
Brenda — "Two of a kind", Chadwick's, 
Amy look-alike/ Julia-Ouija (Raliegh), deep 
conversations. Trivial Pursuit Sat. nights' 
Judy — 12 page notes, "Judy and the 
Beadv-Evea Littled Mouse "./J. B. — Heidi, 
Joe Coof "cousin", surprise parties. /Wend v 

— It's petals AROUND the rose. /Richard ' 

— Julia's til 5, Eddie Grant lives, 
"SECTUAL Healing ", Sleeping Beauty frost 
the cupcakes NOT the hair, 1 love 
vou!/Snervl — Freshman, commissary. ' KY, 
AL, AW, KM, JH, DH, JD, JC, GM, JM, 
MEC, HB/ Thanks friends. Love Carla" 

**How do vou know? There's a rat under my 
bed . . . That's what I like about vou! Hey 
Mister! How could you stoop so low? I't's 
2:30! Look how blue the sky is. Yesido. 
Cujo! Who's Vivian? Darnette's fine! Who 
are you? ITFY. Sike! HDY KABPFJOTB? 
PVOTC! What's up Short Stuff? MLL»» 

**Hi Legs; Twitcher, Flicker, Bumps. It's 
been great! I luv ya Flo + Pitts! Get your 
license Lee? What red light?! Tiny bubbles! 
Psycho, loops, beanheao! Here's to the 
future! Scott your the best! Rifle team! Keys 
in car?** 

**Hampton, ski team, frozen lemonade 
drinks, levil's, Bowie, house parties, 
U-Mass, sudsies, B-52's, Herb, late nites, 
M-TV, Proms, Lex., Sen. Prom, Thomas 

Dolby, 2:00am at P.S., eat yumyumyuh. 
C-2 we had so many good times and bad. 
Thanx luv, C-1. F.P'. H P. — I luv ya! I 
know we'll always be F.P.H. pals! Summer 
83; CC kids; driving; canoeing; Jan. 83 VOJ! 
TBCC 84; B's parties; hey C-1 your alarms 
going off!; My parents are gonna kill me!; 
partying; she blinded me; Der Kommissar; 
put VHL: C-1 you're a mint friend. Thanx 
for being there! C-2; Buggv-BoBo's forever! 
C-2; WeVe finally outa here!!**S.H. , L.M.. 
B.G., — Who killed Irene? I dislike you 
too! Take a trip to Rte. 3? Mrs. H. I^ussian? 
HJead Butt! Did you do that lab? You nuts 
. . .G'luck!/Oh Blah! Baa-20 min workout. 
Dead bug! Break! Fiestas were fun Thank 
you. Suenyaec haircuts, toe, GH, 
thru-windows, ice cream runs, Mac's, hey 
mom! Deep talks. Luv You! Beck, Lollv — 
Thanx 4 Garfield! U 2 R Great! Bon Voyage! 
Chliss**Macthrills and SPILLS of a 
mid-morning moped cruise! — Mac's 
saloon-CONTvOY: — Close en ounters of 
the waterbed! — BANZAII!! — burnt pizza 
is DELICIOUS! — Wedgwood dippin' — 
my steamy passion pool — always the 2 
crew! — L.B./Kernal-Haryard bound for = 
24! — pumpkin stealing — the MAN! 
loinstom babies! — The unknown ghost — 
Smellie./Comabee — Hoooover 
Maneuuver! — L. Jones. 'Hey D.M. — 
Uuuuurrpp! — L.B. To my most 
vulumptuous purple passion wild woman! 
Shake loose BHS — L B. »»Carla: Can I 
frost you? Please! — Cupcakes at 2 a.m. — 
Memories of the blackout and the car alarm 
— Softball: Don't watch my B— ! — 4th 
cliff-Macs — pool, we're fading! — 
sledding at midnight — tans — comics — 

Joan, you snob! — Are your bones cold? — 
New Year's Eve — Read any bimonthly 
mags lately? visited PARIS? — Basketball: 
Can you do a lay-up? — the body beautiful 

— great fimes — luv ya Rick'Kann: US 
History — Where's Chadwick's? — I'm 
Eddie,' man. Ganga — That possum! — 
Let's ski the c. ski team BLAH! — It don't 
snoe in Georguh! — the Big O-pool, laps, 
FROGMAN! — George SHAPE, X-Country 
skiing — lots of memories — G' Luck Judy; 
Can 1 visit your HOUSE? — The postman 
only' eats twice but with Judy 4 rimes — 
OOH! When are we going to have ice 
cream and cake? — British Writers — 
movies groupies — They can't take us 
anywhere! Get your mind out of the gutter 

— sparkling grape juice — polyester 
bad Narma — How's your lovelife? — 
beady eyed little mouse — Thanx for the 
memories my love and friendship alwayv 
Julia; Taleel — What time is it? — Parties: 
All night long Coke adds life! — Sir 
Walter Raleigh — your preference G'luck in 
College Jean: ThanTcs for your friendship — 
vou mean a lot to me — good luck at 

BC Jack & Ginger: Porkv's? Onlyif I've had 
a d. first. Octmjussv? Only if Judy and I 
can talk War Games? Only if the guy 
behind isn't old and crabBy. Brenda: Can 1 
borrow your t\'pewriter? — All of the 
above afso- All fo this from R.T. 
A]dridge**J.B. ski trip! — Are you 
Lebanese? L.F Wonao! — We love pain! 
J.T. Smile! — 36 girls are checking you 
out!'G.M. Watch out Washington nere we 
come!/J.C. I'm quitting school! Luv va all 
MEGMecca" Sleeping in the tent with the 
rooster (Adam go to sleep!) — Rhinophore 

172 / BUY-LINES 

Rules in "84", but I'm an oral tentacle fan! 
The wonderous one! Why 22?**Hey Red 
I'm tonna miss you — "If your blue just 
think about Mv and the oreos! Ditto! Got it 
all together don't you? Thanks for a great 
year./To: T.C., N.B., M.G., M.B., D.G., 
V.R., K.D., T.N., W.B., A.G. especially 
W.A.: You're the only one ** Jim, get the 
towel out of your nose! — Quick, I need 
some negative ions! — E.M.: Your memory 
lives on Forever, B.W., D.K., J.B./ 
Glenridge parties, Neew Years Eve-good 
times at the Tech parking lot (Remember 
the red Escort?) — Hov^' about the sink at 
Papa Gino's? — How many people were 
clapping? 30?/ Dave: next time don't trip 
over your mother, OK?/ Jim: keep chewing 
gum./J.M.C.: Thanks for everything! (I 
can't list it all here) — Love Always, 
B.W.»»JiIlbury & Barbara — 1,2,3, Scream 
laugh-Quebec, snicker-snicker — 
Strawberry D's — Boston — THE 
FIREBIRD — P.S. at 1:00 a.m. — Limo trips 

— Combat zone-lockers — Let's cruise — 
Weave 'n' Wipe — bopping — Papa Gino's 
during firedrills — BEACH — food — 
Bobby and Sean — freshman year 
corruption — THE PARTY — floating 
parties in Boston Harbor — friends foffever 
Ml!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — - from each other»*L.P. 

— open arms — M.B.'s & friends 4 ever!/ 
MEC — When are you quitting school? — 
homeroom — Taggarts — Al — Crash — 
Big Chill — Y.M. avec J.B. Munchies — 
meters — tanningmobile — J.M. — 
sociological talks on the mountain/ A.B. — 
Lane — P. & U take the cake — boneheads 
in NH!/ J.M.M — my clone — "Do you 
want it?" — splat — chocolate sheets!/ L.R. 

— Ken — Brudnicks guy & compound 
W!/B.P. — Lane — Jr. High & D^s place / 
G.M. — Math will be imbedded in us 4 

ever!/R.Q. — Driving — dances & 

Macs/J.D. — french tests — Were they 
yours or mine?!/D.D. — Great times, 
huh?!/R.A. — Algebra -- Calculus — 
Xeroxed notebooks — Min, Max — Excuses 
to miss US History — yearbook — Mac 
runs — frisbee — French vocab — You 
always get yelled at! — Newlyweds/D.S. — 
your mind will never cease me — bus rides 

— bonfires — then cop out!/B.W. — The 
same goes for you — 'Poke . . . out" — 
Freudian slips — hit snow banks much — 
both of us — 1984 is OUR year -- Love 
and Best Wishes to you all! J.C.*»Sean: 
Road trip to Wyoming?/Ken: "Oh are you 

foing to the dance too?" — skunk — Pull, 
uU, Pull your car gentlv out of the mud/ 
Carl: Who the ?!/# is Shoei Grant Bubba?/ 
DuckyFuzz, Fuzzy Duck, ???? he does/Kim: 
"Fortune cookies and soup" — Just one of 
the little things that's meant so much to me 

— 5 miles to the beach, I thought you'd kill 
me — so many good times — I know I'll 
never forget — Bubboo/ Hey, Class of 
"84", this Budinsky's for you!*»P.G., G.M. 

— Never forget '81 and Wizard or Godspell 

— that goes for you too Jack! — John 

O. /Hey Keith McPhee wherever you are — 
missea you but you still owe us lots of 
patchchords — J.O./ Thank goodness for 
tenor sax's huh Julie! I miss Murphy and 
Paris 2, Paris 1 misses you too — John/Julie 
K. — I love you baby, take care next year 

— John/Remember the "Passion Palace", 
some of my fondest memories are there. 
And remember Julie K. snuggles forever — 
John 0.**L.J. — Can I borrow your 
bike?/PP (Quincy) -— Watch out for those 
Mack Trucks on Hemlock — I'm running 
out of paint scrapers — New Years '83 — 
I'm afraid to tell you, you just hit a fire 
thing! — When do we study quimbiosis? — 
You got something on vour nose — Love 
CP/Lola — Thut yo fatlie, heh! — 

BRAACK! Miss you CP/John — Where can 
1 get my masters in Zamboni-driving? — 1 
love you anyways Carla/Choir people '82 & 
'83 — Pepsi rehearsals are great!/jw — I 
won't whether you draw it or not!/ 
Sockey-Hoccer cheerleaders — I love you 
all, thanx for an excellent season! Love 
CP/Benny — it's 8:30, Where's the gorilla 
suit? — Ubu, the Bear's getting mad, too 
many corners !/Grover — "Shut up. My 
car's doing stuff!" — "Mark, I think we 
should go upstairs . . . NOW!" — summer 
nites at Lane — Me, the Bear, and Grover 
too! — Chadwicks — the mall — Grover 
please don't give my S away! Grover, Ubu, 
& Benny — Jocks & Jackets guys VERY 
CLASSY! The Bear — I think you're 
possessed — Take me home! — Please 
don't kill me — Can I have both gloves? — 
Remember, TIME is precious! June 18, 1994 

— Forever & always! You 4 are the best — 
I love you guys! — Thanx for the mint 
times! — Pogo/ME — Some quotes from 
over the years — 1 brought 2 of these? — 
Journey 'Time to go they're on the second 
encore!" — Can you smell the hurt? — 
Your toga fell off — pink please. 1 fit one, 
give Tricia the — DON'T LITE ME ON 
FIRE! — It's been 4 handriers — God's gifts 
to the world — Summer '83 — nite out 
with Joe & ? — Get me out of this ditch — 
Thanx for all the memories! CP/Carl — 
Don't bite my fingers near Paul's new 
jacket — deltoid muscles are mint! — Iwant 
to make lots of sundaes! Oh No! I need 
more honey — Remember "our secret" — I 
need oxygen! — Love C.P.**N.M. — the 
fights — (frosting and verbal) — Xavier — 
U-zone — Macs — you're stubborn — 
Trivial Pursuit — ditto for C's, J's, and K's 

— RA" 




Genetti's Package Store 

Weather Services Corp. 




Rose Albano 

Maj. & Mrs. Lee F. Aldridge 

Robert & Doris Batt 

Joanne Biondo 

Joe & Ruth Bellengi 

Ahm Black & The Hudocks 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald I. Colliton 

The Birmingham Family 

Charles N. & Diane Stuart Blake 

Dorothy Connolly 

Valerie Bogan 

The Bradshaw Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Damery 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Busa 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Carter 

The Drohan Family 

Mr. & Mrs. John K. Carpenter 

Steve DeTerra 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Farell 

The Crescenzi Family 

Laura & Mike Farren 

Timothy E. Glatfelter 

Mr. & Mrs. B.J. Duncan 

The Galipeau Family 

Eliz. & Mark Gratton 

Mr. Malcolm J. Eaton 

The Holbert Family 

Suzie & Steve Hauck 

The Hennrikus Family 

Maj. & Mrs. Leonard T. 

Lorraine Howes 

Mr. & Mrs. Al Jelalian 


Loretta Jauss 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Kennedv 

Donald D. Johnston Family 

Marcella King 

The Millman Family 

James F. Kearney 

Phillip McLaughlin 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Paul 

Bob & Anita Matthews 

The Moll Family 

Nancy Ellen Pimental 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. McCaffery 

Sue Nordemo 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Sharpe, Jr. 

The McDonough Family 

Diane A. Pankow 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Thoresen 

David McLeod 

Earl Paron 

The Nickerson Family 

Constance Ruocco 

Mr. & Mrs. O'Hara 

Nancy Sullivan 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Powderly 

Aurora Carrera Roberson 

Donald Robinson 

John & Virginia Schwamb 

The Shafer Family 

174 / PATRONS 


Congratulations to the 
Class of 1984 




To the Class of 1984 . . . 
As we see you out the door. 
You think that you have had some fun. 
But you will have much more! 

— Love 

The Class of 1986 


Congratulations to the 
Class of 1984 

From the Class of 1987 

Congratulations from 

Robert Pespisa 


Bedford — BiUerica lUxedo Shops 

"'Hixedos For All Occasions" 

Bedford Shopping Center \ CI 

Z) Theble Cove Plaza 

158 Great Road \_ 

JL 199 Boston Road 

Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 <0; 

BiUerica, Massachusetts 01862 

617-275-9864 ^ 





Congratulations and 
Sincere Wishes 

Future Success 
from all of us at 


Good Luck Class of 1984 

James F. 
Sullivan, Jr. 

Plumbing & Heating Contractor 
Bedford MA, 01730 
Phone 275-8100 

6:30-11:30 AM 

11:30-2:30 PM 

5:00-9:00 PM 


Finest Seafood Around 

340 The Great Rd. 
Bedford MA 


Happy Hour 

Congratulations from 
Ansie, Chris, Rob, Marc, Steve, Andy, and Bob. 


The Great Rd., Bedford MA 

All you can eat salad bar 
At the 

Lord Bedford 
Motor Inn 

Phone 617-275-6700 








Compliments of 


345 Great Rd., Bedford MA 

138 the Great Roaa 
Office 617-275-7777 

Bedford. MA 01730 
Home 617-275-1918 




■ corporation 

From Spire Corporation .... Our very best 
wishes for health, happiness, and prosperity to 
the Class of 1984 and to all of the students, faculty 
and administration of Bedford High School. 

In Energy 

Spire is the place to grow 

Spire Corporation/Patriots Park/Bedford, MA 




from all of us at 

^rartcL Names for Less! 

BEDFORD: Rt.3 and Kilton Rd. across from Bedford Mai 


25 North Road 


Bus. Phone 275-7200 
Res. Phone 369-3385 

Congratulations to the 
class of 1984 

Ca[(jin cS. C^ajiman. 



Office 275-6080 
Res. 275-0256 

BEDFORD, MA 01730 


1 Fletcher Road, Bedford 275-9238 
Across from Police and Fire Stations 

Your Favorite Sandwiches Made on Homemade 
Rolls Baked in our own Bakery 

Fresh Pastry and Breads Baked Daily 
Our Special Lobster Rolls Every Friday 
Daily Sandwich Specials 

Garden Salads Fresh fruit cups 

Catering to Parties, Luncheons and Industry 

Browse while you wait in 
The Peppermill Shoppe 

Jewelry — Gifts — Cards 
Pine Furniture 


Telephone 275-6944 


Office Hours 
By Appointment 

56 Great Road 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 


Compliments of 


"With Prayerful Best Wishes for 
the class of 1984" 

Parishioners of St 
Michaels Church 



44 Middlesex Turnpike • Bedford, Massachusetts 0\TM) 

() 17/275-5500 

John J. Gambarotta 

Dirt'clor of Markctiiiq 



PHONE 275-1067 


BEDFORD, MA 01730 

Benjamin Moore 

Colorizer Paints 

LICENSE n 1940 

Telephone 275-0736 


Milton S. Moffett 
Registered Optician 

50 Loomis Street 
Bedford, MA 01730 

Congratulations to 
the class of '84 


Bedford Shopping Center 
166 The Great Road Bedford, MA 
Phone 275-6931 

Best Wishes to the 
Class of 1984 

A:HC CLIFFORD rjuxtwrs 




Bedford, MA 01730 
William J. Martines 


Bedford Jewelers 
Diamonds • Silverware 
Great Road Shopping Center 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 

Telephone: 275-7056 






Compliments of 


35 Wiggins Ave, Bedford MA 01 730 (617)275-2300 





60 The Great Road, Bedford, MA 01 730 
63 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown, MA 02172 



Tel (617) 275-2756 
(617) 924 1888 












Grease - Oil ■ Tune Dps - Tires - Accessories 

DOM Palmeri 






T.E. WALCOTT 275-7570 




BEDFORD, MA - 275-7210 


PHONE: 617-275-3000 

The Petal People 
Bedford Florist 

BEDFORD. MA 01730 

PHONE 275-7905 
Flowers For All Occasions 




319 Great Road 
275-9743 Bedford, Mass. 






363 Great Road Bedford, MA 01730 

Tel. (617) 275-3343 

HAIfl siyiisi 

mmm m\\ 



(Rte. A and 225) BEDPORD 

The Infrared Specialists 

12 Oak Park Drive, Billerica, MA 






180 GreaT Road 

Bedfofd. Mass 01730 




275 9759 


Ice Cream/Subs 


Beth, Danny, Dolores, Elaine, 

Kathy, Kerry, Laura, taurine, 

Meg, Peter 

Class of '84 

Blake News Store 

Best Wishes To The 
Class of '84 




<St\oi<u. !Sac^± ^vety c^aLt 



Dr. & Mrs. E. Eagles 




101 the Great Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 
Bradley P. Howes Robert U. Johnson 


Congratulations and Best 
Wishes to the class of 1984 

Dr. and Mrs. Eric Birmingham 

Best Wishes To The Class of 

from the Entire Staff of 

Village Clothesm?th 

413 Waltham St., Lexington, MA 02173 

"Fashions for Juniors, Misses, and Kids too." 


Professional Corporation 
113 The Great Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 

to the class of 1984 


Wilson — Amfhead — New Balance — Spaulding 
(617) 275-6009 


Sporting of all kinds 
164F The Great Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 



Studio of Photography 



Creative Yearbooks 


99 Cambridge St. \\ 
Burlington 272-4700 ^ 






Computer and Information Systems 
C.R. Burgess (BUS) 617/275-6800 

President (RES) 617/459-9002 


99 The Great Road 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 


(617) 275-8540 
Home 275-7865 

Brass, Wood, and Silver Artware from India. 
Simple, Best, and Low Price Gift Shopping for all 


Mon.-Wed. 9:30-7:30 
Thu.-Fri. 9:30-8:00 

Sat. 9:30-6:00 Phone — 275-0700 


Bedford Shopping Center 
Great Rd., Bedford, MA 


Good used books and paperbacks 

Over 15,000 Books Priced 
and Classified 

50 Great Road, Bedford 




Consider the all-new continuing care community of 
Carlton-Willard Village 

Nursing care needs are met in a residential village where privacy and individuality are respected. A 
professional staff is ready to meet your every need in skilled nursing, intermediate nursing, or rest home 

Retirement living is available in townhouses and apartments for those couples of individuals who wish to 
live life to its fullest, relieved of the burdens of day-to-day living. 

Phone for an appointment 
to visit us: 
100 Old Billerica Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 
(617) 275-8700 



Arlington Five Cents Savings Bank 

University Bank 


Checking — Mastercard & Visa — Savings 
Wire Transfers — Home Improvement Loans 
Personal Loans — Certificates of Deposit 
M-Th. 9 A.M. -4 P.M.: Fri 9 A.M. -7 P.M. 
337 Great Road 

McTOM frum Hiitri at Grml Knul Shipprng Crnler) 


The Sherwin-Williams Company 

325 Great Road 

Bedford Massachusetts 01 730 

(6171 275-9066 



The ROFFLER Hairstyling Experience 

Open 6 Days 

Appointments Available 275-771 1 

168E Great Road, Bedford 


Best Wishes to the Class of 

Bedford Police Association Incorporated 


Best Wishes 
From The 




138 THf GREAT ROAD ^H^^ 







"For Those Who Care, Call Tres Chere!" 


89 CONCORD RO. (RT. 62) 

Phones 275-9110 

275-91 1 1 


355 Great Road 
(Great Road Shopping Center) 
Bedford, Mass 01730 
Domestic*Foreign*CommerciarSpeed Eqt. 

Rick Deleo 

TEL. 275-1276 


BEDFORD. MA 01 730 


Lambda Physik 




IB North Road Bedforrj. Massachusetts 01 730 Telephone 61 7-275-9230 TWX 710-326-0197 



Residential — Industrial — Commercial 
Sales, Installation & Service 
Depot Square 275-0124 
Bedford or 275-6721 

Congratulations to the class of 84 






39 North Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 


for home and industry 
creative picture framing prints 

Bedford Shopping Center 
Bedford, MA 

Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1984 
Law Offices of 


110 Great Road 
Bedford MA 

Nathaniel Brown, Esq. 

Luongo's Dry 
Cleaners, Inc. 

The Dry Cleaning Specialist 

Weddine Gowns — Expert Stain Removal 
No Shrinlcage — Complete Draperv Service 
Down Parka — Sleepmg Bags — Leathers 
Furs — Storage 

Complete Tailoring Service 
Tel. 275-7300 
32 Shawsheen Ave., Bedford MA, 01730 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 1984 



Congratulations to the 
Class of 1984 

Hanscom Officers' Wives' 


John E. Japp, 

50 Loomis Street — Phone 275-7513 
Bedford MA, 01730 


Best Wishes 

to the 
Class of 1984 



Acree, Keith 62, 120, 

Acree, Lori 68, 121 
Adams, Keith 82 
Adil, Chris 18, 179 
Ahem, Nancv 18 
Ahem, Pattv'74, 202 
Albanese, Maria 68, 122 
Alcaide, Mark 68, 114 
Aidrich, Mike 68 
Aldridge, Rich 11, 18, 

54, 97, 132, 151, 152, 

154, 156, 157, 159, 166 
Alessi, Kathv 18, 127, 

172, 190 
Alexander, Arthur 9, 62 
Allen, Cristina 62, 116, 


Alperin, Gavle 11, 19, 

159, 166 
Alperin, Matthew 62 
Ambrose, William P, 81 
Amidon, Neil 68, 114, 


Anderson, April 19, 52 
Anderson, Eric 120, 123, 

141, 145 
Andrews, Kirsten 62 
Andrews, VVesmond 72, 


Anthony, Frances 90 
Apicella, Margarita 82, 

Ardito, Dana 74 
Ardolino, Lauri 68 
Arlington Five 194 
Armini, Dave 68 
Armini, Mike 74 
Arnold, Nina 82 
Asbedian, Suzv 62, 112, 

Avev, Sallv 74, 152 



Babilon, Mark 74 
Barber, Erika 74, 172 

Barber, Kim 62 
Barron, Donald 82, 105 
Barrows, Nancy 10, 74 
Barry, Jennifer 62B 
Baudanza Electrical Co 

Bauman, Mike 74, 77 
Bauman, Tom 62, 111, 

Baxter, Sharon 82 
Beardslcy, Linda 68 
Beckwith, Pam 68 
Bedford Charter Service 

Bedford Country Store 

Bedford Farms 190 
Bedford Fire Dept. 196 
Bedford Florist 188 
Bedford Jewelers 187 
Bedford Pharmacy 186 
Bedford Police 195 
Bedford Real Estate 193 
Bedford Sport Shop 191 
Bedford Travel, Inc. 197 
Bedford Wallpaper & 

Bellacini, Billy 62 
Bellengi. Terri 8, 19, 

154, 202 
Bellino, John 74, 92, 

101, 111, 164, 207 
Bench, Maureen 12, 19, 

116, 117, 127, 153, 

156, 164, 172 
Benjamin, Jennifer 62 
Bennett, Carlene 62 
Benson, Eric 74, 111 
Bieren, Jim 68 
Biggio, Robert 82 
Birch, Chris 12, 18, 128 
Birch, Janice 82A 
Birmingham, Amy 14, 

16, 18, 128, 152', 156, 

164, 165, 172, 205 
Birmingham, Diana 15, 

74, 138, 139, 164 
Dr. Birmingham 191 
Birmingham, Scott 62, 

124, 111 
Bishop, Courtney 68, 


Bishop, Rachell 68 
Bishop, Roslvn 62 
Bishop, Steven 68, 114, 


Blackwell, Maureen 82, 

84, 130 
Blair, Doug 74, 120, 130 
Blair, Lynda 62, 144, 146 
Blake News Store 190 
Blake, Janet 74 
Blakeney, Lois 82 
Bland, James 62 
Blasi, Jim 18, 107 
Blogett, Chelbv 68, 142, 


Boatright, Jim 18V 
Bogan, Valerie 19, 59, 

95, 107, 146, 156 
Boruchovich, Boris 68 
Boundreau, Al 19, 97 
Bowens Toy Store 188 
Bowser, Dave 74 
Bovington, Andrew 68 
Bovle, Judy 11, 19, 105, 

106, 141 ; 144, 145, 
146, 151, 156, 159 

Boyle, Maureen 74, 95, 

Bradshaw, Terry 19, 160 
Brady, Alex 62 ' 
Brady, Nat 74 
Bragg, Hannah 68, 145 
Branca, Matt 20 
Branca, Roberta 68, 122 
Brasier, Charles 62 
Braverman, Ed 20 
Breland, Barrv 68 
Breland, Lvnn 15, 53, 

20, 119, 162, 164, 166 
Breslin, Gary 74 
Bridge Dvsan & 

Kilmartm 191 
Briggs, Dave 62 
Brine, Eunice 82 
Bronikowski, John 4, 20, 

107, 156 
Brown, Kenneth 74, 

145, 123 
Browne, Mickev 62 
Brunner, Todd 74, 144 
Bruno, Amy 68 
Bruno, Michael 21, 120, 


Buckley, Joseph, Jr. 80 
Bumann, Regina 74, 

121, 127 
Bunker, Donald 74, 132 
Buono, Marillian 62 

Burlington Studio of 
Photography 192 

Burns, Bonnie 4, 21, 207 

Burns, Susan 62 

Burns, Tricia 4, 12, 13, 
21, 112, 113, 127, 164, 

Burr, David 74, 145 
Burr, Doug 74, 127, 141, 

145, 157, 160 
Burton, Diana 62 
Burton, Nadolvn 74 
Buscaglia, Gian 21, 156, 


Buscaglia, Gina 62, 152 
Bush, Mike 20, 111, 172, 

Buxotn, Matt 74 
Byron, Ruth 82 


Cacciola, Peter, Jr. 82, 
92, 104, 124, 128 

Caissie, Diane 74 

Callahan, Ann Marie 68 

Callahan, Kerry 20, 51, 

Callender, John 74, 120, 

123, 145 
Callender, Michael 68, 

120, 130, 138, 152, 157 
Caloggero, Margeret 90 
Lt. Col. Edward 

Campbell 82 
Campbell, Sue 20 
Campbell, Tom 9, 74 
Campos, John 74 
Cantella, Andrea 20, 

164, 165, 166 
Cantella, Matt 68, 124 
Canter, Lawrence 80 
Capezzuto, Dawn 21, 


Capezzuto, Maureen 74, 

Cardoos, Gwen 74, 166 
Cardoza, Thomas 21, 

114, 115, 124 
Caristi, Teresa 62 
Carlson, Rob 68 

Carlson, Victor 82 
Carleton Willard Village 

Carpenter, Margaret 82 
Carpenter, Mark 62 
Carpenter, Scott 21, 111, 

161, 203 
Carroll, Elaine 21, 127, 

165, 168 
Carroll, Leslie 68, 116, 


Carroll, Lynne 68, 121 
Carruth, Anastasia 74 
Cartaglia, Frank 206 
Carter, John 62, 123 
Carter, Man- Ellen 4, 22, 

47, 122, 133, 138, 156 
Cassidv, Nicole 68, 113, 

130, 138 
Castetter, Carl 14, 18, 

22, 111, 130, 161, 203 
Castetter, Dennis 62 
Castetter, Karen 74 
Castro Christi-Anne 62, 

141, 144, 146 
Castro, Paul 74 
Castro, Peter 160 
Catalina, Fernando 74 
Cauvel, Russ 74 
Center Hair Stylist 194 
Cer\ o, Suzanne 90 
Chamberlain, Jean 83 
Chemlen, Jeff 74 
Chepolis, Kvle 62, 120 
Chilton, Lome 11, 22 
Christian, Peter 62 
Ciampa, Judith 141, 145, 


Cierpial, Karen 68, 118, 

138, 204 
Ciofi, Robert 83 
Clark, Dolores 22 
Clark, Helen 62, 122 
Clements, Marcia 68, 91 
Clifford, A.W. 186 
Cobe, Russ 74, 123, 137, 

139, 141, 143, 144, 159 
Coerbs, Wendv 138 
Cohen, Keir 74, 99 
Colao, Dan 23, 130, 153, 


Colbath, Elisabeth 62, 

122, 138 
Coleman, Christine 68 
Collins, Douglas 74 

202 / INDEX 

Collins, Julie 74, 138 
Collins, Ken 68 
Collins, Robert 68 
CoUitin, Kim 10, 12, 16, 

23, 107, 118, 138, 139, 


CoUiton, Mary Ellen 74, 

Collyer, Tina 14, 74, 

132, 163, 164 
Concannon, Dan 74, 114 
Cone, Lisa 68 
Connoly, Kevin 83 
Conway, Kelly 68 
Conway, Mary Beth 74, 

97, 116, 117, 139 
Conway, Tricia 68, 112, 

113, 138, 204 
Cook, Chris 111 
Cook Kelly 16, 23, 111 
Cook, Carole 62 
Corcoran, Holly 74, 122 
Corea, Peter 62, 141, 

144, 146 
Corey, Chris 74 
Corey, Lori 68 
Corey, Scott 62, 124 
Corey, Tina 74, 103 
Mr. Corliss 83, 87 
Costa, June 23 
Cosette, Jeanne 82 
Costello, Jill 62, 113, 

132, 138, 159, 204 
Coulter Systems Corp. 


Courtney, Jason 62 
Couvee, Anne Louise 62 
Couvee, Neil 74 
Crane, John 22, 160 
Crane, Kathleen 68 
Crescenzi, Greg 62, 111, 

Crescenzi, Jean 22, 51, 
116, 117, 156, 157 

Crittenden, Carole 14, 
22, 105, 119, 164, 166, 

Crowther, Erin 62 
Cunningham, Scott 22 
Curley, Steve 74, 128 
Cushman, Nancy 11, 23 
Cusick, Caroline 62 
Cuthbert, Evan 4, 23, 

58, 114 
Cuthbert, Jav 62, 101 


Dacey, Rick 68, 138, 159 
Dameron, Susan 68, 106 
Dameron, Vernon 83 
Damery, Nancy 68, 134, 

Damery, Shawn 23, 50, 
134 ' 

Daniell, Adrienne 68 
D'Arcy, Helen 23 
David, Barbara 83 
Davis, Christina 74 
Davis, Eric 68 
DeCaprio, Jeff 62 
Delaney, Joanne 74, 138, 

DeLellis, Dave 111 
Delfino, Deb 74 
DeMarco, Michael 24 
DeMattio, Mike 68, 111 
DeNaro, Patrick 68, 111 
D'Errico, Alicia 

681DeGregorv, Russ 


DeSantis, Debbie 62 
Desilets, Brendan 83, 

DeVellis, Brian 62, 111 
DeVellis, Jim 12, 13, 24, 

154, 161 
Devine, Debbie 74, 103 
Devine, Sean 68 
Devine, Tommy 12, 24, 

48, 185 
Devlin, Scott 74 
Dicher, Jon 111 
DiNisco Chervl 62 
DiNisco, David 75, 151, 


DiPietro, Charles 83 
Doan Linh 62 
Doane, Dwight 62 
Doane, Jeanine 75, 119 
Dobbins Auto Repair 

Dohert\', Jim 24, 120, 

134, 161 
Dohertv, Laura 9, 13, 

25, 97, 122, 123, 204, 


Dohertv, Mike 62, 111 
Dohertv, Rich 68, 95 

Doiron, Theresa 83 
Dom's Service Station 

Donahue, Cheryl 75 
Donahue, Kevin 68, 111 
Donahue, Tim 25, 128 
Donaldson, Kathy 25 
Donalson, Stephen 62 
Donato, Rachael 68, 203 
Donovan, Eleanor 83, 95 
Doucette, Jack 62, 111 
Doucette, Julie 25 
Doughterty, Keith 75, 

Kristin Dougherty 68, 

113, 127, 130, 163 
Doughty, Cheryl 8, 24 
Doughty, Dennis 62 
Doughtq, Pat 75, 79 
Dowling, Elizabeth 83 
Downing, Anne-Marie 

Doyle, Tina 4, 13, 24, 

121, 138 
Drake, Heather 75 
Draskivich, Kristin 75, 


Drenas, Kathleen 84 
Drohan, Janet 24, 99, 

122, 145, 166 
Drohan, Susan 51, 68, 


Drouin, Michele 63 
Drummond, Anne 80 
Duda, Richard 75, 111 
Duggan, Pam 11, 20, 54 
Duggan, Thomas J. 81, 

Duke, James 25 
Duke, John 75 
Dunbar, Chris 63, 160 
Duncan, Kenneth 63 
Duncan, Kim 25, 203 
Dunham's Book Store 

Dupont, Christine 63 
Dupree, James 25, 141, 

143, 144 
Durkin, Julianne 68, 145 
Dutra, Pam 68, 118, 138, 


Dvment, Barr\' 120, 130, 

Dyson, Jenepher 68, 127 
Dyson, Todd 26, 112 


Eagles, Dr. 190 
Eagles, Jeff 63, 123 
Eagles, Sam 123 
East Insurance Agency 

Eaton, Michelle 26, 118, 

172, 189 
Ebersole, Kirsten 68, 132 
Eckhardt, Becky 26, 204 
Eden, Jackie 75 
Edwards, Cynthia 75, 


Elder, Adrienne 26, 50, 
105, 121, 132, 156 

Elder, Deborah 75 

Elder, Doug 132 

Ellis, Kathy 75, 116, 132, 
145, 156' 

Ennis, Sean 75, 111, 124 

Enright, Carole 84 

Ericson, Shannon 75, 

Erlich, Adam 63, 141, 

Erqhart, Heidi 127 
Evans, Todd 69 


Fabrics for the Home 

Falcione, Fran 84 
Fallon, Wayne 111 
Fam, Shafik 27, 128 
Fardy, George 84 
Farmer, Chris 63 
Farrell, Elizabeth 151 
Farrell, Peter 27, 54, 

146, 156, 157 
Faulds, Jim 27, 101 
Feazel, Shaunn 160 
Feltman, Laura 4, 27, 

133, 139, 141, 143, 

144, 146, 151, 152, 

155, 156, 159 
Feltman, Sheila 138, 

141, 143, 144, 146 

Ferrero, Paul 26,, 151 
Ferri, Mike 128 
Fiato, Mark 75, 205 
Fields, Loreann 63 
Filleul, Scott 12, 26 
Finkelstein, Denise 122, 

Fiorino, Sylvia 26, 99, 

Fitzgerald, Michael 75 
Fitzgerald, Rob 79 
Fitzpatri k, Kevin 75 
Flanagan, Barbara 4, 26, 

105, 141, 145, 146 
Florencio, Ana Claudia 

27, 132, 152 
Flores, Fred 
Flynn, Kara 122, 204 
Foerst, Christine 75, 152 
Foerst, Dee 84 
Folweiler, Robin 63, 116, 


Ford, Tommy 75 
Fougere, Gabriella 63 
Francis, Paula 75 
Frazier, Scott 63 
French, Clarie 84 
French, Jeff 111 
French, Sibyl 84 
Freni, Mark 75, 111 
Frimpter, Tim 46, 75 
Funari, Tracey 84, 97 
Furey, Jim 76, 124 


Gage, David 70, 143, 

144, 146 
Galipeau, Peter 27, 105, 

139, 141, 143, 144, 

145, 157, 159 
Gallagher, Jane 84 
Gallant, Stephen 63 
Gardner, David 27, 111, 


Garibotto, Jeff 63. Ill 
Garibotlo, Lisa 76 
Garrett, Seamus 70, 114 
Gaul, Brendan 76, 120, 

Gauntlett, Bnan 63, 111 

INDEX / 203 

Gauntlett, Steve 27, 111 
Mr. Gene 189 
Geary, Cherie 69 
Geisburg, Joe 69 
Genetti, Donna 28 
George, Michelle 28 
Gerbrands, Chuck 111 
Gerbrands, Wendy 15, 

76, 113 
Geriek, Mike 156 
Gette, Melissa 63, 116 
Gettman, Jimmy 49, 28, 


Gfroerer, Helen 84 
Giddis, Elaine 84 
Gillis, Mike 111 
Gillis, Urban 76, 92, 111 
Ginder, Ken 12, 28, 145, 

Giurleo, Patricia 76, 118 
Gjelsvik, Karstein 76 
Glatfelter, Tim 76, 151, 

Glazier, Mary 63 
Glennon, Melinda 29, 

142, 190 
Glennon, Mike 128 
Glomski, Eric 69 
Goguen, Brian 29, 52, 

54, 111, 172 
Goldfine, Thomas 63 
Golley, Ginette 84 
GoUis, Bernard 84 
Gonzalez, Michele 127, 


Gould Motors 183 
Goyette, Marcy 76 
Granowitz, Elisa 76, 95, 

Graves, Dane 123 
Green , Christine 63 
Mr. Greenway 91 
Griffin, Axel 76 
Grillo, Corrine 76 
Grimm, Barbara 29, 138, 

141, 143, 144, 145, 

146, 152, 156 
Grimm, John 76, 138, 

141, 143, 144, 159 
Guetersloh, John 29, 

151, 160 
Guetersloh, Mark 152, 


Guidetti, Dean 63 
Guilage, Paula 84 

Gurley, Meg 63, 112, 
132, 138, 145 


Hagar, Richard 85, 146 
Hagertv, Tom 63 
Hall, Kim 63, 132 
Hamann, Jan 28, 112, 

113, 145, 156 
Hamilton, Marguerite 85 
Hand, Courtenay 4, 8, 

28, 119, 138, 164, 139, 


Hanf, David 76 
Hanf, Karl 63 
Hanley, Connie 85 
Hansen, Catherine 28 
Hansen, Sue 63, 116, 

Happy, Donna 85 
Harden, Jamie 69 
Harrington, Cindy 8, 28 
Harrington, Colleen 76, 

Harrington, Jean 64 
Harrington, Paul 64 
Harris, Tracy 64 
Harrison, Dana 70, 111 
Harrison, Gladys 184 
Hauge, Robert '64, 120 
Hawkins, Michael 76, 

111, 124 
Hawkins, Susan 70, 112, 

133, 138, 139 
Hawley, Chris 76, 103, 


Hayward, Cindy 70 
Hayward, Lisa 29,, 166 
Heggestad, Lauren 70, 

Helmar, Ken 44 
Helmar, Tracey 11, 76 
Hennrikus, Joyce 4, 12, 

16, 29, 58, 113, 164, 


Henrikson, Malin 113, 

132, 166 
Herlihy, David 44 
Heumann, Julie 76 
Hibbard, Jean 85 

Hill, John 85 
Hill Judd 64 
Hill Karen 64,, 122, 127 
Hill, Mike 29, 166 
Hirsch, Stephanie 70, 

Hocker, Kristen 70, 112, 

Holbert, Darnette 30, 
154, 156, 164, 165, 
166, 172 

Hollis, Richard 70„ 130, 

Holmstead, Gene 70, 

132, 151 
Hooper, Patty 70, 106 
Hopkins, Christina 64, 

138, 145 
Hovsepian, Dorothy 85, 


Huff, Clint 85 
Huffman, Matthew 64 
Huffman, Robert 64, 145 
Hughes, Lynn 70 
Huriey, Sean 76, 114 
Hurley, Susan 85 
Hutchinson, Carla 15, 
30, 151, 159 


Isnor, Eric 70, 111 
Isnor, Meg 30, 54, 116, 

117, 127, 172, 190 
Ingalls, Joseph 64 
Ingalls, Tracey 64 
lovino, Dottie 70 
lovino, Lena 64 
Inframetrics 189 

Jackelen, Casey 76, 99 
Jacobson, Robert 76 
Jaillet, Jodi 70, 112 
Jarek, Kevin 64 
Jeannotte, Joanne 70 
Jelalian, Leslie 14, 16, 

31, 54, 97, 154, 156, 

157, 172, 189, 202 
Johnson, Gail 70 
Johnson, Heather 70, 

122, 137, 139 
Johnson, Joel 76 
Johnson, Kaylea 64 
Johnson, Kevin 70 
Johnson, Mike 

Johnston, Janna 4, 31, 

154, 155, 156, 165, 

172, 202 
Jones, Brian 76, 170, 203 
Jones, Karma 31, 203 
Jones, Steve 70 
Joy, Lillian 64 
Joyce, John 76, 124 
Judge, John 85, 166 
Justice, Raud 70, 111 



Jacewicz, Jim 64, 144 
Jacewicz, Kim 30 
Jacewicz, Tom 76 

Kaplan, Kenneth 185 
Katz, Stephanie 70 
Kelliher, Mike 64, 107 
Kelly, Erin 64 
Kelly, Jack 4 
Kelly , James 85 
Kelly, Jennifer 31 
Kellv, Tim 

Kelnhofer, Robert 76, 

97, 114, 130, 157 
Kennedy, Matt 30, 97, 

120, 130 
Kennedy, Al 15, 76, 123, 

141, 143, 144, 146, 157 
Kenney, Mike 70, 111, 

143, 144, 146 
Kent, Joanne 30, 112, 


Kent, Mike 76, 123 
Keup, William 86, 121 
Khoxayo, Sompong 70 
Killebrew, Patrick 70 

Kilpatrick, Peggy 11, 30 
Kimmins, Chris 30, 124, 

161, 163, 166, 184 
Kimmins, Jennifer 70, 


Kinney, Joan 86, 95 
Kirkland, Lauren 76 
Kirton, Peter 90 
Kleiman, Daniel 31 
Kleiman, Gary 64, 120, 

Klein, Mia 70 
Knell, Cheryl 76, 97 
Knell, David 31 
Koester, Molly 31, 141, 

143, 144, 146, 162 
Kohm, Philip 31, 124, 

161, 166, 202 
Konkle, Barbara 32, 152, 


Koshshack, Julie 76 
138, 139, 141, 145, 159 
Kozuma, Bruce 32, 52, 

99, 139, 141, 143, 144, 

145, 146, 151 
Kramer, Laura 76, 117 
Krueger, Catherine 86, 


Kupfrian, Dave 64, 145 
Kupfrian, Laura 32, 139, 

151, 152, 156, 157, 159 
Kupiec, Yael 70, 121, 


K.W. Luther Bodyworksi 



Laird, Rodney 53 
Laliberte, Wendy 70, 

Lambda, Physik 198 
Lamonakis, Linda 86 
Landrigan, Chris 64 
Lanier, Joe Beth 4, 32, 

145, 152 
Lanier, Laura Lea 64, 

138, 139, 141, 145 
Urkin, Bill 64, 138 
Larkin, James 64 

204 / INDEX 


Larsen, Eric (A, 134 
Latina, Kerry 33, 112, 

113, 138, 155, 156, 164 
La Valley, Mickey 70 
Lawrence, Christine 33, 

58, 121, 130, 138, 146, 


Lawrence, Philip 64 
Leary, Beth 76 
Leary, Brenda 64, 103 
Lehan, Nancy 86 
Leiby, Ben 9 
Lent, Judith 86 
Leon Hair Stylist 188 
Leonardi, Ann Marie 33, 

54, 152, 156, 159 
Leong, Lisa 76, 138 
Leonick, John 33 
Leonick, Tricia 70 
Lerner, Larry 64 
Lerner, Scott 32 
Levine, Lisa 76 
Lexington Plumbing and 

Heating 199 
Libby, Diane 70 
Light, Marilyn 86 
Linan, Pepe 32, 48, 114 
Lindman, Robert 76 
Linz, Christine 70, 116 
Linz, Laura 76, 138 
Linz, Lisa 101, 117, 132 
Lipczer, Michelle 70, 133 
Lipson, Perry 32, 193 
Litchfield, Kerry 70, 122 
Livingston, Chris 76 
Lohr, Carol 76, 122, 123 
Lohrum, Alison 86 
Looney, Debbie 70 
Lord, Janet 70 
Lord, Kenny 64, 111 
Lord, Robert 32, 106, 

166, 184 
Lovely, Debbie 70 
Lueckerath, Heike 64, 


Luken, Robert 86 
Lund, Andrea 76, 139, 

141, 143, 144, 145, 

146, 159 
Luter, Kelley 70, 119 
K. Luther Bodyworks 


Lynch, Daniel 33, 166 
Lynch, Lisa 70 
Lyons, Bob 76, 103 


MacAllister, Chris 70 
MacDonald, Jeff 76 
MacDonald, Sandy 70, 

Mace, Denise 76 
Mace, Judy 33 
Mace Steve 33 
MacKintosh, Irish 76 
Macklin, Ann 64, 134 
MacQuilken, Kathy 70 
Mahar, Chuck 64 
Mann, Jonathan 70 
Mann, Julie 64, 138, 159 
Mann, Stefan 146 
Manning, Caren 76, 117, 

Manning, Chris 76, 114, 

115, 128 
Marcotte, Chris 64, 111, 


Marcotte, Noelle 15, 76, 

Marcus, Paul 76, 106 
Marino, Laurine 33, 104 
Marshalls 182 
Martell, Christine 70, 

112, 133, 138 
Martines, Tina 34, 51 
Martino, Tina 64 
Maskalenko, Tom 76, 


Maczko, Mrs. Sandra 

Massa, Chris 70, 114 
Mathews, Carolyn 122, 

132, 145 
Matthews, Jean Marie 

34, 48, 128, 156, 165, 

166, 170, 205 
Maxon, Jennv 70, 122, 


Maxon, Laura 64, 122, 

Mazzeo, Jeff 34, 111, 
156, 157, 163, 166 
McAleer, Ruth 86 
McAllister, Patrick 64 
McArdle, Scott 76, 111, 

McArdle, Tracy 10, 69, 
70, 155 

McCafferv, Sean 34, 58, 
128, 157, 166, 203 

McCarron, David 4, 35, 

McCarthy, Janis 64, 141, 

McCarthy, John 86 
McCarthy, Lynn 76 
McClatchey, Carol 70, 

133, 142, 144 
McCollem, Carolyn 70 
McCombe, Toni 13, 35, 

104, 204 
McConnell, Julia 13, 15, 

35, 48, 152 
McConnell, Larry 70 
McCracken, Tom 64 
McCravy, Mike 9, 70 
McCravy, Sheila 142 
McCreedy, Rick 76 
McCullock, Maureen 76, 

127, 152, 170 
McCullum, Carolyn 122 
McCune, John 70, 145 
McDaniel, Dwight 35, 

124, 161 
McDonald's 179 
McDonough, Heather 

138, 139, 142, 144 
McGilvray, Heather 70, 

113, 138 
McGovern, Amv 34, 

105, 117, 127,' 144, 
145, 156, 172 

McGovern, Christine 76, 

112, 116, 117, 127 
McGovern, Kathi 64, 

101, 117, 127, 145 
McGovern, Kerry 70, 

113, 127 
McGovern, Lucy 70, 

116, 145 
McHarg 86 
McHugh, Steve 34 
McHugh, Tina 64 
Mcintosh, Chris 64, 111 
McKenna John 77, 79, 

111, 128 
McKie, Jane 127 
McKie, Susan 77 
McLaughlin, Alison 122, 

138, 158 
McLaughlin, Janine 12, 

34, 116, 117 
McLaughlin, Leslie 12, 

15, 34, 103, 121, 138, 

McMahan, Brenda 71, 

139, 144, 145 
McMahan, Rita 35, 51, 


McMahan, Steven 77 
McMahan, Susan 77, 

141, 145 
McManus, Arthur 86 
McMurtrie, Curtis 35 
McNeanv, Lori 71, 124 
Mead, Mary 71, 133 
Mead, Marv 71, 133 
Mead , Parn 35, 97 
Meffan, Rob 71 
Melanson, Chester J., Jr. 


Melville, Joanne 15, 77, 

Melville, Suzanne 71, 

121, 145 
Melvin, Melissa 71 
Mendell, Kim 71, 79 
Mercuric, Rosemarv 90 
Merrick, Kim 13, l4, 35, 

117, 132 
Metcalf, Dacia 36, 165 
Meyer, Kim 77 
Michelson, Sharon 77 
Mickel, Ken 64 
Mickel, Kevin 77, 141, 

145, 151, 156 
Miele, Jean 86, 97 

Sted. .anie 160 
Millar, Daniel 71 
Miller, Amy 77, 91 
Miller, Eric 36 
Miller, Ginger 4, 36, 

139, 141, 145, 151, 

152, 156, 159, 163, 153 
Milligan, Karen 71 
Milliken, Eugene 86 
Millipore Corp. 201 
Millman, Chervl 71, 104, 

138, 152, 157, 204 
Millman Jill 10, 36, 54, 

103, 119, 138, 151, 

156, 157, 166, 168 
Minassian, Rich 37, 111, 

156, 157 
Mintz, Marjorie 86 
Minuteman 199 
Mitre Corp. 178 

Mix Flowers 184 
Mohammed, Salim 71 
Molinari, Keith 64 
Moll, Greg 12, 15, 37, 

51, 54, 111, 123, 157, 


MoUoy, Deb 37 
Monoco, Jack 37, 137, 

139, 141, 144, 151, 159 
Montemagno, Joni 77, 

122, 138 
Montgomery, Chris 71, 


Moody, Christine 64 
Moore, Judianne 64 
Morre, Shirley 90 
Moodick, Michelle 71 
Moreau, Jeanette 77, 

133, 157 
Morgan, Hugh 87 
Morgan, Joseph 36 
Morse, Bruce 87 
Morgan, Scott 64 
Mosca , Debbie 71 
Mosca, James 36, 106 
Moss, Donald 87 
Mullen, Ronel 64 
Munden, Scott 77 
Murchison, Gemena 64 
Murphv, Crvstal 71, 

118, 138, i52 
Murphey, Ed // 
Murphy, Kimberly 71 
Murray, Kelli 65 
Murray, Kelly 77, 79 
Murray, Lonnie 15, 114, 

130,' 163 
Murray, Richard 65 
Murray, Tim 65, 111, 

128 ■ 


Nagv, Tibor 9, 77, 138 
Nan'dv, Lisa 36, 77, 152, 

156,' 157 
Naugler, Chris 71, 139, 


Nawoichik, Carolyn 77, 

Nazarro, Evelen 87 

INDEX / 205 

Neil, ChrisHne 77, 118, 

Newman, Laura 77 
Newman, Troy 77 
Newton, Simone 65, 170 
Niblack, Eric 71 
Nickerson, Charlene 77 
Neito-Reyes, George 65 
Nocca, Louie 71 
Norton, Gregory 87, 127 


Oats, Julie 65 
O'Bleness, Frank 65 
O'Donnell, Becky 65, 

132, 146 
O'Donnell, Roberta 90 
O'Hara, Alice 65, 116 
O'Hara, Louise 77, 122, 

152, 155 
Olsen, Patricia 71, 112, 


O'Neil, Barbara 87 
O'Neil, Dave 71, 111, 

O'Neil, Debbie 71, 112, 

Oppedisano, Frank 77, 

Oram, Mary 78, 117, 185 
Oriatt, Rob 120 
Orlando, John 36, 97, 

139, 141, 143, 144, 

145, 159 
Orris, Brenda 65 
Orris, Sheryl 37, 138 
O'Shaughnessy, Jim 78, 


Othmer, Chris 118 
Othmer, Liz 9, 37 
Oviatt, Rob 71, 130 
Owens, Linda 37, 119, 
138, 139, 165, 202 


Pace, Lynda 65 

Packer, Sarah 65 
Pagan, Denise 78 
Paganis, Denise 72 
Paganis, Stath 65 
Paige, Kellie 65 
Palmer, Leonard 87 
Pandiscio, Paul 37, 111 
Papalia, Jimmy 78, 111, 

Park, Bruce 72, 111, 123 
Parker, Irenen 87 
Parker, Martha 87 
Parker, Robert 87 
Pate, Barbara 87 
Patterson, Randy 78 
Patuleia, Joseph 3, 87, 

97, 114, 115, 127 
Pearson, Kim 38 
Pease, Brenda 78 
Pease, Kelli 78, 152 
Pellegrini, Patricia 88 
Pelletier, Julie 38, 47, 49, 

142, 203 
Penney, Susan 65, 142 
Perkinson, Helen 72 
SMSGT William 

Peterson 88 
Peterson, Heidi 78 
Peterson, Kerry 38 
Peterson, Jason 65 
Peterson, John 78, 123 
Peterson, Nicole 65 
Petrecca, Sue 78, 117 
Petrillo, Robert 88, 199, 


Petroskey, Fred 88 
Peucker, Tim 78, 111, 

Pexider, Barbara 10, 38, 
101, 103, 128, 151, 
156, 157, 168 

Phinney, Keith 88, 138 

Picard, Steven 78 

Picariello, Carla 39, 118, 

Pickett, Suzanne 90 
Pignatiello, Lisa 65 
Pilan, Michelle 146 
Pilla, Anthony Jr. 88 
Piro, Peter 78' 
Pisani, Steve 101, 134 
Pisani, Tina 65 
Pittman, Lisa 72 
Pitts, MicheUe 72, 118 

Pitts, Shan 4, 39, 99, 

132, 141, 145, 166 
Plunk, Jennifer 39 
Pomponi, Marco 39 
Pomponi, Renata 72, 

133, 141, 144, 145, 146 
Poole, Terry 145 
Porter, Lisa 78 

Porter, Nancy 65 
Porter, Terry 79 
Powderly, Mike 38, 172, 

Pray, Peter 12, 38, 124, 

Preston, Andrea 72 
Preston, Nancv 38, 54, 

Preston, Victoria 72 
Primak, Dan 72 
Probolus, Susan 88 
Puffer, Amv 78, 133 
Pugh, William 38, 97, 

99, 132 
PuUen, Katrina 65, 138 
Pulliam, Patience 72, 


Purdy, Jon 77, 78 
Pyscznski, Linda 72, 145 


Qei Incorporated 193 
Qualitv Imports 193 
Quaker, Renee 78 
Quinn, Joe 72 
Quinn, Mike 44 


Rainis, Denise 88 
Ralston, Doreen 88 
Ralston, Liza 39, 103, 

156, 157 
Ralston, Megan 65, 127, 


Raymond, Paul 72 
Raymond, Yvette 78 
Reed, Shelly 138 
Reinisch, Karin 39, 59, 

95, 156, 157 
Reinisch, Uli 10, 72, 156, 


Rennie, Michele 78, 117 
Reynolds, John 88, 101 
Reynolds, Judith 88 
Reynolds, Susan 72, 

118, 204 
Ricci, Linda 65, 103, 

132, 138, 145, 159, 204 
Rice, Carolyn 39 
Rice, Herman 65, 111, 


Richards, Diane 72, 116 
Richards, Sandy 4, 16, 

58, 101, 103, 118, 153, 

156, 157, 164, 165 
Ricker, Bill 88 
Ricker, Cindy 9, 40 
Ricker, Linda 40, 95 
Rick's Auto Supply 197 
Ridgley, Michelle 78, 99 
Riley, Susan 78, 116, 145 
Rinaldi, Michael 88 
Ringle, John 40, 106 
Ritson, Maureen 65 
Robbins, Julie 78 
Roberson, Rather 66 
Roberson, Rob 145 
Roberson, Vivian 40 
Robinson, Barbar 88 
Robinson, Donald 41 
Robinson, Donna 66 
Robinson, Glenn 78 
Robinson, Mrs. 91 
Robinson, Sarah 78, 97, 

138, 144, 145, 146, 151 
Rodriguez, Josie 72 
Rogers, Stacey 72 
Roland, Calaiidra 78 
Rollison, Andy 66 
Rosenberg, Michael 72 
Routt, Kristopher 41, 


Russell, Mike 78 
Russo, Christine 41, 166 
Russo, Mark 78, 79 
Russo, Patrida 66, 116, 


Sabetty, Susan 72, 116, 

Sabourin, Armand 88, 

Sacco, Tracey 66 
Salon de Tante 193 
Sakelakos, Deborah 90 
Salvadore, Nicole 66, 

Samaniego, Richard 78 
Sandblom, Eric 72 
Sarcia, Maria 66 
Samo, Christine 78 
Savioli, Andrea 66 
Savioli, Chris 78, 171 
Sayles, Brenda 78, 97, 

Scaltreto, Ron 41 
Scheick, Barclay 66, 111 
Schloman, Kris 40, 119 
Schoendorf, Jay 78, 141, 

143, 144, 146, 162 
Schoorens, Susan 66 
Schubert, Scott 78 
Scott, Beth 40 
Scott, Denise 72, 146 
Sears, Amy 78 
Sears, Nathan 72, 151, 


Segal, Alex 78, 157 
Seibv, Ben 66 
Selby, Donald 40 
Sevier, Scott 78, 141, 

143, 155 
Shafer, Denise 145 
Shamon, Andrea 40, 113 
Shannon, Malene 66 
Sharkey, Debbie 66, 145 
Sharkey, Ken 78, 123 
Sharpe, Monica 78, 118, 

138, 139 
Sharpe, Valencia 41 
Shavers, Aaron Jr. 89 
Shaw, Chris 78, 134 
Shaw, Pat 78 
Shea, James 90 
Shea, Julie 78, 113, 132 
Sheehan Ann 89 
Sheehan, Brian 78, 204 

206 / INDEX 

Sherman, Bill 66 
Sherman, Mary 72 
Sherwin Williams 194 
Shirmer, Joan DeGeorge 

Shiner, Ca41een 11, 78 
Shiner, Kelly 11, 72, 170 
Silvestrone, Daniel 78, 

Simmons, Darlene 72, 

Simmons, Lisa 66 
Sinclair, Scott 72, 124 
Sinotte, Lisa 78 
Slinkard John 78, 99 
Smith, Christopher 72, 

124, 145 
Smith, Debora 72 
Smith, Doug 41, 156 
Smith, Jackie 41, 121, 


Smith, Jennifer 41 
Smith, Patty 116 
Smith, Russ 72, 124 
Smith, Scott 72 
Smith, Stacey 72 
Smith, Tracy 66, 122 
Snapp, Geoff 66 
Snapp, Lisa 72 
Snedeker, Tom 78 
Snelson, Brian 72 
Soderstrom, Carolyn 72, 

Solar Resources 189 
Solamita, Anne 78, 145, 

152, 156 
Solamita, Jim 66, 157 
Sparks, James 788 
Spence, Joan 89, 95, 157 
Spencer, Catherine 66 
Spencer, Ed 42 
Spencer, John III 78, 124 
Spinosa, Pasquale 88, 89 
Spire Corp. 181 
Sprankle, Lori 78 
Sprankle, Patty 66 
St. Amour, Anthony 66, 


St. Amour, Paul 72, 130 
St. Michael's Church 

St. Onge, Karen 78, 79 
Stamatakos, Peter 72, 
114, 124 

Stander, John 72 
Stanley, Eleanor 89 
Stefanidakis, Donna 66, 

Stella, Anne Marie 4, 
42, 53, 124, 142, 164, 

Steve's Texaco 197 
Storer, Jim 78, 114, 115, 

Stormo, Stein 72 
Strahle, Regina 72 
Stuart, Adam 42, 52, 

124, 161, 166, 184 
Stuart, Michelle 66, 122, 


Sullivan, John 78 
Sullivan, John F. 89, 

120, 130 
Sullivan, Laura 72 
Sullivan, Mark 66, 111, 


Sullivan, Michael 78, 

138, 151, 171 
Sullivan, Paul 42 
Sullivan, Paul 66 
Sullivan, Peter 43, 172 
Sullivan, Sheryl 43 
Sullivan, Tracey 43, 50 
Sulprizio, Marilyn 89 
Sunderman, Till 66 
Sundra, Raj 79, 114, 

115, 141, 143, 144, 162 
Sunoco 190 
Surans, Susan 132 
Sutton, Jennifer 116, 127 
Sutton, Kathy 72, 132, 


Swanson, David 79 
Swanson, George 90 
Swider, Greg 72, 120, 

Swider, Stacy 79, 143, 

145, 146 
Sword, Christine 66, 145 


Tafler, Susan 89 
Taft, Lori 43, 171 

Tanden, Raj 42 
Tanner, Tracy 72, 163 
Tassinari, Keith 66, 111 
Tateosian, Julie 79, 118 
Taylor, Denise 79 
Taylor, Kim 66 
Telford, Lynne 79, 122, 

137, 138, 139, 141, 
143, 144, 146 

Telford, Mandy 66, 133, 

138, 141, 144, 146, 162 
Thistle Hill Studio 187 
Thomas, David 79, 111, 


Thomas, Julia 79, 122 
Thomas, Mark 66 
Thompson, Kristin 66, 

122, 133 
Thompson, Julia 152 
Thompson, Linda 12, 

79, 122, 164 
Thoresen, Beth 42, 134, 


Savers, Thread 187 
Tilman, Theresa 72, 132 
Timmons, Lee 66, 130 
Timmons, Stephanie 79, 

Tingley, Calvin 89, 99 
Toland, William 89, 90, 

91, 144, 145 
Topping, Carol 79 
Travers, Kim 72, 105 
Travis, Claire 89 
Travis, June 79, 142, 

151, 156 
Tremblay, Arthur 89 
Tres Chere Poodles 197 
Tsang, Adrienne 66, 132 
Tsfrekas, Iphegenia 90 
Tuttle, Michael 72, 123, 


Tyer, Todd 66, 111 
Tyer, Ty 72, 111 
Tomassian Northeast 
Insurance 187 


Udell, Scott 66, 145, 156 

Ullman, Lawrence 90, 

91, 99 
University Bank 194 
Urquhart^ Heidi 66, 116 
Urquhart, Matt 72, 160 
Utley, Wendy 15, 79, 

138, 141, 143, 144, 146 


Vandeboncoeur, Marc 
79, 143, 144, 151, 156 

Varano, David 79, 111, 

Velino, John 66 
Venuti, Mark 42, 166 
Village Clothesmith 191 
Violette, Barbara 79 
Veogtlin, Karen 66 
Voight, Heidy 42 
Vosika, Matt 72, 101, 

Vosika, Mike 43, 160 


Waite, Jim 43, 54 
Wakeham, Robert 90 
Walcott Sales & Services 

Walcott, Carol 90, 95 
Walsh, Kathy 72, 103, 

Ward, Jim 79, 128 
Wass, Rick 79 
Wass, Steve 66 
Weaver, Adrienne 66, 

Weaver, Anne 43, 58, 

142, 165, 205 
Weicker, Nathalie 66 
Weinfort, Joan 66 
Weiss, Jennifer 72, 152 
Welch, Tom 66, 120, 

123, 139, 157 
Welch, Veronica 72, 122, 


Wentworth, Thomas 66, 

Wheaton, Linda 79, 122 
Wheeler, Kara 66 
Wheeler, Kim 79 
White, Gregorv 43, 99 
White, Mark 43, 49, 111, 

Whike, Sam 124 
Whiting, Ann 79, 112, 

141, 145 
Whiting, Kara 73 
Whitney, Alicia 79, 119 
Williams, Danny 14, 44, 

111, 203 
Wingood, Pamela 79, 

97, 121, 130, 145, 157 
Wise, Jennifer 138 
Woodford, Donald 79, 

97, 139, 141, 143, 144, 


Woodford, Nancy 66, 

138, 144, 145, 146 
Wright, Matt 73 


Yaceshvn, Barrv 79, 114, 

115, 132 
Yanosick, Linda 79, 117 
Yatsko, Kristin 116, 117 
Yeatts, Karin 4, 11, 44, 

121, 132, 152, 155, 

156, 157 
Yeung, Cindy 44 
Young, Tonv 111, 124 
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139, 146 ' 


Zolanv, Karen 79, 97, 

122,' 144, 146 
Zoroglu, Cicek 66, 116 
Zuckerman, Lisa 79, 99 
Zuckerman, Marian 73 
Zwicker 190 

INDEX 207 

^Hs Certifies 9Ii|at 

Class (f I98i 

satisfactorily complctrb a Olourse of ^tub^j prcscribeh for (irabmttion 
from tl|ts ^ct|ool anb is tt|crrfor£ atoarbeh tl|is 


jitttrrUqi of Swfe 


T/je balloon's a teen-ager struggling to 
get free. 

It IS restrained by a hand that is trying 

to guide it. 
As the balloon grows, and proves its 

strength, the hand allows it more 


Tne balloon is finally set free ... it 
strives to reach new horizons. 


We are balloons; progressing from 
stage to stage like lifeless toys to 
ascending orbs. At birth we are 
helpless, devoid of the ability of 
movement. Just as the balloon 
dangles limp from outstretched 
fingers, we rest limp in our parents 
arms. The balloon begins to fill; we 
become more independent. 

expanding with life's very essence. 
We mature; gaining strength and 
rigidity along the way. For every 
balloon of a different size and color 
there exists people just as varied, 
each with their own colorful 
personalities. About the time we 
enter junior high we, as human 
beings, begin to round out, 
stretching our mental skins with 
knowledge and experience. The 
strings that are attached to us, our 
parents, begin to feel the strain of 
our new-found growth; tugging for 
weichtlessness and independence. 
By the end of senior year the filling 
is completed. The strain proves too 
great and the strings break. The 
balloon floats off; soaring to 
unaccustomed heights and new 


The 1984 Bedford High School Signum waj 
printed by the Hunter Publishing Company, 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Company 
Representative was Mr. Amie Lohmann. Pm 
Run: 550 copies of 208 pages. Coven Designs 
by Christine Lawrence in the silkscreen 
process using Palladium Grey Lexotone base ' 
material with PMS #287 Dark Blue ink appliei 
over 120 pt. binder's board. Endsheet: School 
design printed in four-color process from a 4m 
transparency^ on 65 pound cover weight pape 
stock. Paper Stock: Opening 16 pages of text 
are 100 pound Warren's Cameo Lustro with 
balance of book 80 pound Dull stock. Type: 
Palatine type style was used in both body ani 
headline print throughout our book. Color: A' 
color photos were submitted exact size in our 
ojTening section. 

The 1983 Missle received a third place 
certificate from the Columbia Scholastic Press 
Association and a second place award from tl 
American Scholastic Press Association.